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Debate & Discuss / Some Information about "Stimulus" Payments if you never received one
« on: Yesterday at 07:42:53 am »Message ID: 1355031
i never got one.
Never got the 600 or 1400.  I've given up.

Some information for you on not receiving your "stimulus."

I did not receive my first/second Economic Impact Payment. How can I recover it?

If you have not received the first or second round of stimulus payments you can recover their full amount as a recovery rebate credit. You must claim the recovery rebate credit on your 2020 tax return, even if you are not normally required to file a return. This is the only remaining way to recover the full amount of your first or second Economic Impact Payment.

Also, the IRS is in charge of sending out these payments. They're still working on the 2019 tax returns so maybe that's the reason some haven't received their "stimulus." There is also a place where you can check on this last payment if you haven't received it yet but I don't remember the link. Maybe someone else knows and can let everyone know.

Debate & Discuss / Re: School mascots
« on: Yesterday at 07:01:57 am »Message ID: 1355029
Wow!! That's a new one on me.

I guess some of the folks in the Pacific Northwest may just be a bit more woke than the rest of us when it comes to the inherent racism of trees. It is ironic that many of them might otherwise be referred to as tree huggers.

If you haven't heard the full story, a school formerly named for Woodrow Wilson (a racist President who was a DEMOCRAT - go figure) has been renamed to honor Ida B. Wells-Barnett. They were going to reassign the school mascot to the Evergreens, but it was decided that trees have a connection to lynchings, which would make them a racist symbol.
 ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)

We have seriously taken another step toward absolute madness. If we are really going down this road, I believe that every single word, historical event, mascot, noun, verb, or adjective can by some stretch of the imagination be linked to racist undertones; therefore, we should ban anything and everything and should immediately stop communicating or interacting with each other in any way possible to avoid transmitting racist thoughts.

If we were to all become hermits wholly isolated from all other human beings - we might at some point be successful in stamping out the inherent and systemic racism that plagues every aspect of human life. Absent that, we are doomed as a species and will never reach the pinnacle of woke-dom. (Or it that woke-dumb).

I agree that it's madness. Those that think evergreens were used for lynchings shows that they don't know history and it's just another made up story. These nutty nitwits will do anything to keep racism alive. Just like the screaming about the cops killing blacks. I have to wonder why these do this.  If people would be smart and look up facts instead of believing everything they hear, this crap would go away quickly but evidently, there's a lot of dumb people in this country.

Debate & Discuss / Re: NY and CA are going to give illegals stimulus money
« on: Yesterday at 06:43:12 am »Message ID: 1355025
Everyone who votes need to remember some of these upside down plans these states and/or Congress are doing and make sure those who vote for all these ideas are not re-elected. The whole House of Representatives are up for election in 2022. I would love to see people wake up and vote the anti-Americans out of office. They've done nothing but try to destroy the country.

Debate & Discuss / Re: stimlus payments?
« on: Yesterday at 06:38:34 am »Message ID: 1355023
We didn't get the first one for two months. I had given up expecting a check. The second one came almost immediately which shocked me. We just got the last one this past Wednesday. I thought we would be waiting for the two months again because the rest of the family got theirs and so did friends and neighbors almost immediately, so I didn't even bother checking after the first week. So when I checked the account for my balance, there it was! I bought some summer clothes and 2 pair of shoes so far. i haven't bought any of those items  for almost 9 years. I hope I can save enough of what's left towards a new refrigerator or upright freezer. The freezer is from the 60s (Sears Coldspot) and the refrigerator from the mid-90s and it sounds like it's going to "go" any time now.  I guess you can say I'm contributing to the economy.

Off-Topic / Re: Johnson & Johnson shot being on hold
« on: April 14, 2021, 09:23:38 am »Message ID: 1354969
Why are they just 'picking" on J&J? They've been against J&J from the beginning. Who's behind it? AstraZeneca has had some reactions and so has Pfizer yet they aren't putting those companies on hold. The problem with J&J is rare...only 6 out of 7 MILLION had a reaction.  Yet they're on pause.  Europe and other countries did completely stop AstraZeneca because of blood clots. For some reason, they seem to have something in their genetics that allows these blood clots to form more commonly.

Pfizer had more reactions and some very serious reactions but the media hasn't said a word. i've heard sore arm site, fever, maybe headache, etc. Don't mean to scare anyone but what about appendicitis (7 in vaccine vs 2 in placebo), acute myocardial infarction (3 vs 0), and cerebrovascular accident (3 vs 1). These reactions are out of only 1 million recipients. 

