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Offers / Saving Star offer
« on: April 13, 2012, 09:15:34 pm »Message ID: 520370
I just did a quick and easy offer 'Saving Star' and got credit right away!

SavingStar    2012-04-13    $0.80    Approved

I had seen this offer a week or 2 ago and considered giving it a try, but then it was a 65 cent credit if im not mistaken, so in this case im glad I waited!

All you do is register for the site then you type in your zip code and a list of grocery stores pops up, if you have a savings card for one of the stores (which are free themselves) you type in the number on the back of it and hit submit.. thats it! (I also confirmed my email, dont no if you have to or not)
Its no credit card or anything required - all it does is connect your grocery savings card with them and they offer E-coupons that you can choose to link to your card if you want and if you do - it makes no change when you shop but will add money on your account on there site which can be redeemed after $5! (paypal, amazon certificate, ect)

I do not know if I will actually attempt to earn this way, but Just linking the card gave me 80 cents with no obligations at all - and besides its free and might make you a little money! Why not do this offer?

I think it works basicly like coupons, only this way its like a rebate instead of instant.

FusionCash / This months game promo - Tribal Hop
« on: April 12, 2012, 05:56:41 pm »Message ID: 519852
This months game promo (for a 50 cent bonus) is Tribal Hop. Basicly you have to jump from platform to platform, going straight up, but many of the platforms are moving so you must correctly time your jump, and they start to move fast! This is quite challenging because in order to get the bonus you need 3900 points and you get less then 100 points per jump (you get anywere from 20-90 I think, depending on speed which resets with each jump) so it takes 40+ safe jumps in a row to get the highscore.

So far I havent been able to get this one but Im starting to get close! I will post back when I get it (hopefully soon)

Has anyone else played this game yet? Any winners?? Any tips or insight?

Off-Topic / Todays Mega Millions Lotto - biggest EVER
« on: March 30, 2012, 09:06:40 pm »Message ID: 512867
Tonights Mega Millions numbers just came in - its the biggest jackpot ever estimated at 640 million !!!!!!!

the numbers are

46 23 38 4 2 megaball 23

This was the first time Ive ever bought a lotto ticket and I got 2 of the 5 right, and got the mega ball right!!! I won $10 !   :thumbsup:;D :thumbsup: my favorite number 23 came through for me.. twice!! random 38 did once too. n I thought i picked the 46, but I had picked 47 otherwise I woulda gotten $150 owell tho I still won something!
I seriously thought about buying the megaplier multiplier for 1 extra buck but didnt.. it came out a 3x and I woulda had $30  :BangHead: but owell I turned $1 into $10! Im happy with that!

They say the odds of winning are 1 in 176million, but thats the jackpot only, the odds of winning anything are actualy 1 in 40! for what i hit on (2/5 and 1/1) the odds were 1 in 844.
Here are the full odds and prizes in case your wondering:

Normal ball          Mega ball
 (pool of 56)         (pool of 42)
5                        1                   jackpot  -  1 in 175,711,536
5                        0                  $250,000 - 1 in 3,904,701
4                        1                  $10,000   - 1 in 689,065
4                        0                  $150       - 1 in 15,313
3                        1                  $150       - 1 in 13, 781
2                        1                  $10         - 1 in 844
3                        0                  $7           - 1 in 306
1                        1                  $3           - 1 in 141
0                        1                  $2           - 1 in 74.8
(1-0 and 2-0 are nothing   :( )
Overall probabilities: 1 in 306.11 for winning at least a $10 prize, 1 in 40 for winning any prize. - even though the best individual odds ($2) is 1 in 74.8 the overall offs are better because it factors in all possible ways to win

Support / Does anyone know why my copy / paste is now different and all weird?
« on: March 26, 2012, 09:55:18 pm »Message ID: 510744
Crazy question I know lol. But when I used to copy/paste an offer that I had been credited for it was one line, just like EVERYONE else that I see post those. Now it looks like this:

Search Reward - a37e021e




It used to paste all that in one straight line, and every post I see of people posting thier offers it is one straight line, so why did mine all the sudden change to this? 4 lines with spaces between  ???
Weird huh? Hopefully maybe somebody knows why, so I can post that kinda thing normally again lol. If not owell but Im still curious

Offers / FC Survey Error
« on: March 24, 2012, 03:48:16 pm »Message ID: 509798
So I just clicked a FC Survey and the window that popped up said this:

Server Error in '/' Application.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

And the rest of the window was full of stuff like this too.

