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Debate & Discuss / The Proof You Seek
« on: November 15, 2011, 12:49:56 pm »Message ID: 447054
It has been said many times to us that believers must provide proof of God's existence or the burden of proof rests with us. After much prayer and thought I've realized that there is no way, nor is it our mission to prove that God exists or the Bible is the True Word of God.

Because God set it up like this: Either you believe and then you realize the "proof" of his existence or you go your whole life questioning it, or denying it. Now there are those that have stated that they have tried "religion" and have not found what they were looking for. The thing is to create a "relationship" with God yourself. There is no church or denomination that will save you. If you really come to the Lord with a pure and sincere heart, then He will come and make His abode with you. That is being saved. There are other steps AFTER you believe (Acts 2:38), but the initial process is simple, then everything falls into place after that, and continues as you live your life for Him. The more you live a sanctified life, the more God reveals to you, and you grow in the knowledge of Christ. That's how it works. How God set it up in HIS Wisdom.

I have joined with other people like myself (of like precious faith), and we attend "church". However, the "church" is actually a group of people that follow Christ and adhere to his Word. Not a building. There are some people of different denominations that have found the correct plan of Salvation and are in the "church" or "body of Christ". However, some that profess to be Christians.....are not. It is those that believe and ACT upon the Word of God accordingly in whole. Remember the parable of the wheat and tares?

In Jesus day when He walked the earth and healed all manner of sickness, disease, raised the dead, etc., there were those that saw with their own eyes and still did not believe. Even one of His own disciples turned on Him after seeing all the wonders of God before his eyes. The Bible tells us that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the son of man. It will be a normal day like any as usual. No matter what miracle we can point to will still not be believed by those who do not want to believe. Even if it's before their very eyes, they will not believe. This is the "hardness of heart" that overcomes unbelievers, mockers and scoffers.

What I'm saying is that we as believers do NOT have any obligation to prove the Lord's existence. It's not our job. If they didn't believe in His time looking upon the miracles with their own eyes, then what can we say to convince them? We are His witness's, but not to the point of proving Him. That's the beauty of it and how God set it up. The "wise" in their own eyes will not find Him. They wanted to see a miracle or signs from the Lord when he was here, but the Lord would not oblige them. I'm talking about the high religious rulers of the day, and high government officials, mockers, scoffers, etc. Jesus knew that even if they saw, they would not believe. However, he did miracles in the presence of those who would believe. God knows our hearts. We look on the outside, but God sees inside. We judge no man. In fact, man judges himself by the choices he makes.

Unless we become as little children and believe (submission), we will perish without God. That's the ironic part here. The wise in their own hearts will not find Him. They will be blocked until they believe and let God come in. We who do know Him only need to live our lives for Him and that is the only testimony we must put forth. There will be those that will ask about the hope that is within you, and they may hear. However, there will also be those who choose occasion to mock your gift and your love for your Master. From such we are to turn away. My brothers and sisters, do not be dismayed if your words seem to be falling to the ground. It's not your job to convince anyone that God exists, or His Word is True. We are only to live it and obey it ourselves for a testimony. The separation is invisible to those who are lost, and the preaching of the Gospel is foolishness unto them.

I've decided to leave this one encouragement before I leave. Keep the Faith, and strive for the Mark of the High Calling of God. My prayers are with you. While we are in this world, we are not of it, and must remember that we are just passing through to a City built without hands where our God has prepared a place for us. Love and blessings to all those who are His alone. In 41 years, I've found Him to be everything to me. He has NEVER failed me in anything and has always been there.....and always will be. Those of you who are real children of God know what I'm talking about.

Off-Topic / Hank Williams Jr.
« on: November 10, 2011, 12:15:31 am »Message ID: 444968
I don't care if Monday Night Football banned Hank Williams Jr. for the media hype surrounding him about the fact he supposedly compared Obama to Hitler. This has been blown way out of proportion by the mainstream media and has resulted in some pretty nasty backlash towards Williams. Thing is, they sensationalized it and twisted it around to sound like something it wasn't.

The MC's (Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood) performed a skit about it at the beginning of the CMA's and everybody was hysterical with laughter. Right about then, Hank comes onstage and everyone erupted in cheers, and gave him a standing ovation. Just goes to show how stupid the whole thing got, and how the public can show the media just who's side they are on.

