Keep In Mind

It's in our best interest for you to get credited, because it's how we get paid. Our automated system instantly credits you as soon as your signup is recorded by the advertiser's system.

Automatic Offer Crediting Information

Your browser:

the third-party cookie test.
Offers, even instant offers, sometimes fail to credit. This can be due to many reasons, including:
  • Browser's refusal to accept cookies
  • Security measures set by the operating system or other software such as popup blockers
  • Ad-blocking software, on your computer or enforced by your employer, school, or network administrator
  • Adware/malware/spyware which can "hijack" affiliate links so that the software publisher gets credit instead
  • Just plain bad luck -- occasionally you may do everything right and simply not get credited. Unfortunately, the system is not perfect (but it's the best we can do).

In order to minimize the risk of these problems occuring, please:
  • Temporarily disable any ad-blocking software while using FusionCash.
  • Clear your cookies and cache before logging in to FusionCash.
  • Set your browser to accept all cookies. You can find instructions on how to do so in your browser's "Help" area.
  • Always copy and paste confirmation links from email messages into the address bar of the same browser you used to sign up.

Please note that the test above is not intended as a guarantee that all offers will credit; there is no way to guarantee that all offers will credit at all times.

Above all, remember: we WANT you to be credited for the offers you complete. If you're not automatically credited for an offer you completed after 30 days, we apologize, but there is nothing that we can do.