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Offers / Re: Get paid to call
« on: March 21, 2013, 07:25:45 am »Message ID: 707763
i finally tried one of these a few days ago (the 2.50 debt consolidation one) and never got credited :(

it wasnt so bad though! I think I'll try again in a few days off a different number.

Payments / Re: paid to call
« on: March 18, 2013, 05:48:49 pm »Message ID: 706441
i didnt get credited for my first pay to call :(

i am bummed because it took a lot of time for me to muster up the confidence to do it.

Off-Topic / Ever tried Making $$ off Your recyclables?
« on: March 14, 2013, 08:59:40 pm »Message ID: 704698
So this is definitely easier in some states than others (I know Hawaii, Maine, and Oregon) offer some of the best deposit refunds for cans and bottles.

Any of you ever done this before? I'm considering taking this on as yet another side-money-making endeavor. (Just bummed I don't really have a good space to store a bunch of cans in my tiny apartment...maybe I'll just throw em in the laundry room :p)

I was seriously considering going and stealing all the cans from my campus's recycling bins (even though this screams ILLEGAL at me). I recently saw some cleaning staff COMBINING THE TRASH AND RECYCLABLES IN THE SAME BIN, which left me very weary about recycling in those bins. Figure everyone would be better off if I went and got them recycled myself :cat:

« on: March 14, 2013, 08:51:25 pm »Message ID: 704694
 :wave: Well it looks like they put more options up on the Paid-To-CLick section! Some of them I actually enjoy clicking on now :p

Suggestions / Re: ungrateful people
« on: March 14, 2013, 08:50:10 pm »Message ID: 704693
If I acted the way these kids today act, when I was their age, I would get my *bleep* a good switching from my parents. I grew up in a time 60's through the70's when we respected our elders. didn't back take to our parents or grandparents even our friends parents or the neighborhood grown ups. we didn't have Nintendo or x-box and only had 3 maybe 4 channels to watch on TV. kids these days are just to spoiled and need a good wake up call.

I disagree with this. I mean not entirely, because I know plenty of people my age that are spoiled just because THEIR PARENTS SPOILED THEM. I grew up in a nice home with 2 cars, but still did all our shopping at K-mart, and I was definitely never allowed to have anything I didn't need. The only time I got gifts was on Christmas or my birthday, and they weren't anything extravagant. I certainly never played video games, and we didn't have any cable service.

Many of my CLOSEST friends also grew up having been raised this way, and I feel like they all have a very good understanding of money and its actual worth. I've been earning for myself since I was 14, and though I do occasionally have to ask my mom for $100 to help me pay rent on the months that I'm short, I try to be as self-sufficient as I can. My best friend has been working for even longer than I have, and was able to buy her first car when we were just 18. I have yet to make any big purchases, since I am still paying my way through school. My mother does not help me, mainly because she can't afford to anymore, but she also wants to me to understand just how HARD it is to make money and make a living.

I think I have been raised to learn the value of money, and so have 3 of my closest friends. The friends I know who always got showered with toys and gifts are the ones who go out to restaurants and bars every day and don't think about it when charging their credit card. I'm very conscious of this.

MY POINT IS: I don't think you can blame "kids nowadays" for being spoiled, when they had no choice in how they were raised as children. This is all because of their guardians' decisions. Are you going to argue that kids in foster care are spoiled as well? This is a horrible generalization to make about my generation, and always leaves me very offended.

Off-Topic / Re: would you move to another country?
« on: March 14, 2013, 08:39:12 pm »Message ID: 704690
Also this might be a much easier for me than most people since I am only 21 years old but my only living family is my mother (USA) and my aunt (Poland). My mother wants to move back to Poland in a few years, and she is very encouraging of my desire to move to NZ.

I would certainly miss my close friends, but I am a big believer in that if people really matter to you, you won't lose touch. I know I won't see them as often as i do now, but I love them too much to forget about them.

Off-Topic / Re: would you move to another country?
« on: March 14, 2013, 08:36:13 pm »Message ID: 704689
I spent a year studying in new zealand and it was the best year of my life. And although many people say "ohhh it was just study abroad excitement", I completely disagree.

The people there are ALL just so happy and nice, its amazing and overwhelming. I am not saying that most American people are awful, evil, people, but it was still just a drastic change in overall attitude of society.
Also, the whole country is beautiful and sooo easy to travel around. And Australia and Fiji are both so close by! Plus, they have a great economy. It's almost too good to be true.

I hope to move back there in a few years. I see no reason not to considering that I already speak the language and feel I could thrive there more than here...It's a lot easier to try harder to do what you want to do when you are in a place that creates that incomparable level of joy and ambition inside of you..Just need to save up enough money to get out there and get settled!:)

Off-Topic / Re: Jobs2Shop
« on: March 14, 2013, 08:31:03 pm »Message ID: 704688
Jobs2Shop...I didn't have a good experience...I made $16 and wasn't credited for several shops completed.  When I reported this I was told that sometimes the sponsors don't pay them so in turn Jobs2Shop don't pay you...I wasn't a happy camper as you can imagine so I lost faith and was afraid to try anymore shops, thinking it could be one big waste of I lost my $16 earned and have never returned to the site  :crybaby2:

I'm sorry :( i just found all this in their terms and conditions and its not the happiest of news, but does provide some advice? (in a way)

D. NO PAYMENT GUARANTEE. Jobs2Shop does NOT guarantee that a member will receive credit for a completed survey and offer. Jobs2Shop will make reasonable efforts to track and report your signing up for offers but does not guarantee the precision of the process. We reserves the right to refuse the credit to members for offers for variety of reasons, including, but not limited to , Lack of appropriate information, Improper signup, Improper browser settings, Errors in third party reporting, and / or any other reason.
D.1) There are conditions in order for Jobs2Shop members to receive a cash incentive. Jobs2Shop members must have cookies enabled. Jobs2Shop members must access the partner site through Jobs2Shop. These conditions are mandatory so that the partner will know that the Jobs2Shop member used Jobs2Shop to reach the partner site. You agree that all redemption processes shall be done through the Member Accounts page on Jobs2Shop.

