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Off-Topic / Re: Toilet Paper Shortage Solution
« Last post by jajaju50 on Today at 01:54:39 pm »
Totally Gross >:(
Offers / Re: No videos to do either!
« Last post by seesawing on Today at 01:44:36 pm »
Does this happen a lot? I have barely gotten my PTC for the last 3 days. Being new here, I'm wondering if I just need to hang in there and wait for the TAP come back? I like the site so far, but I'm frustrated and afraid to take time to do TAP if I wont be credited. I have other sites to do also.

That's a tough call.  As you can see by my banner I've been here a while.  When I started working FC I struggled with my first climb towards $25, but it was from my own lack of know-how with these sites.  Once I realized the drill for PTC plus the 5 cents needed to keep it going and the 2 cents daily email, I began to pick up the pace that everyone on FC was used to.

However, today's a different story.  Members who have been here much longer experienced the growing pains of the site.  In the years I've been earning it was leveling off (but I didn't notice that since I had accumulated over $800 in 2016 alone).  This pandemic has had far reaching effects on everything so it has to take some of the blame right now.  We've all been aware of how important Tap surveys are now -- and I do believe they will return -- so my 'biased' advice is to hang in there with FC.   
Off-Topic / Re: Toilet Paper Shortage Solution
« Last post by Drutts0643 on Today at 01:23:55 pm »
Let there start to be trouble being able to get food.................see how many worry about getting TP!!
Off-Topic / Re: Toilet Paper Shortage Solution
« Last post by oldbuddy on Today at 01:20:30 pm »

      Buy two-ply paper towels.
      You can always separate them.
      And make it one-ply.
Are you kidding? I buy two-ply and fold it to double or triple when I blow my nose.
Offers / Re: Extremely frustrated over not getting credit
« Last post by dsosnowski06 on Today at 01:14:21 pm »
Are you all putting a ticket into TAP when you are not getting credit?  Many if enough of us do this it will be fixed faster.
Off-Topic / Re: Obesity and the Coronavirus
« Last post by Drutts0643 on Today at 01:13:35 pm »
Im sure many are hungry too.There are people starving before the virus.I could just imagine what its like now.
Offers / Re: Tap credited
« Last post by dsosnowski06 on Today at 01:12:51 pm »
I am not recieving the delayed credits. Why do some users get them and others do not? Is it because those who are getting them sent in a support ticket to TAP/FC? I didn't send one in but if that's the reason, maybe I should send one.
I have sent three tickets to TAP each time I an not credited and they do reply that a one time credit will be given but it doesn't always show up in FC so I let them know that also.  I would send a ticket to TAP because FC is not replying.  Just let TAP know that your profile is updated.
Offers / Re: Nothing is Working For Me
« Last post by dsosnowski06 on Today at 01:10:24 pm »
Really have not tried anything on here because I agree nothing is working.  I do my daily email and check for videos but have not had any except the coupons which never credit.  Working on my other sites and doing well on them.  Sure hope that TAP is fixed soon
Off-Topic / Re: Obesity and the Coronavirus
« Last post by dsosnowski06 on Today at 01:06:15 pm »
I have lost a couple of pounds but being home for work it harder than being at the office so we have not purchased any junk food or sweets.  Which is helping.
Debate & Discuss / Re: trump is doing an excellant job.........
« Last post by linderlizzie on Today at 01:04:49 pm »
If I had anymore taken out I wouldn't even make 100 for two weeks. Doesn't help i have oasa coming out of pay I also have a county tax and medicare and state and i usually don't even make enough for the federal to come out

Which OASA do you have coming out of your checks? I looked up that acronym and there were an incredible number of associations with that same name.  :confused1:
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