This is the second or third time that this has happened and since the FC Surveys are set up to were you only get one attempt no matter what, theres no way to do it.

Im posting this to see if anyone else has ran into this and thoughts on it, please dont say to send in a support ticket because support tickets for FC Surveys take FOREVER, the first one I sent in took over 3 weeks to here back and still hasnt been resolved although it was supposed to have been by now, and the other one I sent in 16 days ago and havent heard back yet.. normally you hear back in 2-4 days but if its about an FC survey, its 3+ weeks, at least in my experience

Offers / wow that sucked
« on: March 12, 2012, 08:02:48 pm »Message ID: 504470
So I was just doing a FC daily survey for $2.70  and I was almost 70% through about 20-30 minutes in.. it was a long one that involved a virtual shopping expeirence in a grocery store.. (the long part had alot to do with it waiting for it to load tho) after I did the virtual shopping I was answering questions and when typing my palm touched the touchpad on my laptop and inadvertantly sent the browser 'back' a page. BOOM no longer able to continue with survey..  :BangHead:  :angry7: :BangHead:  :angry7: :BangHead:

When I tryed to refresh it still would not let me continue and of course since its a one shot only FC survey I could not even start over. This frustrates me like no other.. an inadvertant tap of the touchpad and $2.70 gone just like that!  :angry7: I usually have my touchpad locked for this very reason (and use a mouse) but everytime I turn back on or restart my computer it automaticly is unlocked and I forgot.

I finaly qualify for a FC Survey after a dry streak and do most of it, have the $2.70 all but guarenteed at that point, then the simplest little nothingness like touching the wrong spot on my laptop screws me.. Guess theres nothing I can do about it.. just wanted to vent.

FusionCash / why do some FC Surveys take you to a completely different subject and not credit
« on: March 07, 2012, 09:32:09 pm »Message ID: 501746
I just clicked on a FC Survey for "Vote for your favorite Restruants" ($1.00)  and it loaded up SSI quaifying questions, which I did and then it began a survey on ADD treatment?!??
I did the survey in full and it loaded the SSI congrats page, however I recieved no credit at all and now this survey is gone from the list on my FC Surveys page.  ???
This isnt the first time this has happened, several times the survey I clicked has been completely different subject matter then what was stated and this is the second time I got no credit when this happened..
Did anyone else do / try the "Vote for your favorite Restruants" offer?
And administrator do you know why this keeps happening? I know Ive seen others post similar issues.. For the most part the FC surveys work but it is very frustrating when it happens.

Offers / Daily Tasks giving alot of tasks tonight!
« on: March 06, 2012, 08:10:00 pm »Message ID: 501107
Tonight the Daily tasks were very generous for me! Usually it will let me do 1 or none of these, occasionaly 4 or 5, but tonight it let me do 11! (plus another different one)

Task: Search for terms and record the search results #4 - 4fda13fb 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Search for terms and record the search results #5 - 725c9e2 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Search for terms and record the search results #1 - 2ce554cf 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Search for terms and record the search results #4 - 4e61a539 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Search for terms and record the search results #4 - 79086ecf 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Search for terms and record the search results #4 - b57d834 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Search for terms and record the search results #3 - 57ffd094 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Search for terms and record the search results #3 - 412ef921 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Search for terms and record the search results #3 - a0878165 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Search for terms and record the search results #3 - 955324e4 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Search for terms and record the search results #1 - f865252c 2012-03-06  $0.10 Approved 
Task: Answer a few questions about a website (Wednesday's task #9 for workers in the United States) - 3bea27f5 2012-03-06  $0.12 Approved 

I find these to be very easy and fast too.

Offers / UPS offer gone??
« on: March 02, 2012, 06:27:39 pm »Message ID: 498969
I cant find the UPS My Choice offer anywhere at all  ???

I saw this offer during February but waited, which I now regret. I was waiting I guess because I wanted to wait untill March to start strong towards my March cashout, but now its March and the offer is gone from the site  :-

There are other offers that I still see and they've been there for a loooonng time, alot longer than UPS was there (I havent done them because I did actually do them but never got credit)

I hope they bring this offer back soon!

