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Offers / Re: Survey about Meat/Meatless Products
« Last post by kjstrukel on Today at 04:04:45 am »
That is a good payout!  Thanks for the heads up, I will look for it.
Offers / Re: Survey about Meat/Meatless Products
« Last post by rob110 on Today at 02:55:00 am »
Nice find, let's keep looking.
Support / Re: returning emails
« Last post by bostonphil on Today at 01:41:57 am »
I have been with Fusion Cash 10 or 11 years. This problem with support tickets only began about two years ago. Years ago, you would get a response within days. FC has always been a small business but now I think it is a one man show.

It seems to me that some of the energy and enthusiasm is gone.

As another member said, what is your issue and maybe the community can help you.
Off-Topic / Re: Which team are you rooting for in Superbowl?
« Last post by claudegrizzle on Today at 12:57:04 am »
I'M OK with either team winning the Superbowl. Everyone have a great day!
Off-Topic / Re: me tv
« Last post by claudegrizzle on Today at 12:50:30 am »
Never heard of ME TV, but we used to like watching the old TV shows. Will look into it.
Off-Topic / Re: me tv
« Last post by berthabutt on Yesterday at 10:24:40 pm »
      Yes, I watch ME TV  a lot.  It's a free channel and you don't need cable, just an antenna.  At 6:30 am this morning they had the 1st (pilot) episode of "My Three Sons", originally aired Sept 29th 1960.   It has "Bub", (William Frawley or Fred Mertz, LOL) as the boys Grandpa instead of Uncle Charlie, who came later.  It was fun to watch.   They don't show the old episodes for that sit-com very often.   :party:
Off-Topic / Re: Hi! Newbie here.
« Last post by ancmetro on Yesterday at 09:53:19 pm »

    Welcome to our website- FC
    If you do the Forum, you will learn a lot here.
Thank you for allowing this option ($3.00, hey!) to be available for some quick cash..Right On!!!!!!!!!!! :party: :rose: :heart:
Offers / Re: Great day for HyprMX!
« Last post by skchan on Yesterday at 08:09:52 pm »
I don't get HyprMX in months,
wondering, when it is going back to me.
Offers / Re: what offer approved for you today?
« Last post by skchan on Yesterday at 08:06:44 pm »
Video: More TV Time
Jan 23rd   $0.01   Approved
Daily Cash Email - 01/23/2020
Jan 23rd   $0.02   Approved
Videos 3
Use Smart Search Today!   [$0.01]
Smart Search Now!  [$0.01]
Free Printable Coupons  [$0.02]
Jan 23rd   $0.04   Approved
Paid To Click - 01/23/2020
Jan 23rd   $0.15   Approved
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