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Title: Medical Ethics Survey
Post by: marieelissa on September 11, 2010, 02:27:50 pm
Here is a preview of some of the responses.

You can take the survey here: http://www.healthguru.com/applications/survey/srvyid/35/qid/346

Under which of these conditions would stem cell research be unethical? (Select all that apply)
3%  If They are Umbilical Stem Cells
19%  If Stem Cells are Used for Cloning 53%  If Donor Consent is Not Given 5%  All of These
14%  None of These
3%  I Don't Know

Under what circumstances should it be ethical to perform euthanasia on an incapacitated patient? (Select all that apply

31%  If the Patient Has a Living Will
23%  If Their Family Makes the Decision
14%  If the Doctor Recommends It
11%  If Ongoing Care Is Cost Prohibitive
15%  If Their Organs Can Save a Life
3%  Never

Is cloning ethical?
41%  Yes
18%  Yes, Except for Cloning Humans
23%  Yes, for Fruits and Vegetables, Etc. 15%  No