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Off-Topic / Listening to the people
« on: December 21, 2017, 02:40:04 pm »Message ID: 1186490
or not. Seventy percent of Americans supported the climate deal. One party did not. Eighty three percent of Americans supported Net Neutrality. One party did not. Seventy five percent of Americans opposed the recently passed Tax Bill. One party did not. It is now time to start building the wall of indifference between the United States and Mexico because seventy percent of Americans do not want this to happen. DACA needs to be shut down quickly so that the eighty six percent of Americans who support  it can praise one party that is against it. With 15 percent of Americans showing support for the current president he is most assuredly guaranteed another term. Seems surprising that people that run for office on a slate similar to that of the president are not getting voted in. Perhaps they have not been atrocious enough, garnered enough sexual misconduct accusers, or been venemous enough in their video disclosures about grabbing the genitalia of the opposite sex. Can hardly wait to see what 2018 brings. Happy New Year!

Off-Topic / Gene Simmons...sexual misconduct allegations
« on: December 17, 2017, 12:45:21 pm »Message ID: 1185790
The Demon. Bassist for the rock band Kiss. Musician. Actor. Director. Movie producer.  Philanthropist. Egotist. Does not do drugs or alcohol. Known for one of the longest tongues(LOL). Married to a gorgeous, soft port star (Shannon Tweed) for three years after being together for twenty eight years. Two children, a son and daughter. Daughter heavily involved in charity. Donates and helps feed over one thousand South African children in Zambia. Original name Chaim Witz, from Israel (parent's fled *bleep* occupied Hungary), studied in a New York Parochial school from age eight till graduation. Voted for George W Bush and Trump. Has admitted to over four thousand and eight hundred sexual liaisons but denies providing sexual innuendo and touching a reporter's butt during an interview in a public restaurant. Are we surprised if this is true? I think that, if true, the surprise would be that he is not a politician.

Payment Pictures / My $25.66 Direct Deposit cashout payment
« on: December 09, 2017, 11:59:39 am »Message ID: 1184474

Member comment: One more to go in 2017!

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Off-Topic / How many zeros in a trillion?
« on: December 02, 2017, 08:23:18 am »Message ID: 1182732
Twelve. There are twelve zeros in a trillion, one point four trillion to be exact, which is the number of deficit dollars the new tax bill will pass to our children/ future generations in ten years. Taxes will be hiked on millions f middle class Americans and swell the ranks of the uninsured by 13 million. There is an upside though: corporations will see their taxes reduced by forty percent, those hiding their offshore profits (guaranteed not to be the poor/middle class or anyone reading this) can repatriate the cash at a rate of seven point five percent, and private jet owners will finally be able to deduct aircraft maintenance (dang-I just sold my jet). The revised bill will allow homeowners to deduct up to $10,000 in State and local property taxes-originally that was not going to be allowed. The bill was approved, in it's entirety, by one party-so much for democracy. Only one in four Americans approve of the bill (hard to believe that something could be more unpopular than the current CEO of America). I am going to pass on getting any more Christmas presents for the kids-I think that the 1.4 Trillion dollar deficit should suffice.

Off-Topic / Scabies
« on: November 20, 2017, 07:16:29 pm »Message ID: 1180818
Had not heard that term until I watched the final Pirates of the Caribbean last night. I actually had to look it up!  Last week I was down South, on the beach, and got all bit up by something and thought it was done. Unfortunately I noticed new bites over the last few days and last night's timely movie viewing has me thinking that I may be a scabies victim. I made an appointment to see my Doctor on Wednesday because apparently, untreated, the little burrowing mites do not go away. Googling the subject let me know that there are no approved over the counter solutions to these pests. I did read about some people have had luck in their battles by sitting in a sauna (warmer than one hundred and twenty degrees) which is what I did tonight in addition to soaking in a chlorinated hot tub.

Off-Topic / Papa Johns
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:04:35 pm »Message ID: 1178383
Is blaming the National Football league for declining profits. John Schnatter, Papa John's CEO, has pulled commercials from being aired during football games for the first time since becoming a sponsor in 2001 and stated that the anthem protests are polarizing the viewer, customer and the country. National Football League ratings are down five percent from the same time last year. I remember when I used to go to every National Basketball association game and every major league baseball game in my city until the players and owners got greedy at which time I quit cold turkey and have not watched a game in thirty years. I love football but am starting to wean myself from watching it because I think that there is a time and a place for protesting and neither are during a football game. I am skipping my team's game this evening (love the Packers) to get some work done-not even watching the score.

Off-Topic / 1st and ten movement
« on: November 06, 2017, 06:34:06 pm »Message ID: 1178374
A lot of people are fed up with million dollar clowns staging protests during their time to relax and enjoy football. Half of the viewers do not understand the protests and many of the players do not know why they are doing it. These protests could be staged much more effectively through positive news outlets and proactive time and money spent working with communities. I stumbled across the '1st and ten movement' at the beginning of the season. The movement asks fans to skip the first ten minutes of every NFL game. The hope is that commercial sponsors will also skip the first ten minutes which will affect owners, the NFL and ultimately the players that chose to waste our football viewing time. I work at a campus of roughly ten thousand employees and currently there are over four hundred that refuse to watch the first ten minutes. Many refuse to buy any products advertised during the game.

