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Support / Re: Fusion Cash Survey Problems
« on: June 06, 2013, 08:05:19 pm »Message ID: 748533
Google Chrome used to work with me all the time but I don't know what Google did to it because now stuff messes up and it doesn't sync well with this website for some reason.  My problem I had was partially the surveys but also when I was doing the paid to click I would go to click back on a tab before and it would just close the old tab out instead of opening it.  It could be spyware giving us problems as well because it just seems like 2 odd problems to have with a browser.  I switched to firefox for most things with Fusion Cash again and everything is working fine again.  Some stuff I still use Google Chrome for but not for this site right now at the moment but the more things change you never know I could go back to Chrome if Firefox changes something.  :angry7:

Support / Re: Family members also having an account
« on: June 06, 2013, 08:00:34 pm »Message ID: 748531
Can you have more than 1 account per household? What if my husband or daughter want to have an account is this allowed? :dontknow:

I feel like this is a topic discussed regularly but you definitely need to read the "Terms of Service" that exist on the Fusion Cash site before reading any replies to your thread because even though some may seem like right answers the main right answer is in that Terms of Service you have to read that you agreed to when signing up to Fusion Cash.  Basically, it's one account per household and your IP address.  If you move or something make sure you update your contact information and your address but continue to be the only person in your household signed up and using Fusion Cash.  If your daughter moves out and goes to college and let's just say she joins from the college she would have to use that Internet connection there to do all her Fusion Cash activity while you do all of yours on your Internet connection at your home. 

FusionCash / Re: Anyone else not getting daily emails?
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:56:44 pm »Message ID: 748530
The only time this ever happened to me is when I didn't do a daily email for like 2 weeks because I wasn't around my Internet connection at home.  Even then I just went and signed up for the daily emails again and they started coming the next day like clockwork around the same time.  Which is usually around 4-5am eastern time for me I believe.  I've seen people post on the forums that you can do them on your phone but it doesn't let me do it on my android phone it says it's not compatible so I don't know if that's possible either.  I'd say sign up again, clear your cookies, and if that doesn't work contact Fusion Cash via support ticket.  I guess I should stop telling people to do support tickets, maybe make a message to the Admin on here and see if he knows any other reason why you aren't receiving them if it continues to give you problems.

Support / Re: Credit for Replys?
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:50:17 pm »Message ID: 748524
Yeah any of the posts you reply too as long as they contribute to the discussion and are more than a couple words replying to the posts those are considered eligible posts on the correct forums.  Contests and Promotions forum doesn't count towards the 30 post limit and I don't think the Off Topic forum counts towards it either.  Always try to add something to the topic of discussion or to help other people because that's what the forms are here for and to give encouragement to other Fusion Cash'ers as well. Go get'em tiger!!

FusionCash / Re: Best Way To Earn Cash
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:30:18 pm »Message ID: 748516
What is your favorite way to earn cash on "Cash Fusion" ?

I wouldn't say there is a 'favorite' way per say but there are a variety of ways and for me it's all in what I have time for or what I'm pre-planning to have time for.  If I think I won't have time sometime during the week to be on here much at all if at all I'll try to cut my losses and do a little more on days I might have more time like a couple more survey attempts, a few tasks, and more radio loyalty.  I also try to get my 30 posts in for a month to get my $3.00 bonus but it doesn't always happen.  In summer I'm going to be busy with my daughter and work so there may be times I may not be on here at all but I'll definitely try to make time at end of day before bed if I'm not too tired and falling asleep.  Paid to click and the daily email are normal definite things to always try.

FusionCash / Re: DESSERTS ......
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:18:08 pm »Message ID: 748510
I'd have to say ice cream or frozen yogurt specifically Cold Stone or a place by me called Menchies.  I like Menchies because it is frozen yogurt but doesn't taste like it and they have great different flavors and you self serve yourself with your own mix in's of your choice.  When I go I tend to get the flavors of chocolate mixed with a lil Peanut butter.  Then I add in some mix in's like chocolate chip cookie dough pieces, reeses peanut butter cups, reeses pieces, and oreo pieces with some hot fudge and a little bit of caramel.

