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Topic: Real Bible-Study (Guiding Our Thoughts NOW with "Exodus," "Mark" Feb. 6)  (Read 1080 times)


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The Word of God is a gift ... and 'a gift' is NOTHING BUT GARBAGE until you take it! You do not take the Word until you 'ingest it & educe the product' (I ingest by reading the Bible, and it produces questions in me).

Hopefully it produces 'answers' in the place I am made to 'question,' and you can add those to this "offering to God":

... okay  :turkey: NOW I'll start doing this in BBCode (for all the additions above this one) ... <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Exodus 29 So the Israelites Made Sacrifices to the Future Sacrifice?</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Exodus 30:15 The Basis for Giving Money to the Church</a> - Does This Ephod-with-Memorial-Stones Still Exist Somewhere? - I Thought the Urim and the Thummim were Joseph Smith's Decoder-Stones, but Look! - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 13:8 "Kingdom against Kingdom" Isn't Quite 'War' the Way PEOPLE Understand It</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 13:12 Do Christians Twist This into Saying that 'Jesus PREACHED that Brother Should Rise against Brother?'</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 13:14-37 End-Times Is No Big Thing</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 14:9 One Reason People Mistakenly Think the Gospel Is about Jesus</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark14:14-15 How Is Jesus Doing This when He Was Telling Us Before NOT to Assume 'High Regard'?</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 14:22-24 It Seems Like He Planned the "Bread=Body"-Part, and the "Wine=Blood"-Part Was an Afterthought</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 14:51-52 What the! ... Why Is THIS a Part of the Story?</a> - Who CARES about "Freedom" when You Don't Have Your Bread & Fleshpots? - How "God" Became "Lord" - What God Is There For - What Does "Manna" Mean? - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Exodus 16:18, 21 The Old Testament Promotes Capitalism-Developed-from-Socialism</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Exodus 16:19-20 Why Moses Would Be "Wroth with People" Today (Keeping Money You Don't Use)</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Exodus 16:25-26, 29 Money Breaks Sabbath while Manna Keeps It!</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Exodus 17:12 Moses Needed Aaron & Hur for the Same Reason President Obama Needs You and Me</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 8:12 Out of Context, I Often Apply This Scripture to Today's Generation</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 8:31, 38 Why Do Christians Not See that Jesus Is Talking about EVERY Son of Man? Probably the mention of 'the Son of Man arriving in the Glory of His Father with the Holy Angels</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Exodus 19:21-24 Doesn't the Lord Know the Reason for 'More Witnesses'?</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Exodus 20:5 Why Jesus Has to Be Promoted as 'the Son of God' even-though He's the Son of Man</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Exodus 20:7 We're Told 'Honor thy Father & Mother' Is "the First Commandment with Promise," but Look at 'Not Using the Lord's Name in Vain'</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Exodus 21:32 Judas Betrayed Jesus for 'the Penalty-Fee of an Ox-Injured Servant'</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 10:23-27 Christians Warp This Text into a Couple False Beliefs ('Wealth Is Hell' & 'Heaven Is a Gated Community')</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 12:1-9 Is This Parable Not a Prophecy of Armageddon?</a> - <a href=";NIV;NLT;NASB;AMP">Mark 12:24-26 How DARE Christians Use 'Christianity' as a Basis for Their Position on Gay Marriage?</a> -

You might pick out a question you like, ask it in a topic of your own starting & post a link to that topic from here (so as I don't have to start it myself)  8)

Kind of 'the pattern I'm following lately' is that a) I copy/paste the questions here if I have more than I feel I can do one-at-a-time that day and b) I'll start picking off one or another question, asking it in a new topic, and editing the text here to link to that topic.

And I hope others among you will do the same  :peace: :notworthy:
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------That's what a Pharisee might say today. You now have the chance to respond as my mentor Jesus-of-Joseph would, and I pray that you will!

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