Off-Topic / Double posting bonus
« on: November 02, 2017, 06:38:31 pm »Message ID: 1177207
Thank you Fusion Cash! I received my three dollar posting bonus for my September request and another three dollar bonus for my October request! I thought it was odd when I did not see my bonus come through in October but Fusion cash has never let me down and I figured that sooner or later they would catch up with me. I do not like to expend negative energy,  drive site administrators crazy, or spend my time saying bad things about a delayed payment. After over eight years here I know that Fusion cash treats people honestly and can be trusted. Positivity gets things done faster and I have always graded Fusion cash highly due to their trustworthiness. Even when they have slow periods they always find some way of giving us tasks to make a few dollars. Thanks again Fusion Cash!

Off-Topic / Cable Television
« on: October 08, 2017, 08:39:03 am »Message ID: 1172350
I have just cut ties and am no longer paying the exorbitant prices charged for hundreds of useless channels. We started off with basic cable two decades ago for about fifteen dollars a month. My wife is an avid tennis player so we added the tennis channel which would only come in a package of two hundred channels that we rarely watched and bumped our bill up to over eighty dollars. Shame on the cable companies and shame on me for contributing to their corporate greed. I researched quite a few options and ended up getting a wireless stick. We already subscribed to Netflix at ten dollars a month and now we can stream those movies and movies from Amazon prime. We signed up for prime because we don't intend on going to malls anymore and we save more in shipping/discounts/gas/time than going to the mall.

Off-Topic / Rush Limbaugh
« on: September 10, 2017, 10:44:34 am »Message ID: 1166732
Claimed that the media was manufacturing unwarranted hysteria about hurricane Irma in order to lend legitimacy to the global warming theory...more fake news as people in the current administration use as a consistent answer to coverage on their misdoings. It is absolutely hilarious that he will be unable to conduct his show for a few days as he retreats from the fake hurricane. I have heard one of his shows and can not believe that anyone listens to his nonsense on a regular basis. In this case he falsely led people to believe that the storm wouldn't be dangerous and may have swayed people to stay in Florida-needlessly supporting his agenda while putting people in harm's way. Perhaps he and the current administration can build a wall against future hurricanes and have island nations pay for it?

Payment Pictures / My $29.40 Direct Deposit cashout payment
« on: August 27, 2017, 11:34:21 am »Message ID: 1163532

Member comment: Yipppeeee!!!!

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Off-Topic / How soon...
« on: August 26, 2017, 08:21:28 am »Message ID: 1163329
Till we start changing the names of cities, counties and states? The movement to erase the past, and create a neutral/unbiased/politically correct utopia through removal of flags, statues, monuments, reporters whose names sound like historical figures, street signs with religious symbols, etc., etc., is broadening it's scope. Since Washington was a slave owner it would stand to reason, by todays standards, that the state of Washington, Washington monument, and Washington D.C should be renamed and monetary instruments be redesigned. Jefferson was a slave owner so counties should be renamed. Mount Rushmore has slave owners on it so thought  should be given towards defacing that monument. Shouldn't San Diego, San Luis Obispo, San Bernardino, San Antonio and San Francisco (honoring a Saint) be renamed? Shouldn't the White house be painted a neutral color?

Off-Topic / An Open Ear
« on: August 19, 2017, 03:55:49 pm »Message ID: 1162264
I am proud of so many things, accomplishments, and having lived a good life. When asked by peers and employees what my greatest accomplishment is I can not narrow it down to less than two. I am very proud at having had a major role in raising two exceptionally wonderful children while maintaining a loving relationship with my wife. The other, which caught me completely off guard, was an "Open Ear" award given to me by a six year old along with a two page report on why I was to be given this prestigious award. This six year old said that I was unlike any other adult that he had ever encountered. He said that I listened to every word that he said, did not pass judgement, waited till he was done talking and treated him like an equal. This young lad said that I had made a big difference in his life and that he had gone through some sad times in which other adults labeled him as disruptive. His father had disappeared and he ended his report/speech by saying that I was the closest thing to a perfect father. He, like many of my biographical children's friends, are now part of the family and know that they can always contact me with both good and bad.

Off-Topic / No Humans in the House!
« on: August 19, 2017, 03:54:24 pm »Message ID: 1162263
Except me (and people have, occasionally, called me an animal)! My kids are off to college with their first day of classes on Monday. My wife took off for a girl friend's Birthday in Miami, Florida this morning (she does not seem happy unless her vacation to my vacation ratio is at five to one). That leaves me, my computers, and two Golden Retrievers to tear things up! I have created a list of seventeen things that I would like to accomplish before my wife returns. I have finished five of them and am optimistic that they will all be completed. Fourteen of them are for the family like housework and a few projects that my wife has said would never be done. Some of things I have listed are partial completions of larger projects like putting a flagstone pathway down. I am aiming for getting thirty square feet completed in the early morning before the heat gets overwhelming. I am aiming for a little less sleep so that I can finish more work at my second job and catch up on a few things at my primary employment. Guess the Goldens, and I, won't be getting too crazy.

Off-Topic / Do away with '...Someday...'
« on: August 19, 2017, 03:52:55 pm »Message ID: 1162262
How many times do you remember asking your family to do something exciting and met with the response 'someday' and the something turns into 'never happened'? I have tried to replace 'someday' with a concrete date tied to a plan of action. My daughter asked me to take her to a Green Bay Packer's game and I almost said someday but instead told her that I would take her in September of the year in which she graduated. I told her that I would get better seat levels based on her grades and I started saving, finding additional streams of revenue, and investing properly. She surprised me by being the class Valedictorian and I surprised her with tickets on the fifty yard line, tickets to see the Wisconsin Badgers the day before, and wined and dined her like there was no tomorrow. My son earned a Boar hunting trip in Florida and I am saving to take my wife on a luxurious twenty fifth anniversary trip. We can always get absorbed by work-how often can we make a difference for a loved one.

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