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Payment Pictures / My $56.68 Check cashout payment
« on: September 09, 2013, 06:25:42 am »Message ID: 791770

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Payment Pictures / My $107.96 Check cashout payment
« on: August 01, 2013, 03:54:24 am »Message ID: 773605

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Offers / Harmful offers
« on: July 20, 2013, 01:50:06 am »Message ID: 768091
Is there some way to let FC know that certain advertisers are just not that great?  I know of one offer that gives you a virus, hands down.  If you search it in the forum, it's all people complaining of the same issue.  Yet, it's still here after two years.  When it comes to something like that, can't you guys do something when you KNOW the offer destroys our computers?  That offer is the reason I no longer have a desktop computer.  It fried my system. 

Please, for your sake, and future posters, DO NOT INCLUDE THE NAME OF ANY OFFER THAT HAS DONE THIS OR SOMETHING SIMILAR.  We have to respect the companies that give us the offers.

I'm just curious as to what it takes for you guys to finally give someone the boot when their offer obviously messes up your computer and contains viruses and harmful spyware. 

Payment Pictures / My $34.31 Check cashout payment
« on: June 26, 2013, 10:20:14 am »Message ID: 756364

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FusionCash / Feel Free To Join In!
« on: April 22, 2013, 08:35:27 am »Message ID: 724572
I originally had a thread going that is now locked since I took quite the leave from Fusion Cash when I had my last child.  My thread was pretty much an ongoing list of everything I have qualified for and anything I attempted at and failed for my whole FC experience.  Here is the link to my old thread if you are ever interested.  But I am going to see if I can squeeze back in the time to make this work again.  It's hard now having 3 kids, but I'm sure I can manage to be active, just not as much as I used to be.  Hope to run back in to some of my old buddies on here.

Support / Gone a long time
« on: April 22, 2013, 06:32:39 am »Message ID: 724517
I've been gone for a very long time now.  Probably over a year.  I am having trouble getting certain things to credit.  I can't find the spot to get daily emails again (I never asked them to stop), and I can't get paid to click to give me the option to redeem.  It just  says I've visited the 3 and the sponsor, but I never get a redeem button, even when I refresh and go back to it.  Also, is there no longer that game option?  You used to get $0.25 or something for beating the monthly game. 
I managed to get one video to credit, so I know I still have a working account and it shows it's in good standing..... 
If anyone was bored and wanted to clue me in to some of the changes over the last year, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks.

Suggestions / Re-word checking back for videos
« on: February 06, 2012, 07:14:36 am »Message ID: 486380
I had a possible suggestion for Fusion Cash.  When I was new, I thought once you were done with videos for the day, that was it.  Well I check back SEVERAL times throughout the day and come across new videos that I didn't have earlier, yet it tells you to check back tomorrow.  Maybe you guys could reword that to check back later so people are aware of the fact that you don't just get X amount per day, some come randomly throughout the course of the day.  It's something little, but I went over a month once I started, only checking for videos in the morning.  Over the past few weeks, that would have cost me close to $0.25 alone if I wouldn't have checked back.  Just a thought.  You guys do a great job as is and I love that you care enough to ask for our input.   :heart:

FusionCash / Feel free to join in!
« on: November 23, 2011, 08:06:03 am »Message ID: 450194
I figured that I'd have a topic that could serve as a Cash Fusion blog for me.  This has been my first week and I thought that maybe I would do a blog where others could participate to help with our forum credits and a place to see where my offers are at and whether or not I get credit for them or not.  Feel free to do the same.  This is open for anyone to participate in.  Even if it's just a whoo hoo story of your own that you want to post. 

These are all my excepted offers since I joined.....

Special: Visit Madam Tussaud's. Click here for a discount on admission! - 8b76e8df   2011-11-23   $0.01   Approved
Daily Cash Email - 11/23/2011   2011-11-23   $0.02   Approved
Paid To Click - 11/23/2011   2011-11-23   $0.15   Approved
Special: Watch this video from Luvs - 6b695e34   2011-11-23   $0.01   Approved
Special: Fekkai - Hair by Frederick - 5c718b61   2011-11-23   $0.01   Approved
Memolink   2011-11-22   $0.50   Approved
PaidForResearch   2011-11-22   $0.75   Approved
Mercury Magazines   2011-11-22   $1.00   Approved
SSI Daily Survey - 11/22/2011   2011-11-22   $0.55   Approved
Special: Bull Jumping! - ff70a724   2011-11-22   $0.01   Approved
Special: Make the Pledge to Shop Small Business - 4e2d73f9   2011-11-22   $0.01   Approved
Special: Make the Pledge to Shop Small Business - 63a890da   2011-11-22   $0.01   Approved
Paid To Click - 11/22/2011   2011-11-22   $0.15   Approved
Battlestar Galactica   2011-11-22   $0.25   Approved
Daily Cash Email - 11/22/2011   2011-11-22   $0.02   Approved
Referral Bonus: WHOO HOO MY1ST ONE!!!    2011-11-21   $1.00   Approved
GiveUsYour2Cents - 11/21/2011   2011-11-21   $0.60   Approved
Paid To Click - 11/21/2011   2011-11-21   $0.15   Approved
Special: Bull Jumping! - 9e9e070e   2011-11-21   $0.01   Approved
Daily Cash Email - 11/21/2011   2011-11-21   $0.02   Approved
LiveSample Daily Survey - 11/20/2011   2011-11-20   $0.70   Approved
Daily Cash Email - 11/20/2011   2011-11-20   $0.02   Approved
Paid To Click - 11/19/2011   2011-11-19   $0.15   Approved
Invino   2011-11-19   $0.25   Approved
RealPlayer Free Install   2011-11-19   $0.35   Approved
Daily Cash Email - 11/19/2011   2011-11-19   $0.02   Approved
Special: Bull Jumping! - f3876de0   2011-11-18   $0.01   Approved
Special: See a personalized Windows Phone demo - 5579b09d   2011-11-18   $0.20   Approved
Paid To Click - 11/18/2011   2011-11-18   $0.15   Approved
SurveyHead - 11/18/2011   2011-11-18   $0.65   Approved
MyThoughtCounts - 11/18/2011   2011-11-18   $1.00   Approved
WeeklySauce Coupons   2011-11-18   $0.30   Approved
Harris Poll Online   2011-11-17   $0.75   Approved
RewardTV   2011-11-17   $0.75   Approved
Daily Cash Email - 11/17/2011   2011-11-17   $0.02   Approved
Smoking Survey   2011-11-16   $1.00   Approved
Text Message Verification Bonus   2011-11-16   $0.01   Approved
Daily Cash Email - 11/16/2011   2011-11-16   $0.02   Approved
PaidSurveys   2011-11-15   $0.50   Approved
GiveUsYour2Cents - 11/15/2011   2011-11-15   $0.60   Approved
Daily Cash Email - 11/15/2011   2011-11-15   $0.02   Approved
Signup Bonus   2011-11-14   $5.00   Approved

Support / I don't see certain surveys.
« on: November 22, 2011, 04:58:50 pm »Message ID: 449953
I see people getting credited for surveys, offers, and videos that I don't see on here at all.  Are there settings that I have set that only have me getting certain offers and videos? 

FusionCash / Daily Cash Mail 11-18
« on: November 18, 2011, 06:35:53 pm »Message ID: 448397
Did anyone else not get this today?  I got it the past three days, but not today.

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