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Off-Topic / im sad today
« on: May 20, 2013, 07:36:32 am »Message ID: 739308
So, we found an abandoned baby 2 week old baby raccoon last week.  I know it's a dumb idea to make it a pet, but we wanted to keep it a few days to show my husbands kids who had visitation this weekend as well as my 3 year old daughter that just loved it do death.  So we bottle fed it all week and it was the most precious thing ever to experience and this week we were going to try to find a rehab clinic for it to be returned to the wild.  Yesterday while we were grocery shopping i came home and heard my Jack Russell dog barking like crazy who i had locked up while i was gone as usual.  I came in and there's the baby raccoon dead in the living room and my door broken where the dogs were and my stupid dog acting like he did something good. There was raccoon hair everywhere and it was so sad and my daughter had her first experience with "a dead pet".  She kept asking when her raccoon was going to wake up and asking if she was broken. And saying we need to fix her and be quiet she's sleeping for now.  And she cried.  My 3 dogs are the most disrespectful dogs i've ever had.  I've never had dogs that refused to pee outside every time.  I've had them 4 years!!! They pee outside, but they'll pee inside.  They have a doggie door so no excuse.  Just rude. This was just the last straw with them so i put an ad on to get rid of them.  I got a call from a family that wanted all 3 within 30 minutes so i didn't even have time to change my mind.  That was hard in itself because i loved my dogs still.  So we lost all our dogs and saw a poor baby raccoon after being mauled. My daughter was ok with giving the dogs a new home but very upset about the baby raccoon.  I was upset at it all.  I was sad at the raccoon that didn't even get a chance, my dogs being jerks to where i had to get rid of them, my sad daughter, and my own sad thoughts.  Thanks for listening.  I just needed to vent.  I hope the rest of this week gets better.

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