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Off-Topic / Re: Vegan?
« Last post by darkxtsuna on Today at 08:12:28 pm »
Tried it once did not like the food and just gave up right away since I can't stand the taste.
Off-Topic / Re: Blocking people on forum
« Last post by darkxtsuna on Today at 08:05:33 pm »
I also have some that really annoy me with the words they put.
Off-Topic / Re: Do you like to sing?
« Last post by darkxtsuna on Today at 08:04:43 pm »
Only in my head outside from that is a no since I consider myself bad as well.
Off-Topic / Re: got paid today
« Last post by darkxtsuna on Today at 08:04:11 pm »
Congrats on your cashout mate I still have ways to go before I can do mines.
Off-Topic / Re: get disqualified after the survey is done
« Last post by darkxtsuna on Today at 08:02:54 pm »
Also hate it when that happens its really just a waste of time and makes you think about if you should continue doing stuff like that.
Off-Topic / Re: What did you dream last night?
« Last post by darkxtsuna on Today at 08:01:44 pm »
I honestly can't remember the dreams I have after I wake up its really vivid then it just disappears from my head.
Off-Topic / Re: Favorite snack nuts?
« Last post by darkxtsuna on Today at 08:00:07 pm »
Mines would be pistachio and walnuts, I really enjoy eating them as snacks at home.
Off-Topic / Re: Avocado
« Last post by darkxtsuna on Today at 07:59:00 pm »
I'm So-so on it I would eat it if I have it but not really end up buying it if I see it in the market.
Off-Topic / Re: Found another cat!
« Last post by darkxtsuna on Today at 07:58:31 pm »
Congrats on your new family litter, Hope everything goes well with all of them.
Off-Topic / not what you may think
« Last post by potluck6 on Today at 07:48:33 pm »
My son gave a man who had a dog and looked homeless dog food can and a slim jim for himself. This was outside a 711. When he did this 2 or 3 guys said don't give him anything he works for waste disposal a garbage company and makes 70,000 a year. He just walked away. Now my son has seen this guy many times walking with his dog. You never know what to believe anymore. Heard of this before its to bad for people who really need a handout.
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