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Offers / Does anyone know the limit of the RadioLoyalty
« on: November 13, 2014, 01:42:38 pm »Message ID: 934944
I know they put a limit on the radioloyalty offer but I don't remember what it was does anyone have a clue?

Off-Topic / Lets get some exciting topics going here
« on: October 01, 2014, 05:59:46 pm »Message ID: 923090
Let Talk about Current events or past events in our town.  We all live in different towns and experience different things.  In my town we have a fall festiable called Hootin and Holleran.  There are all kinds of things such as: people set up booths to sell there homemade products, there are food venders, than on Saturday they have a parade, and stuff for the high school students games you can play and such one is called the bed race you have four people pushing and one person on the bed running down main street, they have dance later in the evening and music for the little kids they have face painting and those blow up jumper or slides.  It fun when you go as a family this starts setting up on Wednesday and ends on Saturday.  Do you have anything like this in your Town?

Support / Fusion Cash Ticket Support
« on: August 07, 2014, 12:38:17 pm »Message ID: 906805
I tried to get my cash out for July and I was denied because they said I turned my check over to another person several times.  I have never done that I always deposit it in my checking account.  They told me to sign up for direct deposit and I did and send a ticket in so that I can get my cash out but I have not heard from them, in general how long does it take for Fusion Cash to reply to your support ticket?

FusionCash / The Break Down of Bonuses and Offers
« on: June 28, 2014, 12:45:09 pm »Message ID: 894136
I have been with Fusion Cash for a while but I never ran into this before I have $21 and change for offers but I only have $6.86 in bonuses do I have to have the full $10.00 for bonuses before I can cash out? I am at $28 and change all together right now but I don't know if you have to have the $10 so if anyone knows can you please let me know.

Offers / RadioLoyalty
« on: June 26, 2014, 11:44:00 pm »Message ID: 893712
I have been having problems with RadioLoyalty even before they changed it.  I might do 3 to 6 a day but only get credit for one.  Has anyone else been dealing with this problems.

Off-Topic / Disappointed and Frustrated
« on: May 31, 2014, 10:01:03 pm »Message ID: 885474
I just received a letter from my disability lawyer who no longer wants to fight my case (not that I have heard anything in a couple of years from him) The good thing is I can find another lawyer to fight for me and one that keeps in contact.  I have had that lawyer for 12 years and i have went before a Judge three times.  He gave up so he must of heard something from the Social Security Office but I have no so it must not be good.  Honestly I worked some during that 12 years but as of 2008 until now I have not and my condition just keeps getting worse.  My Doctors don't want to get involved whats up with that all they have to do is write what my conditions are, how the conditions affect me physically and mentally, and describe the diagnois they that they understand them I don't want them to say yeah she can't work I want them to know how it affects me daily and the judge asks me but they want a doctor to say that but the doctor doesn't live with me and doesn't write down all of my problems when I go there.  For instance the nurse will ask what is your pain been for the last month (I see them monthly) from 1 - 10 I will say and 8 in the winter or sometimes a 10 the other months it might be 6 or 7 but the paper work they sent to my lawyer says mostly a 5 but my pain even with medication is there every day all day I know they can't completely take it away but crap be honest and write down what I said.  I am just depressed and upset my step dad say suck it up get over it well now he has the same arthritis that I have through out my body 75% well he has it in his hips and can't get out of be and he is only 11 years older than me I feel like saying the same thing to him but I understand what he is going through.  I like talking on hear because my Fusion Cash Family seems to understand what I am feeling and I enjoy reading your comments and I do read them when I start a post. You guys make me feel better about myself and I want to Thank you my FC Family for being there for me and letting me vent.

Off-Topic / Going to the Dentist
« on: May 05, 2014, 08:42:33 am »Message ID: 877404
I have been worried and scared because they are removing my top teeth all these medications the doctors have me on are rotting my teeth.  Then I go back on the 12th of May to have the bottoms removed and than wait four months to get started on my dentures.  I have worried myself sick all weekend my appointment today is at 1:40 pm so I am starting to really get nervous and anxiety is building up.  I need it done because they are making sick and in saver pain at times and in the long run this is better but I am only 42.  I couldn't afford this and Independent Living gave me the information and I called program that decides if its necessary and they contact my doctors but none of them responded and they usually don't do it if they don't hear from the doctors but in my case they talked to me and coordinator that manages my In home care So they decided to let me in the program and the dentist and all his staff donate there time to help people who have saver medical problems and can't afford the dentist and  the dentist and his staff donate there time and profession to help people and I think that is so great that there are people out there that are really willing to help.