Offers / MyThoughtCounts skipping the classification questions at the end of surveys now?
« on: March 01, 2012, 12:36:09 pm »Message ID: 498277
So today I completed a MyThoughCounts survey and when I go to the end it said "Now just a few more questions for classification purposes" and I click next and boom - I get sent right to the congrats page, and yes I did get credit.. This same thing occured the last few times I completed a survey from them.

Im just wondering if it is now like this for anyone else? I like it because those questions at the end are always questions you already answered at the beggining anyways.. I guess MyThoughtCounts is sending them that info for you or something?

Anyways, anyone who has completed a survey from them recently, has it been like this for you or did you still have to do those last questions?

FusionCash / Just curious - when does the referal bonus kick in?
« on: February 28, 2012, 08:13:44 pm »Message ID: 497100
I know you get the $1 right after they confirm their email, and I know you get the $2 right after they get approved for their first offer completed.

But when do you get the $5 bonus for them cashing out? Is it right after they cashout, OR is it around the 20th of the follwing month when thier cashout is approved and sent?
I dont have many referals but I was just wondering about this.. the $1 and $2 come right after, but it would make sence for the $5 bonus to wait until the 20th of the following month when its officialy approved, because what if an offer got revoked and put them under $25

Im not sure if theres a solid way to know this for sure, unless someone who has gotten the $5 bonus has direct communication with one of their referals... Anyone know for sure?

FusionCash / Is the new FC Daily survey, and its $50,000 sweepstakes exclusive to FC members?
« on: February 18, 2012, 04:03:53 pm »Message ID: 492608
I was just wondering, since it is "FC" Daily survey and the site even says FC Survey, do only FC members take surveys from that particular site, and is the $50,000 sweepstakes only for FC members then? THAT would be awsome!

Or do others still do the same survey site even without being a FC member, or still see it as GiveUsYour2cents?

FusionCash / Really weird FC Survey invite???
« on: February 16, 2012, 02:30:44 pm »Message ID: 491680
So today I got an email from FusionCashSurveys which was titled "$10 Footwear Survey Available" So I opened the email and it then said:

"You're invited to participate in up to 10 different surveys! Upon entering the survey you will be asked some basic profiling questions to select the appropriate survey for your profile. In this process you may take up to 10 surveys and you will be rewarded $1.00 or 10 Facebook Credits for each that you complete or $10.00 / 100 Facebook Credits for all 10!"

Well I clicked the link and it took me to the page you normaly go to when starting an SSI survey.. I tryed to qualify for several different surveys but didnt and NONE of them were even remotely close to being about footwear????
Also I looked on the FC Survey page itself and it shows nothing, no surveys available..

Did anyone else get this? This is weird, it doesnt show on the FC page itself, it didnt ask me "basic profiling questions" and instead sent me to SSI, and NONE of it was remotely close to being about Footwear, and whats up with the option of Facebook credits? were did that come from??

FusionCash / FC email invite problem
« on: February 11, 2012, 12:19:04 pm »Message ID: 489244
First, I love the new FC Surveys and how they pay higher! there is just a few things that bug me sometimes.

Like JUST now I got an email for a short movie survey $1.10 and I clicked the link in the email but the page that loaded said "Internet Explorer cannot display the page" So I went to the FC Survey page itself on the website and clicked the survey, then it told me I had already participated!!! I didnt even SEE it, let alone participate!!!! These surveys are set up so that you can only TRY once then never again, but that creates some problems, like what just happened to me, or what if you accidently close or refresh you browser? or hit the wrong button? Then owell your screwed no do overs... I DONT like that aspect..

There should be something that tells them if you actually DQed from the survey or not, not just the fact that you clicked a link twice. If you DQed you cant try anymore, but if you werent DQed you should be able to re-open the survey, especialy if it never loaded the first time!!

Offers / This months promo game Ultimate Crush?!
« on: February 08, 2012, 07:45:13 pm »Message ID: 487623
So I have been trying this months new game promo ultimate crush, and I cant get the 4400 required.. I searched in the forum for tips and I saw people in the past had said take out one color first and Ive tryed that, Ive tryed taking out all but one color and linking them as best I can, I can only get to 3000ish doing that.. Does anyone have any tips? does the time matter for the scoring, or it doesnt matter if you take 30 seconds or 2 minutes as long as you finish in time?

And on a side note - I saw from people posting about this last year, that last year when this was a promo you needed 2500 - which I have gotten several times - now you need 4400.. why the huge increase!!?

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