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Debate & Discuss / Re: Impeach or not?
« on: Today at 01:11:12 pm »Message ID: 1300910
I'm for anything that will remove him from the presidency and our lives.
He needs to be impeached
100% to Impeach him :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Yes, President Trump needs to be impeached.  I pray daily for wisdom for our leaders.

I am in general agreement with those who want to see official impeachment proceedings brought against Trump. It will go absolutely nowhere and will waste considerable time and resources (nothing new to the current lot of Democrats - so nothing lost in terms of money or productivity that wouldn't already have been lost anyway). With impeachment, there is no better way to ensure that Trump will be re-elected one year from now - which is fine by me.

So let's dance this dance and go through the motions. And while you are at it, see if you can dig up another partisan whistleblower willing to make up a completely new set of false accusations with zero proof about how Justice Kavanaugh likes to rape children or commit some other offenses against humanity. There might be a few more Republican leaning voters who you haven't yet convinced to get off their butts in November of 2020.

Debate & Discuss / Re: Trump Phone Calls
« on: Today at 12:52:50 pm »Message ID: 1300904
Just wish both parties would do the job and move on.

It seems to me that the Republicans are trying to do just that and the Democrats are inescapably trapped in November of 2016.

Off-Topic / Re: The "Instant Pot" use
« on: Today at 06:57:45 am »Message ID: 1300831
I have never used an Instant Pot, but we use a pressure Cooker. I really wonder too if the Instant Pot is really worth the price.

I do not use it myself (other than one time) so I cannot speak directly from the preparation perspective. But my wife uses one in spurts. I can tell you that the meals that she has prepared in it (not even considering the canning aspect, which she has also done) have been beyond fabulous and she has been able to prepare them in a fraction of the time.

I think it is definitely worth the price if you can afford it in the first place.

Debate & Discuss / Re: Favorite NFL Team
« on: Today at 06:51:53 am »Message ID: 1300830

Yep, sadly I expected it. We ALWAYS have a tough time with Baltimore without fail.

On the plus side, I think we stand a good chance of running the table from here on out.

I hope not, but I believe you have a definite shot of doing that!

Off-Topic / Re: So hard to let go of "stuff"
« on: Today at 06:48:55 am »Message ID: 1300829
I take a photo of things for the memories and then donate them.  I volunteer at a soup kitchen with a thrift store and I give them things almost weekly.  My hubby wants to keep EVERYTHING which has added to the clutter.  Hope we never have to move because I don't know how many u haul trucks we would need.

I took pics too but I still cant seem to let go :(

Please don't take this the wrong way, but have you considered seeking out counseling? Speaking to a professional about alternative ways to let go and to get past a traumatic event or personal loss can be helpful. Holding on to material items is how many people tend to cope with that kind of loss. I'm not suggesting it in your case, but that is how a lot of hoarder scenarios start out.

Having an understanding listener who can sympathize with your discomfort in letting go of the things, but who can also offer positive suggestions on other coping mechanisms which have worked for other people in similar situations could possibly go a long way.  It can also help with the desperation many people experience when they feel like they are going at it alone.

Off-Topic / Re: Points for Purchases
« on: November 07, 2019, 09:43:25 am »Message ID: 1300390

I am quitting that though because after they changed the site I can no longer log in.  You have to accept all their cookies and agree to be tracked. 

Yeah.  I guess I figure that they are already tracking my cereal purchases and can see what other items I am buying during the same shopping trips... so what's a few more little cookies on top of that?   ;)

Off-Topic / Re: Door Dash
« on: November 07, 2019, 09:31:46 am »Message ID: 1300389

I have never used those services before because I would be afraid to allow anyone other than a family member or friend bringing food to me.  Who knows what they might do to the food (or what they might sample) in their car between the store and my house? The only time we ever had food delivery to our house was when our daughter was the one who was the delivery driver!


