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Off-Topic / Re: Available Surveys
« on: Today at 01:14:21 pm »Message ID: 1297520
I am reduced to only TAP and Peanut labs now....but have still managed to make $51.43 this month since last 20th...just keep hammering away.... :thumbsup:

Did you get a notice that you were banned from doing surveys?  Or did your surveys just disappear?  Because that seems to be what has happened to me.  I have plenty of TAP but the survey page says 'no surveys are available'.  Several are saying that is the case with their account.  I remember you saying a while back you thought you were banned from doing surveys.  I have noticed a new dirty tactic.  The last question is "In the next election will you vote for Trump" and if you say no you get paid.  If you say yes you get sorry you did not qualify to take that survey.

Off-Topic / Re: Moving
« on: Today at 11:48:29 am »Message ID: 1297510

Donate stuff to a thrift store.  All the best with your move.  Have a good weekend.

Maybe she doesn't want to give her stuff away.  I know I don't want to get rid of my stuff.

Mrsmere:You really have a massive job on your hands.  We never realize how much we have until we get ready to move.

You are so right and I love gardening.  i planted all these fruit trees and flowers and stuff.  Oh Gosh.  Going to have to leave them all behind.

I would take pictures of the stuff I planted.  Take pics inside and out.  The first house I purchased I planted a ton of stuff in the yard.  I ended up moving because the neighbors were horrible and done things to make me miserable.  It's okay because I moved to a house over twice the size as the first, have much more land, and a lot better neighborhood.  BUT I have a ton of pictures of the shrubs and bushes I planted.  You may want to go back and look at them sometime.

Off-Topic / Re: Looking for a place to live.
« on: Today at 11:44:37 am »Message ID: 1297507
"That does not even make sense at all.  Most times you are not going to be kicked out for no reason.  They will if they have someone else they want to give the place to"

He had his daughter take it;Its a private landlord so yeah they can do what they want and tenant gets screwed.

Did you even read the first comment?  HE owns the property and HE is selling it.  He gave her notice to move out.  It is not screwing the tenant.  If I own a piece of property and I am renting it if I decide to sell it then you the tenant can either purchase it or you can move out so I can sell it.  That is not "screwing" you.

Off-Topic / Re: Looking for a place to live.
« on: Today at 11:41:13 am »Message ID: 1297506
Been there done that in years past.  My husband and I lived in a tent for over a year because in Orlando FL you could stay free for two weeks in any county park and there were several so every two weeks we packed up and moved to the next one until we circled around there was no limit to how many times you could stay in a park just had to leave for a certain length of time and not be there beyond two weeks.  We also lived in a tiny travel trailer at one point.  Well best of luck to u finding a new home that works for you.

I have heard a lot of people live in tents in Florida and California.  I don't see what it would hurt to let people just stay beyond 2 weeks.  As long as they were clean.  I have seen pics from California that are disgusting.  Trash every where, clothing littering the lawns, it is horrible.  If I did not have a regular home and could get one of the little camper things like you mentioned if it was a regular one and not a pop up I don't think that would be too bad.

Off-Topic / Re: Looking for a place to live.
« on: Today at 11:38:44 am »Message ID: 1297504
Country Girl:  I didn't file for child support because I believed he was buying the house for our daughter.  I thought at least one of us would give her something.  I was paying him rent the past several months too.

Buying a house for the daughter does not have anything to do with it.  That doesn't help you with expenses you had as she grew up. But like you said that is water under the bridge.  Too late to do anything now.  We have all been lied to or taken at some point in life. 

Either way when you live on somebody else's property you are at their mercy.  They make the rules.  Can you have a pet, how many cars you can park in the drive way, can you have over night guests...  I did rent before I bought my own home.

Off-Topic / Re: Looking for a place to live.
« on: Today at 11:34:20 am »Message ID: 1297502
Country Girl:  I believed him.  He tricked me.  He has other houses and so does his girlfriend that he is now living with.  Do you have children?  This is difficult.  I wish I had filed for child support.  It's water under the bridge now.  They have laws and tell you to file for child support for a reason.  Yes, his girlfriend and him have houses here and she has houses in Puerto Rico that she is renting out.  Yes.  This is greed.

What difference does it make?  If you had filed for child support you would not have gotten any more money than living in that house for free all these years. You actually got a better deal.  You could get a couple hundred in child support (if that much) or you do not have to pay $500 a month for a place to live.

Her being slow is not a factor in the equation.  And NO it is not greed to own houses and rent them.  It is called good business.  That would be like saying if you want a raise after a year on your job you are just greedy.  Work for the agreed on starting pay.  I understand you are upset because you have to find somewhere else to live.  And you are not use to having to pay rent or a mortgage payment.  But him owning property and renting it or selling property he owns is a way to make a living.

Off-Topic / Re: Cats Grrrrrrrrrrrr
« on: Today at 11:28:41 am »Message ID: 1297498
I am and cleaning up after them does not bother me. Some people aren't and that is fine.

