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Topic: Pet owners +favorite songs+favorite movie lines....For fun do  (Read 855 times)


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You make up or revise famous songs,movie scripts,cheers by placing you're pet's name or behavior into it?
My Husband(RIP2009)&I have in the past for fun & when we're bored. Right now, I have 2 living cats. One is called Shadow Thief because he, literally stole our hearts & the other one is called Splat. Splat is named after Blood Splatter on Forensic file! LOL, she literally walked in during the episode & her coloring looked like,
god~Higher Powers were TOTALLY PLASTERED while creating & painting Splat's fur colors.The Rest of the pet's have passed & are probably having fun in the clouds with my husband.Dogs:Muffin,sparky,ginger,brandi,fuffy,boo,chewie,
Sasha,wishbone,kimchi. :crybaby2:Cats:Chloe',Cally the calico :crybaby2:

1. The Splat cat cheer:Spat, Splat, super brat, Oh my goodness you're a cat!
2. Shadow's Song/Don't fall in love w/a Shadow cat:
Don't fall in love with a Shadow Cat, cause he'll always break you're heart....&when you think that you had tamed him,
Your dinner on the table's gone, don't fall in love with a shadow cat......
3.Brandi's song: Brandi, you're fine girl, what a good dog you would be....
4.Boo's song: Me & You and dog named Boo....
5.Wishbone song: what's the story wishhhhboone...
6.Splat's song: Delta Splat, oh my goodness you got Fat,now you're just as Big as Shadow in the baaack...& did I hear you say,you were gona meet him here today,to take you to that food bowl in the skyyyyyy
7.Ginger's song: The gingerbread dog, the gingerbread dog, I want to play with my gingerbread dog....
Ginger RIP 2004:The gingerbread dog, the gingerbread dog,Now...,I can't play with my gingerbread dog... :crybaby2:
8.Splat&Shadow's movie remake: A twin sister, Obi-splat was right to hide her from me, well,if you cannot be turned to the dark side, maybe shadow can.....Nooooooooooooooooo.....LOL it's the last day of this month just havin fun!

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