You saw the same slideshow I did, right?  The one about what happens to your food between the order and the delivery by the driver?   ::)   :sad1:   :BangHead:

Nope - didn't see it. But I have heard people talking about it in general. I actually listened to a podcast recently (wish I could remember who and when) where they were debating over what was "acceptable". They were doing a comedy bit and it was all tongue in cheek, but they were talking about how it was okay for the delivery driver to take a french fry or two, but not okay to take a bite out of a sandwich. Somewhere in the middle was the question of whether you can take a chicken nugget or mozzarella stick or a sip of soda.

The justification was that fries are obviously not individually counted and you aren't necessarily contaminating them all by carefully taking one or two while not touching the others. The fry box is still full.  A drink's volume is not significantly altered if you take a small sip, but if that sip involves a straw that is intended for someone else - you are contaminating that straw if you use it. Chicken nuggets are specifically counted, so even if you can take one without contaminating the others, in doing so you are making a more definite impact on the volume of the food order. Taking an actual bite out of a sandwich both contaminates the sandwich and impacts the food volume and is generally a disgusting thing to do to someone else's sandwich.

So it's a full spectrum there!

Off-Topic / Re: Christmas Tree
« on: November 07, 2019, 09:13:01 am »Message ID: 1300382
Don't really know what Advent is.  I have always heard it and thought it was something to do with Catholics. Not something I have ever observed. 

While not exclusive to the Catholic church, it is probably most strongly associated with us. I do believe that some/many other Christian churches observe it in some way, but being a cradle Catholic, I can't really say with absolute certainty how many do and in what capacity they do.

In a watered down nutshell, Advent takes place over the four Sundays prior to December 25 and uses that time to prepare for the celebration of Jesus' birth. The word Advent comes from the Latin word for "coming".

Off-Topic / Re: Christmas Tree
« on: November 07, 2019, 08:09:51 am »Message ID: 1300369
Yeah i know what you mean, I usually put my tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but for some reason this year I am itching to put it up earlier, I will see if I put it up this weekend

I use to always do that.  Then when I was working that weekend I started doing it earlier.  I can do it whenever now but it is only 7 weeks til Christmas.  I take it down the day after Christmas so I want to look at it for a while.

We are usually late getting ours up - it all depends on when we have a free weekend without other pressing things to do.

But just curious when you say you "want to look at it for a while". Have you considered not taking it down the day after Christmas and extending the time in that direction? I'm not looking to get into any religious debates, but taking it in that direction; Christmas preparation starts with the four weeks of Advent before Christmas, and the Christmas season runs through the Epiphany when the three kings arrived with gifts.

I usually try to convince my wife to leave the tree up until at least the 6th of January or later. It doesn't bother me to hear Christmas songs on the radio before the Halloween candy is put away, but I am often sad to see them all go away so fast after Christmas when we are technically still celebrating the season.

Off-Topic / Re: Candy Canes & Dogs - Be Careful
« on: November 07, 2019, 07:41:47 am »Message ID: 1300365
One of my little dogs got hold of a candy cane and ate some of it.  After rushing him to my vet, them giving him charcoal (I don't know how) but that was to absorb the candy then fluids to push out the toxins and an overnight stay at the hospital and a $500 Bill I discovered most  Candy Canes contain Xylitol which is highly toxic to pets.  So if you have any, or will with Christmas coming please be careful. 

Why would you rush him to the hospital?  I would not have thought anything about a dog eating a candy cane. 

I called my vet immediately and was told candy canes contain xylitol which is deadly for dogs.  Thatís why I rushed him to the hospital, I didnít want him to die. 

I had the same initial reaction as countrygirl, and wondered what prompted you to call right away in the first place. Was it just because it was not normal dog food that made you call the vet, or was he acting strange in any way?  Not being judgmental here - it's great that you did call and I am happy for your outcome, but thinking about it myself (disclaimer = no pet dogs, only two cats who would likely never bother hard candy, but if I had a dog...) it would never even occur to me to call a vet.  I would probably just think, "Huh... Fido got some peppermint candy and seems to enjoy it. I guess I better keep it put away in the future where he can't get it." --> not out of concern for his safety, but to keep the darn dog from stealing my treats!