I'm also a big fan of cheesecake as well from Cheesecake factory is a really good place to get it from.  The slices are huge and the flavors will make you close your eyes and imagine paradise.  I'm a big fan of dessert in general but have to keep tabs on myself because high blood sugar runs in my family.  I like all the normal desserts as well brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pie with graham cracker crust.

FusionCash / Re: Money Arrival
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:11:28 pm »Message ID: 748505
When you cash out in a months time frame as long as it's on the last day of that month you will receive it by the end of the next month.  I see that people are giving general answers here and there and also aren't considering whether lbelovescrd receives payment through Paypal, Direct Deposit, or by check in the mail.  I only have received payments through Paypal and it's normally either right on the 20th or a day or two before it.  No fees and it's secure then when you take that money from Paypal it takes 2 to 3 days to get to your bank account.  Some people have it direct deposited that I imagine is the same schedule but the checks being sent by mail is what could be tricky but I imagine if the mail is on time you should get it by the end of the following month even if it's a couple days after the 20th.

FusionCash / Re: Live Sample Survey
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:06:19 pm »Message ID: 748500
You have to give it time to credit you and there has been times I've completed offers and the site was just slow that day or the offer itself was slow in crediting and it literally took half the day to credit.  One survey I took awhile ago took a day to credit to my account and I had already notched it up as a waste of time and I probably wouldn't get credited but I just shrugged it off and dealt with it but when I got credit a day later it was much more enjoyable.  Just be patient and wait and if not open a ticket or just make sure your cookies are cleared next time and on the "completed this offer you will receive credit" page keep that open for a bit to allow it time to credit.  There has been a survey here and there I've done in the past that I've not received credit for and sometimes it just falls that way unfortunately.  I'd be much more frustrated if it happened all the time but once or twice is not too bad I guess.  You could always open a support ticket if all else fails and see if there's anything they can do.

FusionCash / Re: new and love it!
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:01:57 pm »Message ID: 748495
I don't know if others posted this or not but I don't have time to read through each post but I figured I'd give a few tips.  One of the tips I'd say to make sure you clear your cookies on the web browser you are using before the start of each survey and before everything else you do on here.  Another tip I could give you is if you get qualified for and finish a survey, at the end of it on the last page when it says "you have completed this survey and will receive credit", leave that page open for a little while to give it a chance to credit.

Other then that be patient and consistent and enjoy your time here.  Don't be like some people and come on here and complain because they want to have a fast income because a "fast income" is not here and doesn't exist on this website but it is extra cash to help out especially with rising gas prices in my area.  Appreciate every little penny you get here and you will do well and welcome to Fusion Cash.  8)

Support / Re: offers question
« on: June 04, 2013, 11:16:29 am »Message ID: 747302
OK i have a question, so far i love this site but it seems there's not many offers when i click the all button i see there's only 3 pages worth of offers, i am horrible at surveys and i currently don't have a credit card to purchase... and if i complete all the free offers i can do new one gets added all the time? thanks

I know from my experience I haven't had to spend any money on here to earn anything of what I earned and there's a lot of members like me that haven't either.  Most of the older members will tell you the best money is from referrals but they are not easy to get.  I for one have relied on doing the daily clicks like the 2 cent daily email, the 15 cent paid to click, daily tasks from time to time if they are worth it, daily videos, radio loyalty, and I try surveys here and there as well.  Every now and again you'll see an offer pop up that is free and you don't need a credit card for it.  You simply follow the instructions that go with the offer and you'll receive credit for it.  These can range in any amount from 15 cents to $2.00 even.  I suggest trying the FC surveys from time to time because there have been good money advantages for myself that came from trying them.  For instance I qualified for a $3.00 survey and received the $3.00 a month or so back and then that qualified me to do a survey with the same company for $20.00 a week later.  Sure enough I did the survey a week later and received $20.00 from that company into my paypal account a couple days later.  So good things do come from spending your time and trying to get something even if you tend to get disqualified try try again every day that you have the time to try.

