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Support / Tab Research ceriting
« on: January 22, 2019, 04:00:53 pm »Message ID: 1258059
For two days I have not been crediting the 1 cent for answering questions since this is the only way I can receive my reward points and my 5 cents to to get the 15 cents. You have taken all the FC surveys, I watch 25 tallest mountains for 1 cent and did not get credit, also on Tue I did get credit for 5 and only receive 3. You spend 1 hour to 25 shots of videos and only receive one cent, but terrible to spent one 1 hour only to receive 0.0 cents. I'm on this cite to earn and not waste my time making nothing. You have taken everything I could make money away or show a blank page.  All the other ways to make money,  you have to spend more money than you are making which is nothing so you end up spending money you don't have. I have got 3 cent of my 5 cent to continue. So now I am in limbo at this moment. None of the Tab Research post have not given me the one cents credit for anything.  So my question is to you is how I am going to finish before my time limit you have set. I am closer to the 25.00 deadline so to me it seem like you are trying to run my deadline in default so I don't receive the cash.  This has happen to me 2 or 3 times in the fast. I was trying to give you the benefit that is good survey site. This is the cite that put a 3 month deadline to make 25.00 in 3 months without the any way to do so.  When I first started you didn't have to get 5 cents just to start.

Off-Topic / Tap Research is not posting my reward and Survey ID 3589734 I completed 12/21/
« on: December 21, 2018, 02:29:36 pm »Message ID: 1252737
My Tab Research is working on my end but is not posting my reward on my account   I aslo tried Tab Research again on 12/20/18  and still no credits.  I posted again 12/21/18 on Tab Research with no response now I have missed 30 cent in daily email plus the tab Research post. So I am not able to continue with Fushion cash until you fix the problem please. I might miss out on 12/22/18 Sat.  12/23/18 sun   21/24/18 Xmas eve mon.   12/25/18 Xmas day and so on     I completed  email from Fusion Cash  ID. 3589734 it said I would receive credit, but it did not show on my account.

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