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Title: RIP Richard Rose
Post by: Tresbn00 on July 16, 2020, 10:30:02 am
Thirty seven year old truck driver from Ohio who shared pearls of wisdom like: "Trump 2020", "I'm not buying a bleep mask"; "I've made it this far by not buying into that bleep hype" died July fourth of CoVid. He was perfectly healthy (without a mask) at a crowded pool party on June thirteenth and tested positive for CoVid on July first (the next day he said "This covid sucks! I'm so out of breath just sitting here"), was put under quarantine for fourteen days, dying three days later. A close friend, beside himself with grief, said Rick's loss was horrible but acknowledged that the bigger tragedy is the other people that may have become infected because of Rick's chosen actions. Mr. Rose was also known for criticizing the Black Lives Matter protests, mocking Islamic face coverings and the idea that gender is non-binary.Mr. Rose's final words were "When you see me in heaven don't bleep yourself you judgmental bleeps".