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Title: Deficit
Post by: Tresbn00 on April 12, 2020, 10:57:01 am
In 1981 Ronald Reagan  (after vowing to limit the size of the government) doubled the deficit to over two hundred billion dollars. George H.W. Bush passed on a two hundred and ninety billion dollar deficit. William Clinton wiped out the deficit of his predecessors and created a two hundred and thirty six billion dollar surplus. George W. Bush took the surplus and created a four hundred and fifty eight billion dollar deficit which would triple, before the oncoming Obama administration, as the country was faced with a Global financial crisis. One point four trillion was ultimately handed to Barack Obama who also added hundreds of billions to the deficit. Donald Trump increased the deficit by seven hundred and seventy nine billion during his first year in office (Tax cuts/increased defense spending). The deficit increased to over one trillion dollars in 2019. This was all before the $2 trillion stimulus package related to Covid.
Title: Re: Deficit
Post by: timvolley on April 12, 2020, 01:34:49 pm
As mentioned this has been going on a long time sometimes as a president you have to help the country especially in the case with the covid-19 crisis