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Off-Topic / Posting to Forum
« on: August 15, 2010, 07:01:10 pm »Message ID: 221126
This is my second post to the Forum.  I'm wondering if someone could tell me a simple way to post to the different topics.  I seem to be having difficulty (I guess because it's new and different) finding just how to post to different topics already started.  I'm having to search back and forth to find where to actually type.  I can find the new topic space fairly easily, but I can't figure out the other.  Of course, I am pretty computer illiterate, but I keep trying.  Can someone tell me a simple way to find where to type and also where on the site to find help other than FAQ?  I've sent a message to Support and they responded, but I'm still having problems.  Thanks very much.

FusionCash / Also a Newbie
« on: August 13, 2010, 07:41:06 pm »Message ID: 220177
I'm also a newbie. I'm retired and wanted something "constructive" and profitable to do.  I stumbled on to survey sites and have spent some time trying to figure out which sites are worthwhile and which ones just waste time, for the most part.  Fusion Cash seems to be one of those that's "worthwhile" and, after reading some of the posts, I think they are a cut above the average.  I especially like the Forum.  I plan to do some more reading to educate myself more on the ins and outs of the website.  (One other thing, I did not receive the daily email today, either.)  :(

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