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FusionCash / Irish Tin Whistle Student
« on: March 27, 2023, 03:02:55 pm »Message ID: 1374829
I am learning to play the Irish Tin Whistle.  I really like my Clark D Tin Whistle.  I previously obtained what was listed as an Irish Tin Flute Whistle in the key of F.  It has 6 holes just the same as a Penny Tin Whistle, but has two holes on the backside where a nice looking tassel is hung, it also has two extra holes above the bottom two for the tassel.  This instrument is thicker and longer, and has a mouth piece just like a Tin Whistle, and was made in China.   It is a little harder to play than my original Tin Whistle.

Can anyone tell me exactly what wind instrument this is? 
 Sorry, folks I believe I put this post in the wrong section of the forum.

My question.  Could you please, tell me if there is a way to put this post into the appropriate posting area of FusionCash forum. I tried to delete it in order to type it into the section for talk about anything, but well, I am not allowed too, it won't let me.  I wonder if I were to erase the entire thing in the modify mode, would that work? ???

Thank you.

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