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Off-Topic / Re: Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Portal by Facebook
« Last post by 1imaginarygirl on Today at 06:41:14 am »
Well, Amazon already has your address anyway, or they wouldn't be able to ship stuff to you. Everything is tracking you all the time. Every time you use a website, it's tracking your IP and knows where you are. It's keeping track of everything you look at, everything you search for, everything you buy. If you have a cell phone, it's tracking everywhere you go. All the smart speakers and phones are recording what you say. And all the info "they" have on you is being sold to everyone else.

There is no such thing as privacy.

I do not believe your phone is recording everything you say.

I don't know if they record EVERYTHING you say. They definitely record you when you intentionally speak to them, and sometimes even when it's not intentional. There are plenty of news stories about recordings being leaked, sent to contacts, etc. I've done tasks on Figure 8 that were meant to transcribe audio recordings when people use Alexa or whatever in their cars. Most of the time it's "where is the nearest McDonald's" or "play Michael Jackson". But sometimes it was just people having normal conversations, people arguing, etc. One person was yelling at her kid in the backseat. One time a woman sounded afraid and was crying. One time it sounded like someone was having a medical emergency.

Haven't you ever had a time where you were talking, not using your phone but with it nearby, and suddenly whatever you were talking about shows up as an ad the next time you go on Facebook or something similar? This happens frequently to me. One time I was talking to my husband about one of my company's clients. My husband had never heard of that client before, so also had never talked about or searched online for it. But the next time he opened Facebook, there was an ad at the top for that very client. Last weekend my mom was talking about getting an on demand water heater for the cabin. I was curious to see how much they cost. I went to Google on my phone and started typing "on d" -- three letters -- and the first suggestion that came up was "on demand water heater", not "on demand videos" or "on demand music" which I think would be more common searches. My mom freaked out a little when I told her.  :o
Off-Topic / Re: Favorite Candy
« Last post by santa7 on Today at 06:32:05 am »
I like those chocolate nonpareils or whatever they're called.  Chocolate discs with white beads on them.
Off-Topic / Re: Travel or stay home?
« Last post by alice44 on Today at 06:22:16 am »

I'd love to travel.  But finances and health are the problem.  Finances first, and I have to admit some travel would be difficult for me at my "golden age" ;)
Off-Topic / Re: Blood Pressure
« Last post by alice44 on Today at 06:21:05 am »

I keep mine under control with prescriptions.  Have ever since I first had it many years ago.  I see now there are articles telling of foods that will help lower it naturally but they can only help me.  I genetically have blood pressure problems.
Off-Topic / Re: MyVegas Rewards
« Last post by alice44 on Today at 06:18:38 am »
Interesting but not interested.  We don't go to Vegas or gamble! :P
Off-Topic / Re: Have you ever taken a break from FusionCash?
« Last post by alice44 on Today at 06:17:16 am »
 Only when I was sick or down.  THere have been periods when I had surgery or something where I missed a month or two.  It takes so long to catch up  and get rewarded for these posts.
Off-Topic / Re: Favorite Candy
« Last post by NRAJOE on Today at 06:15:48 am »
M & M candy -  :-\and the Reeses bars with Reeses pieces in them look enticing

Had one..soooo disgusting.... :P
Off-Topic / Re: Being Cheated Out Of Credit
« Last post by alice44 on Today at 06:15:48 am »
I seldom do surveys.  They take so long to see whether or not you qualify and then they say no!  The only ones I like are the short ones and the ones that show you how far your are into the survey.  That way you can tell whether or not you have the time to do it.
Off-Topic / Re: 20 Minute Skillet Chicken & Spinach Parmesan
« Last post by alice44 on Today at 06:14:12 am »

I just can't take the cooked spinach.  Never liked it as a kid and still don't.  I like it cold in a salad though.  Your recipe would be good without it, but not as nutritious.  :neutral:
Off-Topic / Re: what your favorite day of the week?
« Last post by alice44 on Today at 06:12:20 am »
Sunday - the day of rest  :) :rose:
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