Support / Re: New computer?
« on: June 04, 2013, 11:10:21 am »Message ID: 747297
It's mainly based on your Internet connection since they only want one member per Internet connection I believe.  That's why you can't refer anyone living in your household using your Internet because of the same connection.  I'm sure Fusion Cash understands people move and relocate and everything from time to time and also technology tends to change so people may buy new computers as well.  I'd say once they see you update your contact information and address within the site where it asks for it under your account information they will put one and one together and realize that's the reason you have another Internet connection because you moved.  If something happens they flag the account or restrict your access then you'd have to open a support ticket and contact them and let them know what is going on.  If not then I'd say not worry about it and just continue what you're doing.

Support / Question for people who are familiar with Ryan Air tasks
« on: June 04, 2013, 10:29:53 am »Message ID: 747273
I was trying to do the Ryan Air task on the daily tasks and realized each flight I was trying to search that it wanted me too would say it was completely booked and I can't see the price which is what they want in the task is the prices for the date and time given.  Does anyone else have this problem?  How are you supposed to do the task if everything is booked full and it doesn't give you a price for the date and time on the task?

FusionCash / Re: This is what I received.
« on: June 03, 2013, 07:08:31 pm »Message ID: 746890
You do not have enough posts for the selected month. You must have at least 30 posts in the selected month to qualify. Please note that posts in the Contest & Promotions subforum, and the Word Chains subforum, do not count towards your posting bonus.

I believe I posted a message to something similar to the same person before on another thread and I explained it in detail.  Let's just say for MAY you have to make sure 30 ELIGIBLE POSTS are posted in between the time frame of May 1st to May 31st.  Eligible meaning you contribute to a conversation and not post small messages like this saying what you received in a message from Fusion Cash and not saying anything else.  I don't believe this would count as a quality eligible post on your part so you have to work on your posts and what you add to them.  If you go over 30 posts in between those dates you still only get paid the $3.00 for 30 posts nothing more and nothing less.  They will deny you if you try to submit a form that you have posts posted in another month or if they are too small or ineligible or add nothing to a topic.  That is why I try to tell people posting random small questions all over the forums everywhere does not constitute as eligible posts it simply starts a thread but if most of the people reading those messages are confused or don't know what the post is about it doesn't add anything except confusion.  Then people get mad when they don't get their $3.00 bonus and get denied then ask everyone else on the forums why it didn't happen and now you know the reasons on why it didn't happen.

Off-Topic / Re: Last week as a Highschool Student
« on: June 03, 2013, 06:59:47 pm »Message ID: 746887

I imagine myself having to do things I normally wouldn't do.

xD I imagine myself doing things for myself now. xD

That's the best way to think about it because otherwise time could pass by too fast with you realizing you should've started working on it a long time ago.  Don't listen to other people that tell you you should be working on growing up awhile ago because you're still young and can start now.  It's best to not be afraid of falling on your face in life too because it's inevitable with everyone at least once.  If you are too afraid of it happening and walk out the door you may be one of those 34 year old's that are still not grown up and out in bars partying like animals and being drunk every single night and not caring about anything else but doing that almost every single night.  In my eyes that's not grown up, a few nights here and there or every now and again sure but putting priorities in front of you and doing the best you can without losing sight of what's important is what you have to do to keep yourself in that phase of "I'm not that immature kid anymore.  I'm an adult it's time to make the adult decisions now."

Support / Re: 65 Bonus Credit from Forum
« on: June 03, 2013, 06:44:23 pm »Message ID: 746878
It's a good question but it never takes that long they just leave that amount of days as the maximum amount of days to give themselves some space of time to look at the posts or at least approve everyone.  It usually takes me like 30-35 days to receive credit for my posts and you have to realize how much work goes into it.  I'm sure they don't read EVERY single message everyone posts on here but I'm sure they have some type of system to where they can check how long posts are and how much they contribute to the discussion.  There's more work that goes into running Fusion Cash than people realize I'm sure and I'm betting they have a very low percentage of people that post and get credited but didn't have 30 contributory posts that fall through the cracks if any.  Maybe they have it down to a point where they can find almost every person and approve the people that deserve to be approved and deny the people that obviously don't post enough, post very small posts, or don't add anything to discussions during a months time frame.

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