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FusionCash / Re: How Many Still On Fusion Cash
« Last post by sfreeman8 on Today at 08:56:43 am »
I'm still here BUT the last time I cashed out was Jan. 29.  Won't be cashing out for another couple months unless I get lucky and can qualify for something and get my PTC daily. That would be a miracle.  It's sad the way FC has gone downhill since Kohler left. Everything ran smooth then, even support. I keep hoping things will get better but instead they keep getting worse. I'm going to hang in until I can cash out one more time and then I may leave. I've said this before but I probably mean it this time. It's frustrating not to be able to do 99% of the things on here.
Off-Topic / Re: Johnson & Johnson shot being on hold
« Last post by ghunter on Today at 08:53:17 am »
They test a lots of stuff on us, but to be safe we need to listen to CDC
Offers / Re: I sound like a broken record
« Last post by sfreeman8 on Today at 08:34:09 am »
I say the same thing over and over again although I try to personalize it.

I finally was able to complete a Say So Survey. It was a short one. it was a pleasant one and i got paid.  It paid pretty well for a very short survey.

And yes, I was able to do the PTC.

I do not have the energy or desire to try for another survey at this time.

I checked my account and I was able to complete a PTC on April 5th so I only missed out on April 6th. It was seeming like days.

No big deal! I haven't been able to complete a survey since 4/3. I no longer try every day.   I haven't been able to do the Coupons for almost a year now.  Today, I tried 2 surveys but DQ'd on both. Didn't even get the penny DQ amount. Tried 2 PL surveys. DQ'd but hey, I got 2 cents for trying them. It's just getting worse for me. I didn't even have my 30 posts for Feb. according to FC but I'm sure I did because I usually get the 30 every month. I'm sure I did enough but it's not showing pending for that month. I just checked how many I did for this month and it says 5. It was 5 a couple days I don't think it's crediting correctly. I need to check on that. I do the daily email. At least I still get credit for that but if it keeps up (and here's where I sound like a broken record), i'm not going to waste my time anymore.  There are other places that credit your efforts instead of wasting time here.
FusionCash / Re: Smartphone No Way
« Last post by oldbuddy on Today at 07:40:25 am »
I like my smartphone, which I have had for a longtime; and  as long as it continues to work I will not be upgrading every time they make a newer one;  I keep phones until they no longer serve my purpose and when I do upgrade it is never to the latest model. I am fine with an older model!
Amen Brother, Amen
Off-Topic / Re: Johnson & Johnson shot being on hold
« Last post by oldbuddy on Today at 07:39:10 am »
THIS is the reason why I haven't gotten that vaccine. They are testing it on US. That isn't fair, some are affected and some aren't yet. We don't know what is in that vaccine. A lady died from a blood clot and they said it's rare. BS I will not be a lab rat. If I can't travel because I haven't been vaccinated then so be it.

Anybody else who dies they will keep it secret because they want more to get vaccinated.
Who will keep it secret, J&J or the person who died?
FusionCash / Re: How Many Still On Fusion Cash
« Last post by rob110 on Today at 06:53:26 am »
Still here earning my 2 cents a day.
Payments / Re: Getting Paid Soon
« Last post by ccandpam on Today at 06:26:12 am »
Congrats to everyone getting paid. I always wait the full 180 days before I cash out.
Off-Topic / Re: Covid Vaccine
« Last post by UGetPaid on Today at 06:25:14 am »
The first one we were great just a little sore arm, but any shot will make your arm sore.  The second shot we just felt tired but it when away. 

So are you saying that you did not have a sore arm after the second shot, or am I reading that wrong? I am getting a second shot this Friday. I had the sore arm after the first one, but no other ill effects.
FusionCash / Re: How Many Still On Fusion Cash
« Last post by ccandpam on Today at 06:24:17 am »
I am still on FC. Having a little luck with Peanut Labs. I hope that it stays that way.
Offers / Re: I sound like a broken record
« Last post by JoyinJ on Today at 05:03:27 am »
I have gotten surveys and ptc two days in a row.  I am glad you are getting surveys, too.
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