Off-Topic / Depressed
« on: April 16, 2014, 11:29:56 pm »Message ID: 871189
I hired my son's girlfriend to do my in home care and she has not been reliable she would get here late or call at the last minute today she text me and said she wouldn't be here.  My care is for 7 days a week as well as my husband so she really left us hanging.  We get help because of our health and she just didn't care. I have been paying her for the full 4 hours and 15 minutes she would get her an hour late and leave one hour and a half so I told her today I need her to stay the full time here next thing I know my son is texting me telling me she is going to quit what did I do wrong besides that I need her to do the work.

Off-Topic / What is your normal day like? What do you do?
« on: March 01, 2014, 11:58:36 am »Message ID: 856354
My day is like or consist of :
I wake up, have coffee and sometimes I watch one program than I am on the computer the rest of the day.  I don't have a job anymore and sometimes I get bored but I am disabled and I am not suppose to life over 10 pounds but some days I can't really lift that much. The only time my day changes is when I go to the doctors and grocery day.  I have anxiety personality disorder and I pretty much stay home and in my room.  I don't know why I am like this I tried go to a medical counselor and talk about my problems but it didn't work I did it for six months and it just got to the point where I couldn't afford the co-pay and the gas to go three days a week.  :-\ The doctor wants me to go to behavior health well that's even further and I hate leaving my home it wears me out and my chronic pain gets worse, my anxiety is really high but maybe I need this I don't know.  I feel better just talking on here and staying home. :)

Payment Pictures / My $41.56 Check cashout payment
« on: February 12, 2014, 11:07:21 am »Message ID: 850229

Member comment: This was my fifth check and I am so happy that I finally worked this site long enough to know it was going to payout in the end!

This image was posted automatically.

Off-Topic / Anyone here on Fusion Cash who doesn't celebrate the National Holidays?
« on: December 21, 2013, 11:42:10 am »Message ID: 830587
I don't celebrate the holidays so I will be home alone, my son and his girlfriend are going to her birth mothers for the first time and my husband is going to his cousins so I will be home alone.  I thought if there where anyone here not celebrating   maybe we could start a forum and talk.  My husband is worried about leaving me home alone for two days becuase I do have problems walking and stuff but i am going to make money with Fusion Cash and other websites just like any other day.  So if you are out there write in this forum and we will talk.

Off-Topic / Is life have a purpose because I don't see it I am depressed and can careless
« on: December 14, 2013, 11:47:39 pm »Message ID: 828853
I don't understand how this world works.  i am so tired of worrying about paying my bills, we don't make enough money and I don't know what to do about it.  I am doing several web sites and I am just not making enough to keep us a float.Sometimes I wish I was never born I can't deal with this crap.  I can't physically work so where does that leave me, my primary doctor is pissing me off and we just can go anywhere to get treatment sometimes I think they don't understand my condition they don't recognize my medical problems and we don't have any good doctors but a lot of nurse practitioner I am suffering everyday and went to get a prescription filled he said no to the pharmacy and told them I needed to quit smoking  well no crap it hard so he is willing to denied medication because I smoke he did the same thing to my mother That is just wrong. He quit but his attitude sucks.  I am trying to quit but that shouldn't determine my medical problems  Its just easier to disapear and no onw will have to worry about me I can't stand the pain and the medications are not completly helping.

Offers / Fusion Cash Surveys
« on: November 27, 2013, 02:13:13 pm »Message ID: 822388
I am so happy this last two weeks I think I was able to totally complete the surveys.  I know I got paid for three I just don't remember when but its been this month.  My goal this month was to reach $50 by the last day of cash out I don't know if I will be able to accomplish it or not but there were a few days I didn't do anything so it will be my fault, I did do two offers that I have not been credited for yet but I am still hoping before the end of the month.  I don't know why they have not credited because where we had to verify with our email and I did I have even started survey with them but know credit so they must not off credited Fusion Cash so if they don't get it than I don't get it.  I am happy about the surveys I never qualify and to qualify for three in the same month wow!  :angel11: I really need this money so Thank you Fc for having the fusion cash surveys.  The ones I didn't qualify for I was paid .01 for them so win win.  I am just under $40 bucks I would like to get $50 so Its still attainable I do have 4 days left.

