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Off-Topic / Re: be on the look out!!!!
« on: November 29, 2008, 12:43:42 am »Message ID: 33246
No offense, I'm much more credible than you are and intend to set the record straight. 

I can only repeat in responses so many times to your threads (please note: breaking forum rules) that Deal Barbie Pays Fast is one of the best GPT sites online. There's a low $1 minimum and she pays by Paypal three times a week. The offers also approve easily and there are many of them; all 100% free. The deal barbie network has been paying members for the past three years... It's not a corporate GPT site but one with a personal touch and the program owner is always extremely helpful.

As I mentioned, I'm a member of almost every leading GPT site online and many more. I've delt with every kind of admin from the good to the great, the bad and the ugly. This is one of the best programs online... do not attempt to attack the owner due to some limited experience with an offer that didn't credit. You haven't even proven that you have a real issue; crediting is an industry wide challange. That said, I've had the best approval rate with Deal Barbie Pays Fast and also Fusion Cash (I'm a huge fan).

I've just checked my Deal Barbie Pays Fast account history:

* I've been Paid 50 Times in the Last Year
* I've Had 126 Offer Approve at Deal Barbie Pays Fast
* I've Had Countless Positive Contacts With the Owner

Stop trying to tear down an honest and wonderful GPT site that leads the paid to signup industry.

« on: November 29, 2008, 12:25:48 am »Message ID: 33245
I did it!  I am the main one who always talks bad about the barbie sites ;D  when 2 mysterios charges come on my phone bill from advertisers from 2 of the barbie web sites I tend to call it like I see it I dont have that bad of luck and I really dont belive in coincidence. If you are deseptive in the ways you make your money even though you play within the written rules wrong still is wrong. and if the deal barbie sites are so great. well in a year from now lets see were they stand. and as for the owner I dont know the person I only know the web sites they created I am not judging any one but a persons actions and some times even their work defines their charactor and somtimes their morals. I will stop talking bad about them when I hear more positive things about them or they close  Have a happy Thanks giving every one!  even all the barbie sites!! :angel11:

bnzx, I have no idea what your issue is... deal barbie pays fast is one of the best GPT sites online. The owner christina is extemely nice and is great to her members. As far as getting charged for something, you've already stated that you're doing offers on many sites...

I've been a member for a year of deal barbie pays fast... they've been open and a top site in the industry with many loyal members for almost three years.  i've been paid quickly every monday, wed and friday by paypal and with a low $1 payout minimum. I've never had such crediting issues... at least no more than with any other GPT site.

Off-Topic / Re: deal barbie some thing is very wrong!!!
« on: November 16, 2008, 10:10:33 pm »Message ID: 33000
I think you're mistaken or doing something wrong when completing offers.

This is my favorite GPT site online; no issue with crediting in my experience, ever! Look at the contest stats and you will see there are many members who are completing offers... I'm sure the admin christina would be happy to help you however...  she's really nice and might be able to help you complete the offers and give some tips about crediting.

« on: November 16, 2008, 10:06:18 pm »Message ID: 32999
Deal Barbie Pays Fast is my FAVORITE get paid to, paid to signup and paid survey site online. She pays every Monday, Wed and Friday by Paypal with a low $1 minimum and there are tons of free offers for a high earning potential.

Deal Barbie Pays Fast Details:
- Low $1 Paypal Payout Minimum
- Pays Three Times a Week - Mon, Wed and Friday by Paypal
- Great Offer Completion & Referral Contests Each Month
- Tons of 100 % Free Offers - High Paying Paid to Signup Offers
- Very Helpful Admin and One of the Best Online

Is anyone else over there?

Off-Topic / Re: OTHER SITES
« on: November 16, 2008, 10:02:27 pm »Message ID: 32998
It's ok... I've been paid but late most recently.

If you're looking for the fast weekly payout and are based in the U.S. - try Deal Barbie Pays Cash2Grab pays weekly with a $5 Paypal payout minimum. Deal Barbie Pays Fast pays every Monday, Wed and Friday with a LOW $1 Paypal payout minimum. There are lots of other benefits too like contests, rewards, a multilevel referral program (cash2grab has a single level) and the best GPT admin online. I've been there for a year now and the owner has not only been really nice and helpful - she has paid three times a week without exception!

Off-Topic / Re: today war against the barbie kindom begins
« on: November 16, 2008, 09:59:24 pm »Message ID: 32997
What barbie sites? If you're talking about the deal barbie sites... I think you've made some kind of mistake. These are the most honest, highest paying and best run GPT sites online. Just search the web for reviews; there's no reason to try to put an honest GPT owner out of busines... she also have a very loyal following. Most of all, they have the nicest and most helpful admin online.

Off-Topic / Re: StarReferrals - What was your "payout ratio?"
« on: November 16, 2008, 09:55:32 pm »Message ID: 32996
I'm a really big fan of StarReferrals... I can't calculate a real ratio because it's only a part of my program promotion and advertising. I really like their paid to click area and generally try to pay for advertising there by joining other programs or clicking the ads in the StarReferrals PTC for internal  advertising credit.