People are getting tired of being "force feed" the mainstream media's hype, and are letting them know it. Either report the news correctly, and if there is no news, STOP making it up......liars!

We say Grace, and we say Ma'am.........and if you don't dig it, we don't give a d_ _ _.
                                                                                          Hank Williams Jr.

Off-Topic / Infrared Heaters?
« on: September 30, 2011, 04:17:57 pm »Message ID: 424723
Has anyone had one of these and do they really heat well? I'm thinking about buying one for an alternative heat source this Winter but they are pricey! Any feedback about them would be greatly appreciated. My Propane bill gets a bit crazy during the Winter months so I need to do something different.

Offers / New Video: Steal My ID......
« on: August 15, 2011, 12:46:46 pm »Message ID: 402262
Just viewed a new video called "Steal My ID". It's hilarious! Got credited instantly. Go watch it if you haven't already. A good laugh for the day.

Off-Topic / Kingdom Tower in Jeddah
« on: August 10, 2011, 06:31:36 pm »Message ID: 399881
Have you heard or seen pictures of the new Kingdom Tower going to be built in Jeddah? The pictures of the proposed behemoth are phenomenal. They at first wanted it to be a mile high, but the ground wouldn't support that. It's going to be 3,281 feet high, with a hugh observation deck jutting out from the 157th floor. It's going to be a part of other structures being built called the Kingdom City. It will take 20 billion to build the tower alone. This is being built as a center for Islam/Muslims as the doorway to Mecca.

We have all helped pay for this with oil dollars. What they need is a fountain right in the middle of the front plaza, spewing oil 20 feet into the air. I wonder if it will be mostly empty like the white elephant that was built in Dubai on the coast. The only good thing about it is that a Chicago based firm got the bid to draw up the plans. Too bad American steel won't go into it.

Don't you find it ironic that they have built more and more high buildings after our 9/11?

Off-Topic / Government/State Spending
« on: August 03, 2011, 06:41:09 pm »Message ID: 396134
I know most of us have an opinion of the dog and pony show the Reps and Dems put on for us the last few days. Not to mention what an absolute child our President acted like in the middle of it by walking out on talks. The lower and middle class taxpayers are the losers in this scenario. Now that they have this closed door committee that has been appointed to find other ways to make cuts (like we needed another committee), hang onto your hats. They will start pushing legislation through in the middle of the night, or tacked onto other bills that will affect you and me (drastically), and we won't even have a chance to vote on it. They screamed about making cuts to SSI and Medicare, etc. What people don't know is that cuts have already been made since Obama has been in office. Medicare no longer pays anything for Vision, Dental, and a lot of co pays now for Seniors. People on SSI have not had a Cost of Living Raise (COLA) going on 3 years now, but everything else has gone up for them. Did you know that SSI takes out a Medicare Insurance Premium out of every SSI check it cuts every month. I think it's up to approx. $130. This premium keeps going up every year, even though the Seniors are living with no increase in their income. Everybody thinks that Seniors get everything free.....not true. Don't believe the Washington rhetoric. However, Government keeps voting themselves raises every problem.

California (where I live) just passed the "Dream Act", along with a few other states. This means that illegal aliens can compete with American students for the already scarce educational grants to further their education. There is also going to be Federal help (your tax dollars at work) thrown in for good measure. Not only are our kids entering college facing sky high tuition costs, they now have to compete for educational funding with illegal aliens. What's wrong with this picture? Also....Obama is pushing to give aid (SSI, food, housing, etc.) to Muslims who want to relocate to the US. He is pushing this through in bits and pieces tacked onto other bills that have nothing to do with the bill being walked through at the time.

The Obama Administration just filed lawsuit against Alabama for passing strict immigration reform in their State. What? Now the term "illegal alien" isn't illegal? Obama has lost a lot of approval among American people and is now going after the Hispanic vote. This man is going to ruin our country. He's already done a good job already. The lackeys we have in the house are no better. If we don't get involved with what is being done right under our noses, we will not have an America to pass to our children and grandchildren.

Vote him out in 2012!!  The American people can't afford another 4 years of his closet agenda.  Do your research and find out how each Rep. and Dem. voted on past issues and recent issues. Study their habits like how many times have they been present when the house convenes. What are their pet projects that their lobbyists want them to support. What PORK spending have they voted in favor of. Get involved in your country. Ask yourself why the House is taking a month long vacation now in the worst economic times. Find out the monthly salaries versus how much work they actually do.  It's "WE THE PEOPLE". We have a say in our country and where it's headed.

