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Off-Topic / Deficit
« on: April 12, 2020, 10:57:01 am »Message ID: 1320705
In 1981 Ronald Reagan  (after vowing to limit the size of the government) doubled the deficit to over two hundred billion dollars. George H.W. Bush passed on a two hundred and ninety billion dollar deficit. William Clinton wiped out the deficit of his predecessors and created a two hundred and thirty six billion dollar surplus. George W. Bush took the surplus and created a four hundred and fifty eight billion dollar deficit which would triple, before the oncoming Obama administration, as the country was faced with a Global financial crisis. One point four trillion was ultimately handed to Barack Obama who also added hundreds of billions to the deficit. Donald Trump increased the deficit by seven hundred and seventy nine billion during his first year in office (Tax cuts/increased defense spending). The deficit increased to over one trillion dollars in 2019. This was all before the $2 trillion stimulus package related to Covid.

Off-Topic / Company/Departmental Alert-public service notice
« on: April 08, 2020, 07:26:32 am »Message ID: 1320212
I receive daily alerts, from my day time job, on areas that we should focus on and why transactions may be skewed. Once a month we go to various assisted living facilities which tend to be a focus for predators. As the large percentage of our population is under stay at home orders I thought I would share some of the COVID-19 Fraud trends that we are seeing. Fake charities have been set up; Sham Investment opportunities with fake, high rates of return are being promised; Fake goods are being promised at slightly higher prices (offered on line and never delivered) like toilet paper, masks, and sanitizer; Fake funding for small businesses and/or people wanting to get their relief checks early; Requests for money in order to develop miracle virus cures. Perform due diligence on any entity/person that you are sending money to and avoid sending cash to these entities/people via money transfer businesses like PayPal, Venmo, GreenDot, MoneyGram, RIA, or WesternUnion to name a few.

Off-Topic / Many Americans will not get CoronaVirus Relief Checks
« on: April 06, 2020, 01:45:00 pm »Message ID: 1319990
Surprised? I was not going to get one either way because of my income-even if my wife and I filed separately. We were just going to be subjected to watching future generations (including ourselves) pay for this hand out. Those not getting checks will be: Any one claimed as a dependent; Immigrants without social security numbers; High earners that lost their jobs; Parents who split custody; Recently divorced; people who owe back child support. There was an urgency to get this bill passed so many points were overlooked such as social security recipients...their income is not affected by the pandemic yet they will be getting a check (as of right now-this is rumored to be up for review). This may be why paper Stimulus checks could be delayed up to five months and relief money is not expected to be released until the fourth of May.

Off-Topic / Young Entrepeneur
« on: March 30, 2020, 05:47:31 pm »Message ID: 1318766
I read about a elementary school student who was suspended for selling squirts of hand sanitizer to his class mates for fifty cents a pop. He pocketed eleven dollars before he was suspended. Suspension seems a little harsh-thinking he may have done something else in his past. My son said that there was a kid up at his campus that had purchases seven packages of toilet paper with ninety six rolls in each and was selling the rolls individually at seven dollars a pop. My son said he sold out in one day-before authorities found out about it. That is six thousand, seven hundred and twenty dollars in one day. We have our regular stock of toilet paper which is set to hold us through the end of April. We are not hoarders, we have always kept a little over months supply on hand in case our kids come home, which it looks like they might.

Off-Topic / Bright and Clear
« on: March 21, 2020, 11:32:10 am »Message ID: 1317646
It is amazing how clean the air has gotten since the virus has moved in. With music venues, broadway shows, sports exhibitions, restaurants closed down, grocery store hours minimized, and a large percentage of the workforce forced to work from home, the air quality has had a marked improvement. I heard that dolphins have started swimming in the channels of Venice because the restricted boat access has allowed the water ways to become clean. Not seeing as much news about natural disasters (or shootings) as well. Virus forecasts have gone as far out as Mid-summer-may help the environment sustain for a little longer. I have read about senators wanting to exclude auto manufacturers from the bail out unless they put a large percentage of the bail  out towards helping their employees and a percentage toward the development of vehicles that are not dependent on fuel derived from fossils.

Off-Topic / Not worth $100
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:03:56 am »Message ID: 1312664
It is not worth Bill Gate's time to pick up a one hundred dollar bill if he found one on the ground. With a net worth of one hundred and ten billion dollars, a relatively conservative six percent return works out to two hundred and nine dollars and twenty eight cents per second in earnings. It would take me three seconds to pick up a one hundred dollar bill but it would cost Bill Gates six hundred and twenty seven dollars and eighty five cents to do the same-a loss of five hundred and twenty seven dollars and eighty five cents on his find. Even more amazing is that Bill Gates donates forty five percent of his wealth, approximately forty one billion dollars, to charity. The Obamas gave twenty two percent of their income to charity-congratulations to them on their Oscar award (and Nobel Peace prize in 2009).

Off-Topic / YouTube visits
« on: October 22, 2019, 10:24:51 am »Message ID: 1297999
So many people that I talk to spend a large amount of their time watching YouTube videos. Most admit to watching at least thirty to forty minutes of videos before they go to sleep and than have a hard time going to sleep. Kind of makes sense, though, as you engage your mind/rev it up, that it would be harder to turn it off. I will watch a few motivational videos during the weekend and some of the Saturday Night Live videos on Sunday mornings but I rarely, if ever, spend more than fifteen minutes of my time doing this. And I never do it right before I go to sleep which is probably why I do not have a hard time falling asleep at night (plus I tend to work between sixteen and nineteen hours a day. People at my day time job are constantly sending file paths for their favorite videos.