Off-Topic / Re: What do you say when asked "describe yourself"?
« on: Yesterday at 11:06:59 am »Message ID: 1297418
I am motivated, hard working and dedicated.  I work well alone as well as with others.

The last time I said that about working with others I was told to pick one. I could not have it both ways. I told them I can't pick one. Obviously you want a specific answer. I have worked with others and it was fine. I was worked totally alone and it was fine.

Off-Topic / Re: Available Surveys
« on: Yesterday at 05:19:52 am »Message ID: 1297395
Yes! I've been seeing that none are available sometimes.

I am thinking this may have happened once before. I have a ton available on other sites so no big deal.

Off-Topic / Re: Fusion Cash was down
« on: Yesterday at 05:17:36 am »Message ID: 1297394

This is probably due to security updates.  I keep getting reminded that Win7 support ends, Flash Player supports ends and on and on!  We can expect more security updates in the future due to this alone.

It has nothing to do with updates.  Sites that do updates tell members they are going to do it.  And it doesn't randomly happen here and there.

Offers / Re: Top Coupons didn't credit yesterday
« on: Yesterday at 05:15:41 am »Message ID: 1297393
The coupons have never credited on this site for me. This seems to be happening more and more.  Read the forums. There are tons of complaints that almost every section of the site is not working or not crediting. Personally, I feel it is time for concern.

Offers / Re: Survey Completed-Quota Exceeded
« on: Yesterday at 05:14:28 am »Message ID: 1297392
it happens to us all but it's not FC's fsult but the companies doing the surveys so not a lot can be done about it...after some time you know which ones are possible of doing it

In a way it is.  They should not let more people enter the survey than can finish it.  I do web maintenance. I pretty much have control over everything that happens on the site I maintain.  They can have a counter on the survey.  If they only need 200 people to complete the survey then have a counter as to how many complete and how many enter. If 195 have successfully completed the survey then do not let over 5 more people enter. If only 3 complete it the only let 2 more enter.  Surely I am not the only one smart enough to figure out how to set this up.

Off-Topic / Re: Looking for a place to live.
« on: October 16, 2019, 02:02:36 pm »Message ID: 1297346
I guess my advice to all renters is to keep one foot in the street nd one on your couch because you never know when landlords do this to you. You cannot get too comfy living in rent.

That does not even make sense at all.  Most times you are not going to be kicked out for no reason.  They will if they have someone else they want to give the place to.  And if they don't like you then you are a target to be asked to move. But as far as the OP the owner of the home wanted to sell it.  He has the right.  In this day and age if I owned more than one property and it came up I could see the one I did not live in I most likely would do so.  Doesn't sound like the OP got along with her ex.  She should be grateful he let her live in his property as long as he did.

It doesn't sound like the OP was renting.  And they cannot just evict you if you have a lease.  I do not think something like this is common.  I know someone recently that ended up being evicted and she tried to act like it was this and this but in reality it was because she was causing trouble and complaining about other tenants. So in the end it backfired on her.

Kind of like the neighbor I use to have who tried to get a guy she worked with fired.  In the end she was the one who was let go.

Off-Topic / Re: Looking for a place to live.
« on: October 16, 2019, 11:16:36 am »Message ID: 1297333

     Santa 7:     Buy a house in "your name".
                        Buy title insurance.
                        Then, there is no problem:
                        Who is the owner of the house?
                        You are protected!
                        Happy house hunting/buying!

This is about too foolish to even respond to.  Buying a house is not that easy.  You can't just go buy a house.  Not sure what TITLE INSURANCE is.  If you are paying on a house you have to have insurance.  You do not get the title until you have paid the mortgage off.

The OP has stated in the past she is older and she doesnt work so I doubt she just has the money to go buy a house.  As for who is the owner of the house - obviously the man who is selling it.  The man she has had a relationship with.

^Why does ancmetro assume that only men sell houses for money and that money was the motivation in this case? I'm not saying that it isn't, but without more information from santa7 -how do we know?

@santa7, is there a friend, neighbor, or family member you could move in with temporarily while you look into other options? That would surely beat living in your car.

Because people are judgmental.  People hear one side of a story and jump the bandwagon and trash the other person and when you find out the whole story you see there was a lot more to it.  He is the owner of the home and he doesn't owe anyone any explanations as to why he is selling it.  Even if it IS just because he needs the money it is nothing to her or anyone else.  IT IS HIS HOUSE! 

A lot of times people cry oh I will be homeless and I will be living in my car to get sympathy.  This person still has internet.  I am guessing also still has other extras.  If I were fixing to not have any where to live I would cut off all the extras.  But that is just me.


Payment Pictures / My $48.50 PayPal cashout payment
« on: October 16, 2019, 11:15:55 am »Message ID: 1297316

This image was posted automatically.

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