Now before anybody jumps on the "racist" bandwagon, I have no problem with any nationality coming to the US in search for a better life for themselves and their families. Just do it legally. When you do it illegally, it's deceptive and stealing.

Off-Topic / Pizza Dough Recipe Wanted
« on: June 12, 2011, 05:01:44 pm »Message ID: 369351
I started to make my own Pizza dough, but haven't found a great recipe yet. I copied a couple from the web, but haven't quite hit on the one that makes my taste buds say: "this is the one". Pizza dough is so easy to make, and once you start making your own, you'll never buy it again.

If someone has a tried and true recipe, please share.

Here's mine....such as it is:

1 Pkg Dry Yeast
1/2 tsp. Brown Sugar
1 1/2 Cups Warm Water (110 Degrees)
1 tsp. Salt
2 Tbs. Olive Oil
2 1/2 Cups Bread Making Flour (has more gluten), plus about another cup or more for kneading.

In large bowl dissolve yeast and brown sugar in the water. Let sit for 10 Minutes
Stir the salt and oil in the yeast solution. Mix in the 2 1/2 Cups of the flour (dough will be sticky).
Turn out onto generously floured board and knead until dough is no longer sticky (this takes about 5-7 minutes).
Turn dough into well oiled bowl for rising. Put clean cloth on top. Dough will double in about 1 hour or less. Keep an eye on it, as this rises pretty fast. You don't want it to get too big. Just about double.
Punch down dough and from tight ball. Let rest for 1 minute before rolling out. I form with my hands into a "pie" right onto my pizza stone. Using a rolling pin is okay also.
Make the pizza with your favorite toppings (remember: less is more).
Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Bake Pizza in oven until cheese and crust are golden brown (15-20 minutes).

I use a Pizza stone and cover it with cornmeal before forming the pie on the stone (optional). This dough makes a very pan like, thick crust. There will be enough dough around the edges to make "stuffed cheese crust", if so desired.

My Favorite Pizza
Ragu's Pizza Sauce - Spread thin, or as thick as you want it. This sauce has kind of an oily base to it.
Shredded Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses together.
Sliced Black Olives
Artichoke hearts (in water), drained very well,
Snipped dried tomatoes

Off-Topic / Frog In House!!
« on: June 09, 2011, 09:10:24 pm »Message ID: 368094
Has anyone had a frog(s) in their house? Last night, I saw a little baby frog crawling up the wall in my living room. They really look freaky crawling up walls.....ewwwww  I was so taken aback and surprised. How did the thing get in without me noticing it? My home is new and I'm a fastidious housekeeper. I despise insects or reptiles of any kind, and spray every couple months. It's been an extremely wet Spring and was told there is an abundance of frogs out by the lake close to my house and in the trees.

Anyway, I'm scared of such things and had to get my next door neighbor's son to come catch it. I thought it was going to go down the heat/AC register in my kitchen (it jumped right on it), and it freaked me out. If I lost it down there or behind the stove or fridge or something, I would not have  Frogs are so ugly and creepy to me. Thing is, I followed it around the house as it jumped around trying to get away from me wielding the broom, and hit it hard with It many times. Their pretty resilient as he just kept right on jumping. I was told it was a tree frog. How do they get in?

Offers / Important Surveys - You Never Know
« on: May 17, 2011, 05:21:53 pm »Message ID: 354926
Just wanted to let everybody know something about the surveys you take here.

I have had opportunities to be on panels, conference calls, or product testing, that compensate very well. Just by taking surveys here, some of these survey companies share your information with other companies, sometimes something "hits" about how you answer questions, or about your individual person. Sometimes a survey will put the invitation directly into the survey. Of course you have to provide your name, address, phone #.

These are not false opportunities or that they want you to buy something (well, a limited few are....but you are not obligated.) Never pay anything for any offer or opportunity presented to you. I have had introductions to conference calls, serve on panels for a limited time, or to try out a product, ect. One company paid $125 for a conference call. I also received free merchandise to try for a month and was paid $55.

Just keep taking the surveys and be truthful about everything and they may lead to more opportunities.

Admin: I hope I'm not breaking any rules here. I did not give the names of the companies I've done "extra" work for. However, the opportunities came from taking surveys here on this site.

