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Off-Topic / Re: If you need a good laugh
« Last post by dreamyxo on Today at 09:34:22 am »
I'll watch even though I don't want to hear anything that pathological liar has to say.
Off-Topic / Where is the most beautiful place you have been?
« Last post by dreamyxo on Today at 09:13:25 am »
I've been to a lot of places but definitely I'd say when I was living in Hawaii.  It's so beautiful you see a rainbow everyday.  The weather is perfect.  I love pretty much all tropical islands.
Off-Topic / If you need a good laugh
« Last post by Donnamarg323 on Today at 09:09:32 am »
I think the presidential debate is tonight at 9PM EST.

Im sure the nonsense will be flying for 90 minutes as sure as the sun will cross the sky.
Payments / Re: End of Month
« Last post by gwilson31 on Today at 09:08:38 am »
I cashed out a few days ago with $41.   I didn't even bother with the posts.
Nothing like a good Halloween movie filled with gore so it can influence some maniac to put poison in candy for the kids.
Offers / Re: what offer approved for you today?
« Last post by beatsdrop on Today at 08:52:47 am »
 TapResearch Daily Survey - ed021136
   Sep 29th    $0.22    Approved
TapResearch Daily Survey - bbf428c
   Sep 29th    $0.01    Approved
TapResearch Daily Survey - d1378531
   Sep 29th    $0.02    Approved
TapResearch Daily Survey - 2884e76e
   Sep 29th    $0.01    Approved
Paid To Click - 09/29/2020
   Sep 29th    $0.15    Approved
Daily Cash Email - 09/29/2020
   Sep 29th    $0.02    Approved
Off-Topic / Re: Voting in the upcoming election
« Last post by dreamyxo on Today at 08:52:18 am »
Yup I'm definitely voting.  I vote every election.
FusionCash / Re: Not off to a good start
« Last post by bostonphil on Today at 08:07:36 am »
That has also happened to me with TAP every so often. It does not happen a lot but it does happen.

Off-Topic / Re: My Birthday is Sept 28th, Monday
« Last post by countrygirl12 on Today at 08:06:55 am »
Do I have a birthday twin?  ;D

Happy Birthday a day late!
Offers / Re: Pollfish Survey
« Last post by bostonphil on Today at 08:05:23 am »
I have very little luck with Polifish and have mostly given up on attempting it. I think in the very few times that there was a survey available, I qualified and did get credit.

Mostly, no surveys are available when I attempt Polifish.
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