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Topic: If you had control over economics what kind of system would you create  (Read 693 times)


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or implement and if you were to require taxes how would your taxes be allocated? Keep in mind the  disparities between the rich and poor.


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The evidence is overwhelming that free market capitalism is the most positive in creating prosperity for all those that live in that system. Granted that there are needs for there to be SOME controls and regulations to guard against abuses and such.

Taxes are necessary to support what government(s) there are, and the only fair tax takes no consideration of its citizens whatsoever. Rich paying a higher rate than anyone else is WRONG! In a proper tax structure everyone pays the same percentage of whatever it to be taxed. Tax systems base otherwise are by design are used to manipulate the populace to behave as 'big brother' desires; punish those that don't comply and to reward those that do or can lobby for their own interests.


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Taxes should not be progressive - everyone should pay a percentage or income tax should be eliminated which would eliminate the IRS!!  It would probably work best if we were taxed on what we purchased rather than our income.


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Free Market Capitalism is the best way to go. As long as people work hard and abide by the rules, everyone will survive and survive quite well. The issue is that too many people take advantage of the system that we currently have in place. While some people do need help at different points in their lives, the amount we constantly give is ridiculous. However, if followed and done correctly, capitalism is better than communism, feudalism, and mainly socialism. I read this about an example of socialism: Makes you think!

Obviously taxes have to be in place for a government to survive, but they should be an equal percentage for everyone. Progressive systems only lead to people trying to work over the system. A flat tax system will allow the economy to prosper. I thought the 9-9-9 plan would be a decent attempt at getting this country back on track.

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