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Support / Forum log in
« on: March 26, 2013, 12:37:43 am »Message ID: 709993
I use firefox.  I can log into my account but when I go to the forum page it says I am a not logged in.  I am usin EI to do this post.  Help I like firefox over EI. :(

Off-Topic / log in and firefox
« on: March 26, 2013, 12:12:51 am »Message ID: 709991
I have been logged in using firefox, but when it comes to the forum it shows that I am not log in.  Internet explore has no problem.  Any any one else having this problem?

Support / Mailbox disabled
« on: October 29, 2012, 07:20:21 pm »Message ID: 631449
I have aol for my email.  I didn't get my daily email but I get this message: The error returned was: Permanent Failure (Mailbox disabled, not accepting messages). Please update your email address to confirm your account. I have made sure FusionCash is in my contact list and that they are not blocked.  Aol is no help.   ??? :BangHead:

Off-Topic / Why do men throw thing when the get frustrated with it
« on: September 23, 2012, 08:30:51 pm »Message ID: 609821
My husband just got frustrated with his tablet and threw it in the garbage can.  Why do men do this?  Good new I the tablet out of the garbage can after he went to bed and it still works. :)

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