Off-Topic / Is there any FANS of Smallville Series
« on: November 23, 2013, 12:34:15 pm »Message ID: 821013
Smallville is a series of how Superman started.

Offers / Weekly Fusion Cash Earnings Report
« on: November 23, 2013, 11:41:37 am »Message ID: 820999
I was so suprised today when I got my weekly report for what I have done on Fusion Cash the week ending Nov 22, 2013 anyway if you liked your weekly earning and are proud post it here we would all love to see what you did for the week.  This is my first time making over $5 bucks I was so excited.

We wanted to send you a summary of your credits on FusionCash for the past week - here they are!

Nov 16th: Daily Cash Email - 11/16/2013 ($0.02)
Nov 16th: Video: AMEX - 79e94d05 ($0.02)
Nov 16th: Video: Masters of Sex - 4dec93cc ($0.01)
Nov 16th: Video: Powerful Film Chronicles Animal... ($0.01)
Nov 16th: Video: Sponsored Video and Sometimes I... ($0.01)
Nov 16th: Video: Watch the video - c32fe528 ($0.01)
Nov 17th: Daily Cash Email - 11/17/2013 ($0.02)
Nov 17th: Paid To Click - 11/17/2013 ($0.15)
Nov 17th: Video: Can I Skip Stretching? - 1c9c8cce ($0.01)
Nov 17th: Video: OTC Retinoids - 7f3f78bc ($0.01)
Nov 17th: Video: Rosacea Triggers - f58ce28d ($0.01)
Nov 17th: Video: Star to Headline Concert in Los... ($0.01)
Nov 17th: Video: Urging People with Diabetes to ... ($0.01)
Nov 17th: Video: Watch the video - 5248ec15 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Daily Cash Email - 11/18/2013 ($0.02)
Nov 18th: Paid To Click - 11/18/2013 ($0.15)
Nov 18th: RadioLoyalty - 59d4f0b2 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: RadioLoyalty - 7674dfc3 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: RadioLoyalty - 958581c7 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: RadioLoyalty - ace112cd ($0.01)
Nov 18th: RadioLoyalty - c514e4aa ($0.01)
Nov 18th: RadioLoyalty - f65af736 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: AMEX - 63ffd4b4 ($0.02)
Nov 18th: Video: DEHASSE 'Why Yeah !?' and Somet... ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: HyprMX Video - 2d179252 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: HyprMX Video - 4865fd2 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: HyprMX Video - 4a6efc94 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: HyprMX Video - 69ffed3b ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: HyprMX Video - 6db012d2 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: HyprMX Video - 86be5cbf ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: HyprMX Video - cc6b5c4b ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: HyprMX Video - dd26b301 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: Watch the video - 2afd2480 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: Watch the video - 3086b65b ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: Watch the video - 8bb96edc ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: Watch the video - ab533ad4 ($0.01)
Nov 18th: Video: Xtravaganza Recordings TV and S... ($0.01)
Nov 19th: Daily Cash Email - 11/19/2013 ($0.02)
Nov 19th: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Auto Study ($0.01)
Nov 19th: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Health Conditions ... ($0.01)
Nov 19th: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Mobile Phone Study ($0.01)
Nov 19th: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Treats and Snacks ... ($0.01)
Nov 19th: Paid To Click - 11/19/2013 ($0.15)
Nov 19th: Survey Roundtable ($0.50)
Nov 19th: Video: Angie Coltrane Motivational Spe... ($0.01)
Nov 19th: Video: Caribbean Pulse -- Dry Your Eye... ($0.01)
Nov 19th: Video: Dance Video Contest Reaches 20 ... ($0.01)
Nov 19th: Video: HyprMX Video - 1142fa29 ($0.01)
Nov 19th: Video: HyprMX Video - c37e60ef ($0.01)
Nov 19th: Video: HyprMX Video - dacb76c2 ($0.01)
Nov 19th: Video: Watch the video - 19684351 ($0.01)
Nov 19th: Video: Watch the video - a1ec44a2 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Daily Cash Email - 11/20/2013 ($0.02)
Nov 20th: FC Survey: Entertain Me Study ($0.75)
Nov 20th: Paid To Click - 11/20/2013 ($0.15)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 17ba841b ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 1a73dd95 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 24bc553c ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 2912afae ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 4b304e83 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 4dcd1c3f ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 4e443df0 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 60b7e019 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 6c19fda2 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 6e8520c7 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 73046c05 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 7f7317e2 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 829aa370 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - 982fbee ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - af384733 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - cacae453 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - de1ef8c2 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - e2e849b5 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - e3ee2c33 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty - f4ccaaa2 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: RadioLoyalty Bonus - 11/20/2013 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Tuesday Promotion ($0.03)
Nov 20th: Video: Customer Service you'll go cra... ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: 7Lions -- Taking Over ( Officia... ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: Betty White's Man Cave and Spon... ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: Canon - 39eed0c5 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: Cherry Healey's Overshare: Pres... ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: Cherry Healey's Overshare: Pres... ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: DEHASSE 'Why Yeah !?' and Dyme-... ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: Fisher Price - 70b980de ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: HyprMX Video - 2c1caf5b ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: HyprMX Video - 375ec8d9 ($0.02)