Off-Topic / Don't Like Drinking Water......
« on: May 11, 2011, 05:49:44 pm »Message ID: 352373
I've been told to drink more water each day. This is like pulling teeth for me. I found a solution that helps though. I now use straws and I seem to be drinking more water everyday. Every few minutes I'll take a couple swigs from my glass. It seems to empty much faster and I'm getting more water everyday. Thought maybe this might help someone else.

I also buy Pomegranate juice and put a little in each glass of water. It helps a lot.

Off-Topic / Cleaning Venetian Blinds....Easy
« on: March 30, 2011, 06:03:23 pm »Message ID: 332999
I've had a new modular home for almost 2 years now.  My problem?  It came with custom made venetian blinds on all the windows.  We're talking a LOT of blinds. I "dust" them with the vacuum cleaner soft brush periodically, but they need a deep cleaning, along with the windows after this long Winter.

Here's how to clean them easy:  Pick a warm day with no wind or breeze. You need a good wide spot to lay them down (outside).  I have a huge deck and lay them on that with a large sheet or plastic under them.  A large tarp works great.  I guess you could use the backyard lawn, but you don't want any "give" in the blinds underneath or they could get permanently bent. Make sure blinds are in the "closed" position.

Get a bucket with a couple drops of concentrated dish soap, filled with very (almost hot) warm water, and a capful of bleach.  Lay blinds down on the wrong side first.  Take a SOFT headed mop and "mop" each side with the soapy water.....BE GENTLE, the soapy solution will do the work. Turn over and do the other side. Rinse both sides with a hose that has a gentle spray attachment.  Hang over banister of deck, or lay out on lawn to dry on a warm day.

It's fast, easy, and you can do a whole house full of blinds in a couple hours, if you have enough space to lay them all out to dry. I've done them in the bathtub before, and some of my blinds are longer than the tub. It's also very messy to do them that way.  If you do them outside, all the water/mess stays outside. Window screens can be done this same way.

Off-Topic / Cooking Chicken Wings
« on: March 02, 2011, 06:54:53 pm »Message ID: 320949
Everybody wanted fried chicken wings.  Okay, they came out great, but what a mess to clean up afterward!  I fried them in a deep skillet.  Even though I had a top on the skillet, it still made a mess when I had to turn them on the other side.  Does anybody out there cook theirs different?

Off-Topic / Very Loud Dishwasher.....Help!
« on: February 13, 2011, 08:32:52 pm »Message ID: 313567
I moved into a new modular home about a year and a half ago.  It's perfect in design and living.  It has a hugh deck that is as big as the house, mountain views, etc.  Everything is very beautiful inside and out.....

My problem is the dishwasher is so loud when I run it.  I mean LOUD!!  I've had others look at it, and pronounce it installed correctly, and nothing is wrong with it.  It's been awhile since I was in a house with a dishwasher and can't remember if the others were this loud.....I don't think so.  I can't watch a DVD or anything while it's going, because I have to "blast" the volume just to hear it.  The background "swish thump, swish thump", all through the cycle makes me want to drop kick it to the curb.  

Does anyone else have this problem with theirs?  I don't use it often, but would like to.  The sound is so annoying, I try to only turn it on when I'm out shopping or gone some place.  My washer and dryer doesn't make half the noise this annoying appliance does!

Off-Topic / Has Anyone Seen The Gold ATM's?
« on: January 12, 2011, 11:38:45 am »Message ID: 298260
They are installing Gold ATM's in some of the bigger cities.  You can buy gold in different increments from these ATM's.  It's a bit higher than what Gold is selling at (Bullion exchange rates).  There is a buy back program in place.  You can buy Gold US coins in different weights, all the way up to a full ounce.  The ATM takes hundred dollar bills.  It's a Dutch bank that's introducing them.

They are installing one at Ghirhadelli Square in San Francisco.  My friends and I will be going there soon, and I'm going to check it out.

Payments / Who Got Their Check Today (20th)?
« on: December 20, 2010, 05:38:20 pm »Message ID: 287759
I got a surprise when I went to my mailbox.  My Fusion Cash check was there.  They had to have sent them out early so the "check" people could get their money earlier like the Paypal and Direct Deposit folks.  

Thanks Fusion Cash, what a nice gesture!  It can only mean that they want us to have a little "extra" for Christmas for whatever.

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