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Title: Word scramble game
Post by: sgluckadoo on February 02, 2012, 07:42:05 pm
How many 3 letter or more words can you make from "Valentine's Day"?
Title: Re: Word scramble game
Post by: sgluckadoo on February 02, 2012, 07:53:49 pm
Valentine's Day

vent, ten, tin, lent, line, dine, dial, lid, lad, ale, ail, nail, van, veil, vile, lay, vine, laid, lied, ant, die, diet, tied, tile, tiled, live, dive, teen, neat, tea, tan
Title: Re: Word scramble game
Post by: Sendmicheck on February 02, 2012, 07:56:31 pm
Lin, say, Val,yes, tin, ant, Nan, and the list goes on......
Title: Re: Word scramble game
Post by: lvstephanie on February 03, 2012, 07:57:52 am
Again going with 5 letters or more...

Advent, Advise, Advisee, Aides, Ailed, Alate, Alated, Alias, Alien, Aliens, Alienate, Alienated, Alienates, Aline, Alined, Alines, Alive, Analyse, Analyst, Aniseed, Annal, Annals, Annelid (I think those are worms?), Anvil, Anvils, Asian, Atlas, Avail, Availed, Avails, Avian, Avidly,

Daily, Dainty, Daisy, Dateline, Dates, Deals, Dealt, Deity, Delay, Delays, Delta, Deltas, Denial, Denials, Dense, Density, Dental, Destiny, Detail, Details, Detain, Detains, Deviant  :bootyshake: , Deviants, Devil, Devils, Devise, Dials, Diesel, Diets, Dilate, Dilates, Divas, Dives, Divest,

Eased, Easily, Eaten, Edits, Eldest, Endive, Enlist, Enlisted, Enliven, Enlivens, Enslave, Enslaved, Entails, Envied, Envies, Evade, Evades, Evenly, Event, Events, Evident, Evidently, Evilest, Evils, Eyelid, Eyelids,

Ideal, Ideals, Idles, Inane, Inanely, Indent, Indents, Inland, Innate, Innately, Insane, Insanely, Instead, Intend, Intends, Intense, Intensely, Invade, Invades, Invent, Invented, Invents, Invest, Invested, Island,

Ladies  :female: , Land, Lasted, Leaden, Leads, Leans, Lease, Leased, Least, Leave, Leaves, Lends, Lenient, Levied, Levies, Linseed, Listed, Listen, Listened, Litany, Lived, Lives,

Nailed, Nails, Naive, Nasal, Nastily, Nasty, Natal, Native, Natively, Natives, Naval, Navies, Neaten, Neatens, Neatly, Needs, Needy, Nested, Nestled, Ninety,

Sadly, Sailed, Saint  :angel11: , Sainted, Saintly, Salad, Saline, Saliva, Salivate, Salted, Salten, Saltine, Salty, Salve, Sandal, Sandy, Sanely, Sanity, Satin, Satiny, Savant, Saved, Sealant, Sealed, Seated, Sedan, Sedate, Sedately, Sedative, Seedy, Senate, Seventy, Silent  :-X , Sinned, Slant, Slanted, Slate, Slated, Sleet, Slide, Snail, Snide, Snivel, Sniveled, Staid, Stain, Stained, Stave, Staved, Stayed, Steadily, Steady, Steal, Steel, Stein, Style, Styled,

Tailed, Tails  :cat: , Tales, Tanned, Tease, Teased, Teens, Teeny, Tennis, Tense, Tensed, Tensely, Tidal, Tides, Tiled, Tiles, Tinned, Tinsel,

Vails, Vainly, Valentine*, Valet, Valets, Valiant, Valid, Validate, Validates, Vanes, Vanity, Vasal, Vedalia, Veiled, Veils, Vends, Vented, Vents, Vestal, Vested, Vials, Vinyl, Vinyls, Vista, Vital, Vitals, Yeast, Yield, Yields

So I guess the moral of the story is: Evidently there is a Nasty Yeast inside your Valentine's Day (eww...  :P )