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Offers / Easy Task: Personality Survey
« on: September 10, 2012, 06:26:38 pm »Message ID: 602704
Just did an easy Personality Survey for $0.25  located at the  daily tasks bar.
All you need to do is answer 59 questions about yourself.  ;D

Task: Personality Survey - 8740db00   2012-09-10   $0.25   Approved

As to date, there's 887 available slots....hurry and good luck!!!!

Offers / WOOHOO!!! 2 FC Surveys in a row...
« on: May 17, 2012, 08:49:23 pm »Message ID: 539279
Was totally overwhelmed that i qualified for 2 FC surveys in a row....Recruit for technology panel and short auto survey.
It only took me 30 mins to finish the two surveys and was totally relieved when i actually found the credit in  my account.
$3 is indeed a good figure to be added in my account. It really pays to have patience and persevere.  :thumbsup:

FC Survey: Short Auto Survey   2012-05-17   $1.00   Approved
FC Survey: Recruit for Technology Panel   2012-05-17   $2.00   Approved

Thank you Fusion Cash!!!! :heart:

Offers / ooVoo offer
« on: May 16, 2012, 10:39:05 am »Message ID: 538375
Found this new ooVoo offer. It's pretty easy, all you need to do is download the site for free.
Waited for a couple of minutes for it to credit though.

ooVoo   2012-05-16   $0.50   Approved

Thank you Fusion Cash!!! :thumbsup:

Offers / New Offer: Green Dot
« on: May 16, 2012, 09:33:09 am »Message ID: 538343
Found this new offer greendot (a reloadable credit card). Has anyone tried it?
Am a bit apprehensive to register because the site ask you to provide social security.

Offers / Easy Tasks
« on: April 17, 2012, 09:14:44 pm »Message ID: 522580
Tried browsing on the daily tasks today and realized that a lot of the tasks are pretty easy.
Most of these tasks ask you to review a website's really fun...all you have to do is follow a simple instruction and that's it.

Here are some of the approved tasks i've done in just 10mins.

Task: Checking Website Listing - a6740592   2012-04-17   $0.03   Approved
Task: Review a page on a website - df826bb1   2012-04-17   $0.02   Approved
Task: Review the Description of a Website - 25d661fb   2012-04-17   $0.02   Approved
Task: Review a page on a website - cab5defd   2012-04-17   $0.02   Approved
Task: Review a Site Listing - 41ad7e8d   2012-04-17   $0.03   Approved
Task: Review a Site Listing - 1b1a5675   2012-04-17   $0.03   Approved
Task: Review a Site Listing - 200b8a2c   2012-04-17   $0.02   Approved
Task: Review a Page and Provide Your Opinion - 70bf1b2d   2012-04-17   $0.02   Approved
Task: Fast Task: Review Website and Provide Your Initial Impression - 28b2b764   2012-04-17   $0.04   Approved
Task: Look at a Locations Page and Provide Quick Feedback - 19ed3965   2012-04-17   $0.04   Approved
Task: Look at a Page on a Website and Provide Data - 7c4642c8   2012-04-17   $0.04   Approved
Task: Identify characteristics of a website (and 1 other job) - 929618a3   2012-04-17   $0.08   Approved
Task: Review this page on a website - b5565b23   2012-04-17   $0.04   Approved
Task: Analyze Website Data (Simple) (and 1 other job) - 25ae7a8c   2012-04-17   $0.04   Approved
Task: Check a web listings details (and 1 other job) - bdd500b5   2012-04-17   $0.03   Approved
Task: Review a web listing (and 1 other job) - a3d8ebc9   2012-04-17   $0.03   Approved
Task: Take a brief review of a website description - d9cf0d1e   2012-04-17   $0.02   Approved

Offers / New Offer: Samsung Galaxy Note
« on: April 16, 2012, 10:03:00 am »Message ID: 521749
Just click the LIKE button....viola it credits really fast! :thumbsup:

Samsung Galaxy Note   2012-04-16   $0.10   Approved

Thanks FC....looking forward for more clicking "LIKE" button offer.

Offers / Windows phone Video for 4 cents
« on: April 04, 2012, 12:36:13 pm »Message ID: 515648
Watched the video 6x today and it just lasted for 30 secs each. That was really awesome!!! :thumbsup:
and credited really QUICK too! Thanks Fusion Cash. Looking forward for more videos
like these ones.   :heart:

Video: Watch this Windows Phone Video! - 4110de2e   2012-04-04   $0.04   Approved
Video: Watch this Windows Phone Video! - da98f1a5   2012-04-04   $0.04   Approved
Video: Watch this Windows Phone Video! - 94500037   2012-04-04   $0.04   Approved
Video: Watch this Windows Phone Video! - 1f731ac0   2012-04-04   $0.04   Approved
Video: Watch this Windows Phone Video! - 1371c808   2012-04-04   $0.04   Approved
Video: Watch this Windows Phone Video! - 24cf7c67   2012-04-04   $0.04   Approved

Offers / New Offer: Credit Karma
« on: March 09, 2012, 08:51:01 am »Message ID: 502659
Done this today, really easy and credits fast.... plus you get a credit score for free.  :)

Credit Karma   2012-03-09     $0.75    Approved

Thank you Fusion Cash & More Power!!!  :thumbsup:

Offers / Daily Task "Find Businesses' Website" credits only $0.02 instead of 0.50 cents
« on: February 15, 2012, 10:49:28 pm »Message ID: 491399
Dear Admin,

I believe there's a discrepancy in your posting of Daily Task "Find Businesses' Website".
It clearly states that each completed task earns 0.50 cents, however only $0.02 is credited on my account.

Task: Find Businesses' Websites - f8443b00 2012-02-15 $0.02 Approved

Task: Find Businesses' Websites - 21f64993 2012-02-Approved

Hope this could be fixed soon. Thanks and More Power!

« on: February 01, 2012, 10:11:20 am »Message ID: 483617
Simply Awesome! Thanks FC  :thumbsup:
Twitter Follow Bonus 2012-02-01  $0.25 Approved.

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