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Topic: Independence Through Music  (Read 466 times)


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Independence Through Music
« on: April 11, 2011, 11:58:24 am »
Grant writers greatly needed!!!


Mission statement- We are committed to empowering our Native Youth by sharing our knowledge of the music business and providing them with resources to promote their talents with the help of our Native brothers and sisters from Canada so the Native Youth can in turn give back to their communities. Our combined efforts will help to bring Native’s together from all corners of Turtle Island to show that Wolakota has no borders.



With the suicide rate on the rise among our Native Youth we adults look for answers on how to help our youth to escape the overwhelming hopelessness and despair that is in their everyday lives.

How can we convince them that there is a future to look forward to?

After many hours and lots of prayers we have come to realize that we need to empower our youth by encouraging their natural talents by providing them with resources that we as working musicians have already acquired. We want to help them succeed by being self sufficient.

A one time donation is a helpfull temporary solution that only lasts until the donation runs out, but the youth want a way to provide for their families by

doing something that brings them pride and enjoyment while being part of a higher purpose.

So following our traditional ways that teaches us to look ahead, to make a difference for our future descendants. We have decided to give the gift of knowledge and resources to our youth to help lift the despair and to show them there is hope for their future.

To help our Native Youth reach their goal of being working recording artists we are bringing in Native Mentors from all aspects of the music business. This will get them that much closer to being self sufficient. The end result of a youth shelter being built because of the efforts of our youth will make that much needed impact in our communities an even better reason for them to share their talents with the world.


Talent Search-

We will be holding auditions across the Pine Ridge Reservation to find 18 young Native musicians. We will also be teaming up three other youths with each musician to have a four(a sacred number) member team. One to learn to run a website for the musician, a person to learn about music management, and one to learn about road management.


Compilation CD-

The goal of the talent search is to make a two disc CD featuring 18 Native Youth from across the Pine Ridge Reservation. One song from each musician will be chosen to be on the CD which we will be promoting using our radio and media contacts.


Recording Demo CD for the artists-

We are going to bring in a professional producer to record, mix., and master the demo’s for the musicians that are chosen to be on the compilation CD as well as finding sponsors for each musician to get promo starter kits for each musician for their single EP CD.



Will be held for one week out of the month in June and July in which all aspects of the music business will be covered. Native recording artists from Canada and the U.S will be instructing in songwriting, stage presence, marketing, promotions, and on the importance of to staying true to traditional teachings to keep them from being pulled into the negative aspects of the music business.


Musicians Showcase-

At the end of each week long workshop we along with KILI Radio will be putting on a concert to allow each musician to perform at the radio station which will be aired live to showcase their talents.



A film crew will be on site to film the workshops, feature the chosen musicians, and to film their live performances at KILI Radio. Documenting our journey to share with the world will be our biggest asset to help reach our goal of bringing this program to other reservations.


A Higher Purpose- Youth Shelter

The sales from the Compilation CD will be as follows- half of the proceeds will go back to the musicians themselves and the other half will be donated to a youth shelter to be built in each district. The youth shelter will be a 24hr open door policy home for the youth to access at any time and will provide basic necessities such as food, sleeping quarters, activities, mentoring, tutors, and teachings in our traditional culture.


From the success of this project we are hoping to bring this to the reservations of our brothers and sisters in Canada where their youth are having the same struggles and to other reservations in the United States. We as Lakota’s will offer our hand of friendship to all our Native brothers and sisters. Together, united we can win this fight against hopelessness for our youth. Our next goal will be to build a youth shelter on the Keeseekoowenin Reservation in Manitoba, Canada. We as Native people must unite as one force to help our youth if we really want to make positive changes for them. I know once we succeed we can take this project everywhere that its needed. This is a big project but one that will be used by our future descendants and will lead to many more opportunities for all Native Youth across Turtle Island.


Talent Search-

Will begin across the reservation on April 1st and end on April 30th . In the Lakota way the youth is anyone 30ys and under so we will adhere to that. Our only requirement is that all songs be originals and that anyone auditioning must not be an established artist.

Once we have chosen the 18 artists we will be working with them to make raw demos to send to the producer to compose instrumentals then when the producer comes down for the workshop we will record the vocals.


Our first talented youth chosen-

Barbara Rose Calzado -Pop/Rock

Kyle Mesteath -Hip Hop

Robert Afraid of Bear -Rap



Dates for workshops-

June 13th thru 17th

July 13th thru 17th



Help needed-

18 sponsors to match up with each chosen musician to donate $1500 for their Working Band Bundle’s via Discmakers.


Transportation to and from workshops for any youth that wants to attend. Workshops will be open and free to any person across the reservation.


Donations of meals for the people attending the workshops.


Any and all donations can be sent to

Elain Adair Michalak Foundation

PO Box 191

Pierpont, SD 57468

Ph- 605-325-3392


Much Respect,

Jean Belt- The Boss

Davidica Little Spotted Horse- Recording Artist/Mentor

Davidica Young Man Afraid of His Horses,II -YouTube Correspondent

Santana Young Man Afraid of His Horses -YouTube Correspondent

Wendell Young Man Afraid of His Horses, Jr-Youth Shelter Developer

Tracy Bone -Recording Artist/Mentor

J.C. Campbell -Recording Artist/Mentor

Mykal Gamble -Recording Artist/Mentor

Sugar -Recording Artist/Mentor

Rayne Delaronde -Recording Artist/Mentor

Dion Telesky -Film Production

Holly Marchuk -Film Production

Angie Baldwin and Michael Michalak -Non-Profit Organization

Melanie Janis -KILI Radio Station Manager

Derrick Janis -KILI Radio D.J.

KILI Radio -Local Media Support

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