Moderna seems to be the safest. They have mild reactions like the sore arm, headache, etc, but the only bad affect, very rare, is  anaphylaxis (trouble breathing) but it's so rare, the media hasn't said anything about it. 

FusionCash / Re: How Many Still On Fusion Cash
« on: April 14, 2021, 08:56:43 am »Message ID: 1354968
I'm still here BUT the last time I cashed out was Jan. 29.  Won't be cashing out for another couple months unless I get lucky and can qualify for something and get my PTC daily. That would be a miracle.  It's sad the way FC has gone downhill since Kohler left. Everything ran smooth then, even support. I keep hoping things will get better but instead they keep getting worse. I'm going to hang in until I can cash out one more time and then I may leave. I've said this before but I probably mean it this time. It's frustrating not to be able to do 99% of the things on here.

Offers / Re: I sound like a broken record
« on: April 14, 2021, 08:34:09 am »Message ID: 1354966
I say the same thing over and over again although I try to personalize it.

I finally was able to complete a Say So Survey. It was a short one. it was a pleasant one and i got paid.  It paid pretty well for a very short survey.

And yes, I was able to do the PTC.

I do not have the energy or desire to try for another survey at this time.

I checked my account and I was able to complete a PTC on April 5th so I only missed out on April 6th. It was seeming like days.

No big deal! I haven't been able to complete a survey since 4/3. I no longer try every day.   I haven't been able to do the Coupons for almost a year now.  Today, I tried 2 surveys but DQ'd on both. Didn't even get the penny DQ amount. Tried 2 PL surveys. DQ'd but hey, I got 2 cents for trying them. It's just getting worse for me. I didn't even have my 30 posts for Feb. according to FC but I'm sure I did because I usually get the 30 every month. I'm sure I did enough but it's not showing pending for that month. I just checked how many I did for this month and it says 5. It was 5 a couple days I don't think it's crediting correctly. I need to check on that. I do the daily email. At least I still get credit for that but if it keeps up (and here's where I sound like a broken record), i'm not going to waste my time anymore.  There are other places that credit your efforts instead of wasting time here.

Debate & Discuss / NY and CA are going to give illegals stimulus money
« on: April 10, 2021, 11:48:51 am »Message ID: 1354738
They have no right to any taxpayer money. They didn't pay taxes so they don't deserve any stimulus money. Why don't these states take care of their own citizens? So many people in those two states are homeless and many of them are veterans. They need help but they aren't getting it from their governors or legislatures. I find it disgusting that they, including the Biden administration, would rather do everything they can for the illegals while the citizens are ignored.

Did you know it cost $65 million a week to give these illegals health care, housing, and meals? I see most of these people in decent clothes, expensive sneakers and smart phones. Where did they get those items? Who gave them the shirts that say "Biden. Please let us in."? Over 171,000 kids came in March. One 9-month-old was thrown into the Rio Grande to drown. A 3-year-old and 5-year-old sister where dropped from the top of the wall onto the US side and the traffickers ran back into Mexico. A 5-year-old boy was abandoned by the group he came across with and they ran away and left him to fend for himself. Same thing with another 5-year-old girl but she was rescued by a 7-year-old boy who they then found their way to the border patrol agents. They were the lucky ones.

Off-Topic / Re: have u ever said the wrong thing to some one?
« on: April 05, 2021, 09:38:44 am »Message ID: 1354445
Lots of times. Mom should have named me FootInMouth. I'm good at doing that. I have a very dry sense of humor and people just take it the wrong way. So be it.

FusionCash / Re: Smartphone No Way
« on: April 05, 2021, 09:35:42 am »Message ID: 1354444
I don't have a smartphone. I still have the old flip phone that I started out with 10 years ago. I don't go anywhere and my phone was only used if I had an emergency while out somewhere. It stays in my purse now. My husband has one only because he couldn't hear on the Doro phones. He has finally, after 2 years, started using news sites if he isn't busy and gets the weather every day. Otherwise, only 3 people have his phone number. He really does hate phones. So he takes me to my appointments and I need to call when I get there so use his phone.

« on: April 05, 2021, 09:22:49 am »Message ID: 1354443
used to enjoy the regular cash from this site but after a referral lost 40 bucks not being able to cash out with no way to correct the issue and then losing any easy way of actually getting the daily 5 cents.. screw them.. hope someone sues them..  *bleep* off

Why is it that newbies crash and burn so quickly and then blame the site? Then they choose to use foul language to bolster their own egos. What a shame to be so hateful to something that is here to use for your own benefit at your own discretion.