Off-Topic / Kudos to the Wheel of Fortune Contestant
« on: October 17, 2019, 10:49:37 am »Message ID: 1297416
During the introduction to contestants, where people give a quick biography, Contestant Blair Davis unexpectedly stated " I've been trapped in a loveless marriage for the last 12 years to an old battle-axe named Kim. She cursed my life with three stepchildren named Star, RJ and Ryan, and I have one rotten grandson". Totally caught Pat Sajak off guard (1st time in thirty years) and Blair explained how tired of the canned repsonses that came from people about their "beautiful" spouse and decades of marriage. Blair's wife told him that she did not want him to call her the "beautiful" wife. No misconceptions about who they are or what they look like, Blair decided to have some fun (his wife and grandson were in the audience). Calling his wife an old battle axe has been part of their dynamic, allowing them to enjoy fifteen years of marriage together.

Payment Pictures / My $27.09 Direct Deposit cashout payment
« on: June 22, 2019, 11:56:02 am »Message ID: 1280847

Member comment: Easy Money!

This image was posted automatically.

Off-Topic / Just got back
« on: June 01, 2019, 07:32:00 am »Message ID: 1277832
Twelve days in Germany, Hungary, Poland and the United Kingdom with the family. Finally shaking the jet lag off enough to write somewhat coherently. Eating, drinking, dancing, touring, hiking, resting and relaxing...long over due. Probably the last time I will be able to corral the entire family together long enough to share a vacation. One of my goals has been to accumulate more stamps in my passport than material junk in my life and this trip is the second in what I hope will be many. Aiming to do a solo adventure in Central/South America later this year. Being with the family was great but I focused, too much, on their comfort and happiness. I have six years of Spanish language study but will need to revisit. My day time job provides educational materials and will help me with spanish immersion.

Off-Topic / Forgot...
« on: May 07, 2019, 05:09:03 pm »Message ID: 1274414
the orange juice! My wife stopped at the grocery store (about a mile from our house) got home, we put the groceries away, got comfortable and I settled in to uploading my receipt into several sites. I happened to notice that she had paid three dollars for orange juice but I did not recall putting that item away. I asked her about it and she was like "Oh goodness, I must have left it in the shopping cart!". She called the grocery store and while waiting on hold, got dressed in her out side clothes, hopped in the car, drove back to the grocery store and found the orange juice sitting in the cart where she had left it. How many people would do this? I thought it was crazy because she makes over seventy dollars an hour at her job. That means that the forty five minutes spent retrieving the three dollar item ended up costing over forty dollars. Perhaps it will make her more cognizant of fully emptying out the cart in the future?

Off-Topic / Lucky Month
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:00:11 am »Message ID: 1267671
I have been blessed with good fortune this month! While donating blood, at the beginning of the month, I was pulled aside by the management and given a Gold card that allows me to by pass any long lines for a period of three months. I didn't use it till today and managed to save forty minutes. During the second week I won twenty dollars on a scratch ticket. I found out that my daughter will be giving Lectures at a materials conference in Germany at the same time that a close cousin has rented a house in the same area. My night time/weekend job has slowed down enough to get a few major house projects done in time for my daughter's graduation which brings a great deal of happiness, and relief, to my wife. I found four banks that are posting bonuses for opening accounts as well-which is pretty good at this time of the year.

Off-Topic / When are you an adult?
« on: March 21, 2019, 04:48:16 pm »Message ID: 1267012
I heard this question asked during a meeting the other day and the answers were quite varied: Purchase of first car, purchase of first house, purchase of first appliance, first time voting, when you are legal age for drinking, when you attain legal age to join the military, when you have to take care of your own children, when you get married, even an answer that stated you felt you were an adult when you stooped down and picked up an errant ice cube instead of kicking it under the refrigerator. For me I felt that I was an adult when I started paying for my insurance on a house and a car. I felt like more of an adult when I had other people to take care of, namely, a wife and two children. It was also surprising how events that made people feel like an adult happened much later in life (age wise) for men.

Off-Topic / Storm-Bomb Cyclone
« on: March 14, 2019, 06:35:43 am »Message ID: 1266102
We got a taste of the storm (qualified as a winter hurricane due to the speed of the drop in atmospheric pressure) yesterday with strong winds (up to ninety miles per hour in parts), eight inches of snow at my house (some areas got four feet), zero visibility, and it came in after heavy rains that froze making the driving conditions somewhat perilous. My day time companycontacted everyone on Tuesday and told them not to come in. All meetings were scheduled to happen on line via skype (or the company equivalent). We lost one tree that sat next to our drive way-completely pulled out (roots and all). It was one of two trees that bordered each side of our driveway which is kind of a bummer because now our drive lacks aesthetic symmetry (feng shui). It was so bad, my dogs did not even want to go for a walk!

Off-Topic / Happy Galentine's Day!
« on: February 13, 2019, 06:26:07 pm »Message ID: 1261520
Started five years ago in a show that aired February eleventh of two thousand and ten called Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler, this holiday has risen from television and is all about ladies celebrating ladies. I heard about it on the radio as I was driving home from work. Stopping at the store to get flowers and candy for Valentines day made me realize how big this non-holiday has gotten. Valentines day has lost it's appeal as it is a holiday (like New Years Eve) where seemingly every business jacks up their prices. My flowers were seven dollars more than the normal bouquet I pick up every two to three weeks.  The store was loaded with grumpy husbands/boyfriends getting things for their ladies. There was a special card section dedicated to Galentine's day that had cheery greetings like "Hoes before bros" and other fusion cash non-mentionables.

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