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Off-Topic / Re: What plans have Covid-19 ruined for you?
« Last post by alina6 on Today at 07:14:54 am »
We were supposed to go to the NASCAR race in dover delaware on May 3rd it has already been postponed. My son was supposed to run spring track and that has been postponed and will probably be cancelled and finally the most important one, my daugter is graduating from college, we don't know if they will have any type of ceremony or commencement.
Offers / Re: Good start with Tap Research today
« Last post by JoyinJ on Today at 06:47:03 am »
It is so great to be earning with Tap.  I did get one stinker today that promised ten cents for nine minutes of work.  Then, they say it will be twelve minutes of work.  Then, after six minutes of work, I get one penny.   :-\
Off-Topic / Alaska Bering Sea Military response 2020
« Last post by calendria on Today at 06:26:52 am »

 ??? ???

Look at the size of this Russian Jet flying over the Bering Sea!!

In this photo released by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), a Russian Tu-142 maritime reconnaissance aircraft, is intercepted near the Alaska coastline. U.S. and Canadian aircraft intercepted and escorted two Russian jets that flew over the Beaufort Sea near the Alaska coastline, military officials said Tuesday. (North American Aerospace Defense Command via AP)

Asked by Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade why the Russians would fly a mission so close to the United States during the novel coronavirus outbreak, O’Shaughnessy replied, “They wanted to see if we are able to react.”
Three weeks ago, the Russians flew a similar mission near Alaska while the Navy was conducting an arctic training mission with two submarines.

Even using WRT (Window Rock Throwing).

Off-Topic / Hart Island NY Interment for Easter Covid19
« Last post by calendria on Today at 06:15:11 am »


Hart Island, where mass graves hold over a million people, some identified some not.

New mass grave interment there this Easter,  see below for stories, book links and other information:

Hart Island (Bronx) - Wikipedia,_New_York
OverviewPublic engagementEtymologyGeographyHistoryCemeteryAccessIn media
Founded by New York artist Melinda Hunt in 1994, the Hart Island Project is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving access to the island and its burial data. The organization helps families obtain copies of public burial records; arranges visits to grave sites; and operates a website to help people find relatives interred on the island. Historian Thomas Laqueur writes:
Woody Guthrie's song about the unnamed Mexican migrant dead has had a long resonant history.
Hart Island
Welcome to The Hart Island Project. Since 1980, 68,955 people have been buried in mass graves on Hart Island. The Traveling Cloud Museum is a collection of their stories. Through this interactive map we invite you to explore the island with all its stories. By clicking on a plot number you can access records of individuals buried at that location.
(Had to click several times before it worked, but did get the arrow top left to read the names)

Hart Island, The Largest Public Burial Ground In U.S., May ...
May 30, 2019 · Hart Island, a massive burial ground near the Bronx, is eroding, unearthing human skeletons along the shoreline. (Photo: CBS2)
Potters Field in Hart Island, New York - Find A Grave Cemetery
On 20 April 1869, she became the first person buried in Hart Cemetery. One million others are buried with her. Today, Hart Island Cemetery is the largest potter's field in the United States. Inmates from the prison on Riker's Island receive the dead, shipped to Hart Island on a ferry run by the Department of Corrections.

Hart Island: an Abandoned Hospital Atop a Mass Grave Site ...
She has also published a book called Hart Island and produced a film called Hart Island: An American Cemetery; these and the database all can be found at the Hart Island Project website.

Offers / Re: Cashed Out
« Last post by rob110 on Today at 06:06:18 am »
Awesome, and on to the next one.
Off-Topic / Re: Illegal
« Last post by Nancy5 on Today at 05:58:14 am »
If you are losing your hair please dont comb it from the back.  I work with a guy who combs his hair from the back of his head to the front.  Like we all don't realize he's balding, just be natural or shave your head, it's the style now but what you are doing looks stupid.
Support / Re: Heard Fusion Cash might be folding
« Last post by 1imaginarygirl on Today at 05:53:47 am »
Mouthy hack girl needs the meds more then anyone else on this website for an imaginary elite member she sure is immature give hack girl her carona virus injection now! everyone cheer hurray hurray hurray!

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal
« Last post by ccandpam on Today at 05:42:06 am »
I would have to say, Women who are really big, not wearing a Bra and dressing in skinny clothing.Bless their Hearts, I know they want to look as good as a skinny person, but it really looks bad.
Off-Topic / Re: What plans have Covid-19 ruined for you?
« Last post by ccandpam on Today at 05:37:26 am »
Covid 19 has ruined my plans to spen the Summer with my Mom. We had such great plans of things to go and do.
Offers / Re: Fc surveys
« Last post by lywb2168 on Today at 04:42:09 am »
I have no problems with FC Surveys, I have actually been doing very good with it.  Maybe you might need to check your profile?  sometimes there is something there that might be blocking you from getting them, I would also suggest that you open a ticket with FC for it.
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