Does it make you feel better to bash the site publicly rather than just quietly leaving if you're so discontented?  :-\

Some people join just to bash others. You can tell by their moniker. That poster may have no intention of working or having a goal.  Sorta like wanting $$ for nothing. Didn't say how or why they lost that money. We're just to believe they did. Also "losing  any easy way of actually getting the daily 5 cents"  tells me they don't want to do any surveys (or maybe doesn't qualify for one or two a day) or doesn't try any other way to make the 5 cents. I get frustrated because I could stay here all day and only make a couple pennies and don't qualify for surveys, can't do "videos" because I get a malware there's not much I can do, but I still try but not every day.  In another month (#4) I should be able to cash out. If not, I'll still have another 2 months to qualify for a cashout. It is hard to do lately and this used to be one of the best sites. Sad that it has gone downhill but still hoping for a comeback.

Debate & Discuss / Illegal immigrants just keep coming
« on: March 31, 2021, 10:31:20 am »Message ID: 1354099
They're focusing on the kids but there's also a lot of adults coming over the borders and in some of the video I've seen, there are some that are ready to drop a kid, IOW, pregnant due any day. So those mothers will get to stay because the baby will be an American citizen immediately when born.

The illegals were not tested for COVID and 108 of them  in the beginning yet were shipped to other parts of the country knowing they had COVID. There are over 1000 kids crowded in a center that should only hold 250. Why won't Biden or Harris go to the border? Does Biden even know how bad it is or are they keeping it all from him? (That's my guess because of something he said yesterday). They have 9% COVID cases at the San Diego Convention Center.

The illegals are being schooled by volunteer teachers while most American kids haven't seen the inside of a school for over a year because it was dangerous. They got their vaccine and more money but still only teaching illegals. Does that make sense? Our kids aren't good enough to be in school while the illegals are? Harris laughed about it in a conference with people the other day. That disgusted me.

Drug cartels are making a fortune with bringing these kids across the border. They threw a 9-month-old baby into the river but thank heavens, the border patrol were able to save it, while they were unable to save a 9-year-old who drowned. A mother had both her legs broke so she couldn't go on.

I don't know how we're ever going to get through the next 4 years with this administration. Now they want to take over election laws, which is against the Constitution, too. It states right in there that the states shall have control over all election laws, not the federal government. They want total control. They are using "resolutions" instead of the legal way to pass bills into laws. People better wake up before we wind up with a marxist government.

Debate & Discuss / Re: Republicans want to keep people poor
« on: March 31, 2021, 10:14:34 am »Message ID: 1354098
Why don't they want to give people stimulus money?  Why don't they want to raise the minimum wage?  What have they done to help poor poor people?

Most states are upping the minimum wage without the feds having to do it. Evidently, you haven't read the bill. There's a lot of garbage in the bill that doesn't belong. The Republicans had TWO stimulus bills last year that were voted down by the Dems. Now the Dems are in control and they're throwing all this garbage into every bill that has nothing to do with COVID or stimulus plans.

Are you happy that your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying for all this? Do you realize that in 3 months, the Dems have put this country in debt to the tune of $5 TRILLION? And they're not done. A $3 TRILLION infrastructure bill is coming up and that bill also has a lot of garbage in it that has nothing to do with bridges and roads.

Debate & Discuss / Re: Republicans want to keep people poor
« on: March 31, 2021, 10:10:24 am »Message ID: 1354097
Yay,thank you Biden for gettin that done and gettin the vaccinations going.We got our money and our shots.

If it wasn't for Trump and his Warp Speed emergency declaration, there still would not be any approved vaccinations.  It takes years for FDA approval of new drugs. The last administration did it in 9 months. They gave billions of $$ towards finding a vaccine and we had 2 by December and now 2 more. He also had everything set up for an orderly process to receive the vaccine but Biden repealed all the EOs. He essentially was starting over but is taking credit for the vaccines and how many were vaccinated prior to him even being inaugurated.

Off-Topic / Re: how does your garden grow
« on: March 31, 2021, 10:02:42 am »Message ID: 1354096
I planned one for the first time in 9 years but that's as far as it went. It has to be containers or very high raised garden but I couldn't get hubby to give me the containers that he used to use so I never bought the seeds and i can't get to the flea market to buy the plants. Hopefully, next year I'll get the seeds and start them myself. Probably have to buy all new containers unless I find them and hoard them where he won't find them. LOL

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