Obviously if my dog became sick later, I would definitely call the vet, but not immediately upon finding him chewing on a candy cane.  I'd probably take the candy away from him and throw it away to keep him from making a mess.  If he did get sick later, it may not even occur to me to mention the candy to the vet (unless he was vomiting and there were pieces of intact candy in the mess).

But I guess now I know!  Regardless, congratulations on acting fast and avoiding any long term bad results.
 :) :dog:

My wife once lost a cat who had gotten into an old audio cassette playing with the tape. I don't think she intended to eat it - just playing with it in her mouth like any other 'toy' the way that cats do. Somehow she swallowed it and then had to keep swallowing because the tape was all one long loop. The vet wasn't able to save her.
 :( :cat:

Off-Topic / Re: Do you like things to come out "even"
« on: November 07, 2019, 07:16:21 am »Message ID: 1300359
i do like things to come out even. i drives me crazy when there there is an extra of something.i am probably one of the few that writes checks for groceries.when doing so i always round up to the nearest dollar. that way it is even and it is easier to balance my checking account! :turkey: :peace: :wave:

Okay, so I read through the rest of this thread (at the time of my post anyway), but I had to come back and comment on this post because I found it the most intriguing. So when you round up at the grocery store and write a check, do they give you change back like if you were paying in cash, or do they get a small tip as the difference between your register price and your payment? I would guess that you get change, but I wonder if some stores might have a no change unless it is paid in cash policy.

Off-Topic / Re: Points for Purchases
« on: November 07, 2019, 07:04:29 am »Message ID: 1300352

This has nothing to do with sites.  Read the first comment again.  I am talking about an individual company that only they offer the points found on their products.  And you redeem the points thru their website.  For example KOOL AID use to have points on their packages I think it was 3 to 5 points.  Depending on the size of the package.  The big canisters had around 10 points.  The points were ONLY found on their product.  Then you could cash the points in on THEIR WEBSITE for prizes only they offered.

I belong to Kelloggs Family Rewards. They don't have actual points listed on their packages like your Kool-Aid example, but if you send them a photo of your store receipt with any Kelloggs product on it, you can get credit for points. The point values vary depending on what and how much you buy - and they give credit for some other non-Kelloggs products - maybe they are affiliated or subsidiary companies, I don't know. I think maybe Keebler products credit, also Pringles and Cheez-It? - along with some others that I cannot recall.  It isn't much, I've earned about $30 in three years. But I sometimes forget to scan an eligible receipt and it is all on stuff I would have already purchased anyway. Points are redeemable for a lot of different items.

So far all of my redemptions have been for Amazon credit - which is currently 'sold out', so I may need to pick another option for the $5 I have available to cash in.

Debate & Discuss / Re: Favorite NFL Team
« on: November 07, 2019, 06:44:37 am »Message ID: 1300349
Currently it's the Baltimore Ravens after I watched them stomp the New England Patriots into the ground. I loved watching Tom Brady get sacked.

In any other circumstance, against any other team, I love to see Tom Brady fail; but when the Steelers are working to come out of their funk and possibly make a run that a few weeks ago seemed impossible, I had to root for the guy to beat the Ravens. Not only did I hate rooting for him, but I still wound up angry at him in the end.


Debate & Discuss / Re: Favorite NFL Team
« on: November 06, 2019, 12:55:22 pm »Message ID: 1300272
The Patriots. 'They hate us, 'cause they ain't us!' ;)

One time I root for the Patriots.  ONE TIME, Jedi... and you guys just roll over against the Ravens.   >:( :bad: :bad: :bad:

Debate & Discuss / Re: Any Info Is Appreciated
« on: November 06, 2019, 12:52:39 pm »Message ID: 1300271
Also don't forget about checking the Figure Eight tasks periodically. Sometimes if you get the right one, you can earn a good amount fairly easily.

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