Nov 20th: Video: HyprMX Video - 3b672ad ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: HyprMX Video - 46533f3c ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: HyprMX Video - 6146642f ($0.02)
Nov 20th: Video: HyprMX Video - ba7cbe81 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: HyprMX Video - d17511a7 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: HyprMX Video - e89f520c ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: Nestle Multibrand -- Estofado d... ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: NEW-USA M/F -- Official Movie T... ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: OnStar - 56cd4a15 ($0.02)
Nov 20th: Video: Watch the video - 3406a62 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: Watch the video - e6454819 ($0.01)
Nov 20th: Video: Why bring a child into this wor... ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Daily Cash Email - 11/21/2013 ($0.02)
Nov 21st: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Wireless Service P... ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Paid To Click - 11/21/2013 ($0.15)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - 3b6f803 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - 3dd1efad ($0.01)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - 667c07bd ($0.01)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - 67883764 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - 6886d450 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - aad1eb5 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - c9073eea ($0.01)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - c916fb00 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - e32befee ($0.01)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - e46d62c8 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: RadioLoyalty - e7a328db ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: Betty White's Man Cave and Fiji... ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: Fiji -- Happiness Phase 2 and F... ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: HyprMX Video - 64b650a3 ($0.02)
Nov 21st: Video: HyprMX Video - 8e23656e ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: HyprMX Video - 9fd9ca3a ($0.02)
Nov 21st: Video: HyprMX Video - a43ffb88 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: HyprMX Video - cfbcc0f2 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: Nestle Multibrand -- Estofado d... ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: NEW-USA M/F -- Official Movie T... ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: Sophie Curtis INNOCENCE intervi... ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: The London Story - c045f664 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: Watch the video - 13c02db7 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: Watch the video - d6ca5702 ($0.01)
Nov 21st: Video: Why bring a child into this wor... ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Daily Cash Email - 11/22/2013 ($0.02)
Nov 22nd: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Brand Name Apparel... ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Easy Brand Study ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Fun Pet Parents St... ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Important Health A... ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Quick Phone App St... ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: FC Survey DQ Bonus: Study for Parents ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: FC Survey: Consumer Study ($1.20)
Nov 22nd: Paid To Click - 11/22/2013 ($0.15)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - 1ca022e2 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - 1e03c8d5 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - 4db8ac17 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - 6fa672b ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - 8a24c849 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - 8f4b2a44 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - 995ad0a9 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - c50e2ba9 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - cabdb838 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - cb5417fd ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: RadioLoyalty - fa155b19 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: Dr. Brian Alman: Letting go of ... ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - 1e77f561 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - 22888500 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - 5171820f ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - 79c44cb4 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - 821fb137 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - 83952db3 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - a4558d9d ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - c30767a6 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - cd4bceeb ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - d11e43f8 ($0.02)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - d2b37af5 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - d36362ab ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - de1879af ($0.02)
Nov 22nd: Video: HyprMX Video - e43e8fd5 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: Lenticular business cards and p... ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: The Weeknd & Yasi -- Tears ... ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: TrialPay Video - 1c3bc1e0 ($0.03)
Nov 22nd: Video: Watch the video - 1d31e65 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: Watch the video - 23492217 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: Watch the video - 6e1145ce ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: Watch the video - b373a378 ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: Why bring a child into this wor... ($0.01)
Nov 22nd: Video: Yasi -- Bullet Through My Heart... ($0.01)

Total for Nov 16th to Nov 22nd: $5.17 in 171 credits.

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