Is it possible you didnt have cookies enabled or other "appropriate browser settings" and that's why you ddidnt get credited? If not, I'm sorry, because I totally understand. I did 3 offers that were supposed to be between $1-$2 and I swear I did them all the way through but never got credited. Sometimes luck just isnt on your side.  :-

Offers / Re: Get paid to call
« on: March 14, 2013, 08:24:06 pm »Message ID: 704684
haha I wish I wasnt so awkward with phone calls  :confused1:

I've been building up the motivation to make one of these for probably over a month now. I'll probably have a very excited update if i ever manage to do it :P

Off-Topic / Re: Jobs2Shop
« on: March 14, 2013, 08:20:47 pm »Message ID: 704682
Then I read this in the terms and conditions:

Minimum payment threshold is approved $50 USD in your account. You must have accumulated $50 USD in your account for redemption. 

but then it says this further down:
A.10) Payout Requirements: To request payout Jobs2Shop members must have:
(a) current contact info
(b) verified phone number
(c) correct & validated PayPal entered in account
(d) a minimum of $25 Approved from Surveys
(e) a maximum of $25 in Reward Emails is allowed per payment request. Money from Reward Emails exceeding $25 will still accumulate in the Email Treasure Chest and will be eligible for future payment requests.

I think the bottom line is that you can only get $25 for opening emails and then you have to have $25 from surveys before you can cash out for a total of $50.  If I need $25 from surveys I will never make it because most of them are things like buying Gerber life insurance (which I already have) or getting insurance quotes (which I am tied into because of my homeowners ins) or college info.  If anyone figures it out, please fill me in.

Also I think when I read the Terms my brain skipped the part that said "50dollars" because it automatically went to the bullet points. I just went back and read them much more thoroughly...thanks for this!

Off-Topic / Re: Jobs2Shop
« on: March 14, 2013, 08:16:54 pm »Message ID: 704680
Thanks to all of you for your comments. Really helpful discussion :thumbsup:

For those of you that had balance issues, I'm in the same boat as you right now. I cashed out for $25 with a balance of $28.05 (weird how you can only do $25 at a time but if its legit then hey, whatever)

Now, I have completed some offers (including survey ones) in the past 2 days and my "cash balance" has not gone up at all from $3.05. HOWEVER, my "reviewed" balance has been increasing.

Now, I take this to be a good thing, since "reviewed" sounds pretty legit, BUT, I can't actually find out what this means anywhere in their Terms and Conditions and why my cash balance (probably the only one that matters) hasn't gone up. I'm hoping maybe after the 1st cash-out is processed it will happen?

It seems that a lot of people on this site also had trouble, which is why I thought I should stay away.

However, considering that a few of you have managed to cash out (4 times already?!), I definitely feel a bit more hopeful about the whole thing. Hopefully all of us with issues will resolve them and receive our checks sooN!

 I'll send an update if my first check ever arrives :peace:

Suggestions / Re: cameras....which one
« on: March 11, 2013, 02:50:27 pm »Message ID: 702819
no problem! I am living the broke film major lifestyle right now :p, but have been saving up to at least by myself a GH2.

It's one of the best deals out there at the time, from what I've researched :) Also, i know they are coming out (or maybe already have) with a GH3, so you might wanna look into that!

Suggestions / Re: ungrateful people
« on: March 11, 2013, 02:45:45 pm »Message ID: 702816
I don't know if most of these people are actually 'ungrateful'. I am sure they are all very thankful to FC for any money that it can and does provide for them...I think that they simply get upset about certain offers/surveys that don't work out for them, and then leave them feeling like they've gotten nothing (which they have, at that particular instance...but not overall).

I have yet to see a post that seems like someone is genuinely ungrateful for FC's services. I'm not saying they don't exist, i'm sure they do, but if one were to be truly ungrateful for ANYTHING that this site can offer them, why would he have not left by now?

Consider health insurance, if you have it. I'm sure that you're 100% grateful for the benefits it provides you and the money you save, but don't you still get a bit upset if you find that a certain medication or service is not covered? I think that's a comparable situation...

Like I said though, I'm sure there are the few users who think FC is a waste of their time and ARE ungrateful for their services, but I also feel that those users tend to leave pretty quickly.

Off-Topic / Re: Walking DEAD
« on: March 10, 2013, 08:08:54 pm »Message ID: 702355
i really enjoyed the first season, but then it kind of just turned into a soap opera! (with zombies)  >:(

no offense to the soap-operaddicts out there (one of my best friends has been a devoted watched of one life to live and general hospital for 12 years)...but i couldnt stand it.

on a similar note theres a pretty silly walking dead video game that my bf loves playing. its actually pretty enjoyable to watch even though the characters are all much different :p

Off-Topic / Re: Did you set your clocks ahead one hour?
« on: March 10, 2013, 08:06:23 pm »Message ID: 702353

i have a bunch of work due tomorrow and hate losing the hour. yet i still cant seem to get off fusion cash  ::) oopsz

thanks for the reminder though!:)

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