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Off-Topic / Re: Will Obama be relected?
« on: February 06, 2011, 10:39:22 am »Message ID: 310219
Let me just say that Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton BOTH had lower approval ratings at this point in their first terms and they BOTH got re-elected. To be honest, I think anyone who thinks Obama is doing WORSE than George W. Bush clearly knows nothing about politics and is only listening to what the conservatives on Fox News are telling them. He's barely been in office 2 years, the country's problems are NOT going to be solved that fast. You have to be extremely naive to think that they will be. I don't think it would be a positive thing if another President came into office next term because then we'd just be starting from scratch and nothing would ever be solved. Bush was in office for eight years and every year, our country just got worse and worse. Then Obama comes in and everybody is blaming him. How does that make any sense?

Let me just leave this here...

Off-Topic / Re: Do you like winter?
« on: February 06, 2011, 10:26:14 am »Message ID: 310206
I like it at first, but after months and months of the cold and snow, I'm ready for spring.

Off-Topic / Re: How many of you skip the dinner for losing weight?
« on: February 06, 2011, 10:25:29 am »Message ID: 310205
Never EVER skip a meal. It just slows your metabolism down and you will actually gain weight. Just eat a well-balanced meal and the weight will come off.

Off-Topic / Re: do you prefer cooking at home or going out
« on: February 06, 2011, 10:23:52 am »Message ID: 310203
I love cooking and trying new things. So, I prefer cooking at home. Though, I do really enjoy going out, but that adds up so quickly and I don't like the fact that because you're not cooking, you don't know exactly what's going into your food (I'm a bit of a health freak).

Off-Topic / Re: do you still live in the same place or town where you grew up
« on: February 06, 2011, 10:21:23 am »Message ID: 310202
Technically, yes I suppose. I was born in St. Louis, but moved to Indiana when I was only 2. I lived there till I was 7 and I've lived in Kentucky ever since.

Off-Topic / Re: Do you like Adam Sandler?
« on: January 19, 2011, 11:23:40 am »Message ID: 301052
He's hilarious, imo. I love most of his movies.

Off-Topic / Re: What is your Zodiac Sign?
« on: January 19, 2011, 11:22:47 am »Message ID: 301051
Virgo. Apparently they changed it though and I'm supposedly now a Leo. But, I fit the Virgo sign way more.

Off-Topic / Re: Fast food resturants what food item do you consider made the best tasting?
« on: January 19, 2011, 11:21:59 am »Message ID: 301050
Before I started eating healthier, I loved getting McDonald's mcnuggets and their mcchicken sandwich is really good. I also used to love Burger King's burgers.

« on: January 19, 2011, 11:21:00 am »Message ID: 301049
I hate Myspace. They are trying WAY too hard to be like facebook and it's just become confusing and annoying. I definitely like Facebook a lot more.

Off-Topic / Re: what is a great age for teen dating
« on: January 19, 2011, 11:19:54 am »Message ID: 301048
I think 16 is a good age. It all depends on the child though. I got my first boyfriend at 15 and I kind of wish I had waited because I definitely was way too young and just not ready for all the problems it brings.

Off-Topic / Re: which do you prefer going out or staying in for dinner
« on: January 19, 2011, 11:18:17 am »Message ID: 301047
I prefer staying in because I can make whatever I want and not have to worry about money/bad nutrition. I do like going out every once in a while, though.

Off-Topic / Re: Who rembers there 3rd grade Teacher?
« on: January 18, 2011, 10:55:17 am »Message ID: 300647
My 3rd grade teacher was Mrs. Veasey. One of my favorite teachers ever. I was really lucky in elementary school when it came to my teachers. They were always really nice.

Off-Topic / Re: people who think they know it all
« on: January 18, 2011, 10:52:09 am »Message ID: 300645
Yeah, I know a few of those. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. At this point though, I've just learned to ignore them and move on. I hate arguing over petty things and that's usually what they're aiming for most of the time.

Off-Topic / Re: What were you afraid of as a child?
« on: January 18, 2011, 10:49:23 am »Message ID: 300643
I never believed in monsters or anything, but I was afraid of ghosts. I remember one night when I was 4, I thought I saw one in my room in the middle of the night and it's safe to say I slept in my parents room for a long time after that...

Off-Topic / Re: what your favorite michael jackson
« on: January 18, 2011, 10:47:40 am »Message ID: 300641
All his music is incredible. Man In The Mirror, Smooth Criminal, Stranger in Moscow, The Lost Children, and The Way You Make Me Feel are probably my top 5 favorites, but it changes all the time.

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