Off-Topic / Re: Awesome Paying sites
« on: October 26, 2008, 03:08:52 pm »Message ID: 32607
deal barbie pays fast is one of the best GPT sites online... definitely better than TSIFR! DealBarbiePaysFast pays every Monday, Wed and Friday to Paypal with a low $1 minimum to cashout. There are tons of free offers, great contests and one of the best GPT admins online!

Off-Topic / Re: paying sites
« on: October 26, 2008, 03:07:24 pm »Message ID: 32605
You all should try Deal Barbie Pays Fast.. They pay every Monday, Wenesday, and Friday  and you only need $1.00 to cash out if you use paypal. I've been with them for about 3 weeks, and already made $30.00 bucks.. Offers credit good, and they are lots to choose from..
Hope this helps anyone looking for other paying sites  :wave:

I totally agree! Deal Barbie Pays Fast is one of the best GPT sites online. It has a great and helpful admin, pays to Paypal THREE TIMES each week (mon, wed, fri) and has a low $1 payout minimum! there are lots of easy 100% free offers, zip/email submits, daily paid surveys and more. My favorite site for making fast paypal money!

Off-Topic / Re: paying sites
« on: September 29, 2008, 02:39:05 am »Message ID: 32011
Christina is Very Popular And Been A Legit Paying Gpt Owner for 2+ Years

Christina is the best! I have had experience with many GPT owners and I can just say it has always been the best being a member Deal Barbie Pays Fast. $1 minimum, pays to paypal 3x a week, lots of offers, contests, and a helpful admin... As another poster mentioned, she has been one of the best since opening her first site two years ago.

« on: September 29, 2008, 02:35:14 am »Message ID: 32010
I just signed up for Deal Barbie Pays Fast and I was wondering if anyone had
any good or bad experiences with this one.. Please let me know..
Thanks  :thumbsup:

To be clear, I love Fusion Cash...

Deal Barbie Pays Fast is also one of my first GPTs and while it's a little more old-school, it's an incredible GPT site in my experience for several reasons including:

- Super Low $1 Payout Minimum
- Pays by Paypal Every Monday, Wed, & Friday
- Great Offer & Referral Contests Each Month
- One of The Best GPT Site Admins Online (christina, super nice & helpful)
- Check Payments Twice a Month
- An Excellent 3 Level Referral Program
- TONS of 100% Free Offers, Zip/Email Submits, Easy Survey Signups & More!

I've had an excellent experience with Deal Barbie Pays Fast. At first, it wasn't as flashy as some of the new GPT sites. Yet, the admin is the BEST. The payouts are FAST. There are a lot of offers to complete. And there's not only contests but also a $1 payout minimum. I think it'd be safe to say that Deal Barbie Pays Fast is a classic and one of the best GPT sites online. 

« on: September 20, 2008, 03:19:14 pm »Message ID: 31868
Deal Barbie Pays Fast is one of the very best GPT sites in my experience:

# A Low $1 Paypal Payout Minimum & Tons of 100% Free Offers, Zip Submits, Etc.
# Pays to Paypal Three Times a Week; Every Monday, Wed, Friday & Offers Credit Fast
# Top Friendly & Trusted Admin Christina
# TONS of Contests, Bonuses, & More

I really enjoy the fast paypal payouts, free offers, and the super low minimum!

« on: July 01, 2008, 01:00:12 pm »Message ID: 29230
Other than fusion cash, Deal Barbie Pays Fast is my favorite site. There's a low $1 paypal cashout minimum, they pay three times a week (monday, wed, and friday) and it's all 100% free. The admin christina is really great and she credits offers every night. In addition to the constant paypal cashouts and low minimum (recently reduced from $5 to $1!) they have tons of contests each month. I love Fusion Cash and FC has a really high earning potential and Deal Barbie Pays Fast has a lower earning potential in some ways I think but pays all the time! If you're looking to add another GPT to your portfolio, I think FC and DBPF compliment each other nicely. The admin there also ads new offers weekly; especially my favorite zip and email submits : )

Good luck and take care!

Off-Topic / Re: paying sites
« on: June 29, 2008, 09:50:16 pm »Message ID: 29145
I belong to a lot of GPT sites and I have to say that Deal Barbie Pays Fast is incredible! First, the admin is great and very helpful. The offers also credit quickly. There are a ton of 100% free offers. They pay EVERY Monday, Wed, and Friday by Paypal and the cashout minimum is a LOW $1! The admin with Deal Barbie Pays Fast just changed the payout from $5 to $1! To make it even better, there are lots of free offers like email and zip submits. And there are tons of contests each month for bonuses and great prizes. This is my favorite GPT site online! The 3x weekly payments, daily crediting free offers, contests and LOW $1 payout minimum simply can't be beaten... That said, I also LOVE fusion cash : )

Off-Topic / Re: Awesome Paying sites
« on: June 24, 2008, 06:40:29 pm »Message ID: 28890
I also love makethatdollar. However, i haven't found another site offering the payment terms I mentioned with Deal Barbie Pays Fast... Payments every monday, wed and friday to paypal or by check every other week with a low $5 payment minimum. Tons of 100% free offers, zip/email submits, etc. and a great admin (christina). Can any other site but fusion cash beat those payment terms?

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