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Payments / Why won't it let me cash out
« on: October 14, 2011, 05:08:29 pm »Message ID: 432385
Current balance is: $25.76
($17.75 in offers,
   $8.01 in bonuses)
Everytime I hit the cash out link it takes me to a page telling me

There are two balance requirements for cashing out:
Your balance must be at least $25$15 of your balance must come from offer completions
The account/security requirements are listed on the left side of your account page.
When do I get paid?
Cashouts are approved around the 20th of the month after your request. For example, if you request a cashout today (and your account passes verification), you can expect approval on or around November 20th.
Once your cashout is approved, you must allow additional transit time for your payment:
Checks are cut and mailed 1-2 business days after approval. Delivery is usually within 2-5 business days. Thus, you can expect to have the check in hand by the 30th of the month after you cashout.
 Direct Deposit payments appear in your bank account as a line item credit within 1-5 business days of cashout approval, depending on your bank's policies. Thus, you can expect to see the credit post to your account by the 22nd-25th of the month after you cashout.
 PayPalŪ payments are sent 1-3 days after approval. Thus, you can expect to have the money in your PayPal account by the 23rd of the month after you cashout.
 Your balance is currently: $25.76.
Why not set up Direct Deposit and get your earnings sent straight to your bank account?

So how do I cash out..I have tried for days and keep getting this, and no approval that it was accepted.

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