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Debate & Discuss / Do you believe that the world is going 2 end 2012
« on: May 12, 2011, 01:06:30 pm »Message ID: 352771
This old white man said that next week  Saturday May 21,2011 (the World is going to End) But they also say that the world is going be over and planet Earth is no longer going to be; it will be gone December 21, 2012. What ya'll think??? DO you think your life really has a date for when you are going to die. If you know you are going to die either one of these days, are you prepare to die. :dontknow:

FusionCash / How Can I mak alot of Money
« on: May 11, 2011, 02:22:36 pm »Message ID: 352268
I just started this. :dontknow:. How can I make cool money. I like to make this my part time jobs. So please  :crybaby2:one help me. :wave:

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