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Offers / Cash Tasks - HUH?
« on: January 28, 2012, 03:57:25 pm »Message ID: 481559
I do the cash tasks when I have time.  The last couple of times I've clicked on some of them, I get a message stating that I've already done all the tasks I can do for that particular offer -- even when I've never done that particular task before.  What's up with that?

Example:  I recently did the "flag adult content" task.  Went through the ten or so pages of it on two different occasions, and got payment for it.  Next time I tried to do it, it let me go through an entire page of flagging before giving me a message stating that I'd already completed all the tasks I can for that offer -- and I did NOT get paid for that day's work.  If it knew I'd already done this task, and it was no longer available to me, WHY did it allow me to do an entire page worth before telling me so?

I'm mainly curious as to why a task I've NEVER DONE says that I've already completed all I can for that task.  Anyone else having this issue?

In my opinion, work is work.  What difference does it make if I've done the task once, three times, or ten times?  If they need the task done, who cares WHO does it?  I've looked at some posts under the "What offers approved for you today" forum topic, and have seen some people listing dozens of completed tasks for the same offer, so obviously it's not capped for everyone.  Very frustrating!

Offers / Disney Parks Vacation Free DVD Offer
« on: December 26, 2011, 09:02:17 am »Message ID: 465468
Anyone else having a problem with the "Disney Parks Free DVD" Offer?  I click on the box from the offers page to get the free DVD (and the 0.75 credit) but it doesn't appear to have a link in the ad that opens.  Trying to figure out if the problem is with my browser or with Daily Sauce (which is the purveyor of the offer).    :peace:

Off-Topic / Worst Christmas Gift You Ever Gave or Received?!
« on: December 23, 2011, 09:00:33 am »Message ID: 464650
There was a similar topic in the Forum from last year, but it is closed, so I thought I'd start a new one!  Anyone have a story about the worst gift they ever received?  Or, maybe you gave a gift that you later realized was a mistake?  Do tell!

Worst gift I ever received: My ex-husband (who rarely gave me gifts for ANY occasion during our 16 years of marriage) went to the home improvement store and got me a small fountain.  It had very obviously been opened and returned previously; the box was smashed and torn, and the fountain inside was broken.  He apparently didn't bother to look at it before wrapping it up and giving it to me!  Needless to say, it went back to the store for an exchange.

Worst gift I ever gave:  I crocheted a hat for my Mom one year.  It was Pepto-Bismol pink (that was my first mistake) AND a couple sizes too large for her head.  She bravely put it on, rolled up the edges, and called it good!  But I felt like a complete dork!  (My crochet skills have improved a little since then).      :peace:

Offers / New FC Survey E-mails
« on: December 19, 2011, 07:15:27 pm »Message ID: 463233
Over the past week, I started receiving e-mails from FC inviting me to participate in a survey.  Very cool -- I used to never qualify for the surveys on the site itself when I clicked on them; it seems now when I get the e-mail asking for my participation, I actually qualify.

One note:  Be careful and read thoroughly!  Today I got an e-mail asking me to do a survey about beverages.  Being tired and not paying close enough attention, I thought the initial screening page was asking me how many times over the past four weeks I had CONSUMED whatever items they had listed.  What they were actually asking was how many times over the past four weeks I had participated in a SURVEY about the items listed!  ARGH!  Obviously I didn't qualify.............  Bummer!

Offers / Video Discrimination?
« on: December 09, 2011, 08:37:24 am »Message ID: 458724
So today something new on the videos:  Enter your gender and your birthdate in order to view.  When I did, I got a message saying I didn't meet the criteria for the audience they are targeting.  HUH??  Okay, I understand being screened out on surveys for whatever reason, but VIDEOS too now?  They want my date of birth and my gender.  TO WATCH AN ADVERTISEMENT THAT I CAN SEE ON TELEVISION ANY DAY, ANY TIME....?  It was for Heineken beer. I understand maybe screening out people under the legal drinking age (I am well above it), but to discriminate according to sex and/or age is discrimination, plain and simple.  This isn't a movie theater or a night club, folks!

Offers / Personality Quiz Offer
« on: December 07, 2011, 08:27:08 am »Message ID: 457815
This is a huge scam.  You do the entire quiz, then it takes you through screen after screen after screen of additional offers until you are so muddled that you lose track of where you were.  They want you to enter your cell phone number over and over again, and REQUIRE you to download a grocery coupon toolbar in order to get to the final results of the "quiz".  My firewall blocked it because it's malware.  Come on Fusion Cash -- this is not a "FREE" offer!  Obviously after I spent all that time answering the stupid questions and "skipping" through all the spam, I got nowhere and no credit.  DON'T DO IT!

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