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Title: migranes
Post by: aggie49 on June 28, 2012, 10:51:34 am
i get several migranes a month and most of them i can deal with but i woke up with a really bad one today and i have been staying in a dark room no noise and a cold rag over my eyes i even took a pain pill and it seems to keep getting worse  any ideas to help me get rid of it i told my guy if it doesn't ease up i will go to the er but i really don't want to end up in the er
Title: Re: migranes
Post by: lcollierbernard on June 28, 2012, 11:30:03 am
Well I have been getting Migraines since I was a child. They were so severe that I had to have a brain scan to make sure there wasn't any blockage.  Finaly I was sent to a nutrionist. The nutrionist had me log in every thing I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner including snacks. It was then I learned that my migraines were from me eating to much chocolate. So when I laid off the chocolate I got less and less migraines.  But I still benge and from time to time.   ;D  What can I say I love choclolate and it has become a great habbit.
Title: Re: migranes
Post by: murillok on June 28, 2012, 11:40:11 am
I use to have them all the time and nothing would make them go away. I told my doctor about my migranes  :BangHead: and she checked my blood pressure and it was so high that she made me meet her at the hospital. That's when I learned that all these years of having migranes came from me having high blood pressure. I take my meds every day now and I haven't had a migrane in about a year  :)
Title: Re: migranes
Post by: Zhongmou on June 28, 2012, 12:07:38 pm
I hate migraines! I've had them since I was young. When they get really bad, I can't keep anything down.  :crybaby2:
Title: Re: migranes
Post by: bretay on June 28, 2012, 01:57:57 pm
They are a family trait of ours.My mother,daughter and several others take medication.My daughter swears by imitrex.My mother loves topamax.Me I drink a mixture of honey,apple cider vinegar and apple juice.Mix  a1/4 cup of the honey and vinegar in the juice and drink a shot glass twice a day.It keeps my migraines away and keeps me from being sick.I used to catch everything that my granddaughter got.Not anymore.The taste is bad,but I have learned to like it.Plus not having migraines I can deal with the taste.
Title: Re: migranes
Post by: jcribb16 on June 28, 2012, 02:31:49 pm
I get migraines, too.  In fact, today is the 3rd day I've had one.  Mine have to do with a combination of allergies, stress, and neck/shoulder pain.  I usually take 2 Excedrin Migraine, but these haven't worked this week.  I've had to alternate between a muscle relaxer and a pain pill - with hydrocodone.

I hope yours begins easing up for you.  If you need to go to ER in order to get looked at and be given something for relief, if nothing else is helping, then please don't hesitate, okay?  Take care of yourself.  ((Hugs))
Title: Re: migranes
Post by: hitch0403 on June 28, 2012, 02:36:25 pm
I am far from a DR but i have seen my wife get some nasty headaches.I think we have narrowed it down where it looks like salt or salty foods cause them.She loves chinese food and i warn her everytime she might eat it.Those of you that get them i am sure if u can narrow it down to diet it will be easier to avoid them.Otherwise consult a Dr.

The natural stuff is good too in prevention.We all know whats good right?Discipline.

Title: Re: migranes
Post by: Abrupt on June 28, 2012, 05:24:53 pm
For myself I have noticed that my migraines are triggered by changes in sleep cycles (e.g. going to bed an hour later or waking up an hour late) and also from skipping a meal.  No medications seem to help me (I don't take prescription medication but have seriously considered trying out some pot as I hear it is wonderful for migraines) but I have taught myself to fall asleep easily when under the effects and I can usually sleep it off (of course that isn't always possible but handy when I have no obligations).  I have also found that if I turn the air so that it is real cold and cover myself up so that I am warm on half my body and overly cold on the other that it seems to have a noticeable comforting effect in countering/distracting from the pain, but that could be particular to me but always something to consider.
Title: Re: migranes
Post by: mintopewku on June 28, 2012, 06:06:25 pm
For people who haven't experienced a mirgrane, one cannot understand what it is like.  I've had them since I was little, but they were much more severe when in college.  I had trouble walking, going up stairs was a mixture of pain and dizziness. 
I found that my migranes had more to do with my sleep cycle and stress.  I did get some relief my going to a chiropractor.  A suggestion from a family friend who had also found relief.  It actually helped more than the pain meds.
I've been out of college for about 5 years now and the headaches and migraines happen less frequently.  Stress and allergries still play a big role.  And certainly if I play around with the amount of sleep in get for too many days in a role I am almost guaranteed to get one. 
Keep a journal, of the foods, your sleep amount (when and how much), and rate your stress level.  Patterns will come up that you wouldn't usually think of.  I also suggest removing anything with a strong smell while you are in pain.  Take care of yourself, ERs suck but your health is more important.
Title: Re: migranes
Post by: hmcmill3 on June 28, 2012, 06:13:10 pm
I get terrible migraines and once they start I find that it is easier to just go ahead and go to the doctor. I know going is terrible, but I know the terrible pain that migraines cause, and sometimes you just have to go. There are tons of things that cause migraines and tons of different things that can help with them. I once had a doctor tell me to quit my job and leave my husband because I couldn't get the migraines under control. I had thought he was crazy, but after years and having time to look back at the situation, I think he might have been on to something. Also, it is important to find a doctor who is really committed to helping you cure your migraines. A quick fix or them giving you something just to keep you quite is never going to get to the bottom of the issue. There was a woman who had been suffering from terrible migraines for a very long time, and the doctors would just say that it was another migraine and send her home. Luckily she finally found a doctor who really cared, and he had heard of a guy who had been doing research on a correlation between migraines and heart problems. He sent her to see him, and it turned out that she had a tiny hole in her heart that was causing her blood pressure to go haywire, and the other doctors had never seen it. She had surgery to close the hole and never had a migraine again. I think that migraines are a way for your body to tell you that there is something wrong and should really be paid attention to.