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Offers / Re: ONGOING PROMOTION: Forum Participation Bonus - $3 per month!
« on: February 13, 2013, 08:36:23 pm »Message ID: 687905
im a babe in the fushion cash clan, and am just learning how to do it.  i had no idea the many different ways in which to earn cash.  i found myself out of survey options when i clicked onto the "forums" section and low and behold a whole new stage for magnificent opportunities!  i am very impressed with fushion cash.  cant wait to share!  ;D

Don't forget to post a screenshot of your Paypal payment! That's a $1 reward. Yet another way to earn cash here.
:heart: it has taken me 8 minutes and watching the video just to find the box to type in. ihope this post. are there other people who are so far behind on tech as i am? i dont even have a smart phone.

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