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Off-Topic / Re: A SCAM site
« on: June 17, 2008, 01:52:46 pm »Message ID: 28542
To everyone involved... I'm sorry I got involved in this and really never should have. My only point was that it seems to be going too far... the intensity of this just seems unnecessary. I think about all of you (and now me) sitting here and posting and getting involved in this and I just hope everyone moves on. If I see you sometime in another forum, you'll probably know me as someone who's genuine and trying to help out with. I wish this had never started and I guess that's all I was trying to convey in my posts.

Best & Take Care Everyone.

Off-Topic / Re: A SCAM site
« on: June 17, 2008, 01:41:30 pm »Message ID: 28537
in a sence they are not completly unrelated sites.

professional is what the owner did at pr. she said she would see about it and then decided to not unban the person. that is very prefessional. it's her bus. she is running it right...
what is unprofessional is comming to a gpt site, joining the forum, and bashing pr because you did'nt like her answer. as said life is short... get over it and move on.
she is running a bussiness and has to do it the way she sees fit. i don't believe she would ban anyone for no reason. this is what happens when people join sites from other sites as offers and don't worry about reading the tos or terms all they care about is making money. same with anyway most join now a days. they don't bother reading, they just wanna make money period. and in the end they are running off on forums everywhere yelling scam scam scam all because they don't know what they did wrong. if they would of read the tos they agreeded to when they joined they would know what they did wrong and if they cared about their account they would'nt of done it to begin with.
ok i have said my piece and am shutting up now. i just feel this should not of ever of been bought here. fusioncash has nothing to do with any of this and this should'nt be posted here. you can yell on a million forums. the admin is'nt going to change their mind and all it does on the forums you yell about like if it's a gpt site like this one is show the admin here what kind of person you are. 

My point was simply that... the origional poster was banned and angry and shouldn't be posting as she did. However, you can't expect every member to act rationally.  have a lot of sympathy for site owners and that was my reaction immediately in this case as well. However, my issue is with 3rd partys banning members in retaliation and taking the discussion here in the direction that it has gone. It's just not necessary. Explain why the member was banned while expressing some sympathy and the other owners and members who are loyal to your site will come to your defense. Lawers, harrassment charges, retaliatory banning... It really doesn't reflect well.  

I've never heard of a GPT owner filing or threatening harrassment charges over email. It seems pretty silly considering you own a GPT site and banned this member; she was only seeking clarification. Again, I understand the banning... being a GPT owner is tough.

Off-Topic / Re: A SCAM site
« on: June 17, 2008, 01:12:19 pm »Message ID: 28525
I'm sort of shocked reading this thread and it is going way too far. I don't like to see anyone banned from a GPT site and believe owners should work with members when things go wrong due to this kind of a mistake. I don't know about many of the various issues involved here, only the owners do... but banning someone from a completely unrelated site because of a conversation in another forum seems completely unprofessional. I had sympathy for all of the sites mentioned here... but the kind of retaliatory banning at the end of the discussions seems wrong on face.

A few chargebacks... this CAN happen to an innocent member and if a banning occurs, that's completely understandable. However, to then ban the user in retaliation from other 3rd party sites for posting here is going too far.  

Professionalism means explaining why the member was banned. Owners should be rational, calm and professional. Yes, this member was upset... so explain clearly what happened and why. Explain that there's fraud and it's difficult to be a GPT owner. That's all that needed to happen!

When your site is attacked... your members will come to your defense, especially if it's unjust; you have nothing to fear. So in the future, I personally would simply respond with both understanding, some sympathy and a clear explanation of what happened. That will leave the readers with a good feeling about your site and they will disregard the origional poster.

Just think... if the three site owners responded glowingly about the site in question and the owner... I would have been reassured and would have disregarded the complaint. I agree with ethel rose... life is short... and this entire conversation just leaves me with a really bad feeling about everyone involved in this.

Off-Topic / Re: FC Sig??
« on: June 08, 2008, 03:08:41 pm »Message ID: 28094
I know referral links aren't allowed however, does posting in the forum ever result in referrals. For example, if someone posts and likes a suggestion you make, can they enter your username at registration as the referral? I've had this happen with other forums but wasn't sure if it was common here or even possible with your registration process. Thanks!

Off-Topic / Re: Awesome Paying sites
« on: June 08, 2008, 03:07:10 pm »Message ID: 28093
I Just Won A NintendoDS From And 34.00 Virtual GC.:)

Wow! Congrats! My favorite site of course is Fusion Cash but I'm also in love with DealBarbiePaysFast. It's owned by an admin named christina who also runs starreferrals. I've joined many GPT sites but other than Fusion Cash, most don't pay well, offers don't credit, and payout takes forever. Deal Barbie Pays Fast pays to your paypal account every Monday, Wed, and Friday which allows you to earn your free money and get paid fast. They only have free paid to signup and GPT offers; zip submits, free survey panels and a lot of offers I hadn't found before at other sites. They also have a $5 cashout minimum which makes it easy to earn and then get paid during their 3x weekly paypal payments or you can also request a check that they send twice a month. All in all, no site beats the earning potential here at FC. However, I am glad that I found DBPF and have used the Paypal cashouts of free money to buy banners on other sites to promote Fusion Cash and boost my referral exposure and earnings here : )

Offers / Re: free trial???
« on: June 08, 2008, 02:59:48 pm »Message ID: 28089
I'm really sorry about the overdraft. I would call your bank and explain exactaly what happened; you signed up for a free trial and didn't know there was an authorization charge and that the charge which led to the overdraft was just that - an authorization. To clear some things up... is NOT a scam and has been a service that I have enjoyed for many years. I've canceled before (I didn't join through fusion cash for those who will start jumping up and down) and simply called them. Free trials like often carry small authorization charges; I just don't understand why everyone is freaking out and suggesting that a completely legitimate service is a scam. Everyone just needs to calm down!

If you go to the gas station and pay at the pump - even if you buy 1 gallon of gas they'll process an temporary authorization for $50.00. If go to a nice resteraunt, there will likely be an authorization charge as well. If you check into a hotel, they'll often automatically process an extra $50 authorization. Hotels, resteraunts and gas stations aren't scams - authorizations are just that - common, frequent, and a normal way of doing business.

That said, the bank problem with an overdraft is really unfortunate and I understand you didn't know this. I really hope your bank will work with you - try to explain exactally what happened and hopefully they will.

Best & Take Care

Off-Topic / Re: Any other sites that pays good like FC?
« on: June 07, 2008, 01:54:53 pm »Message ID: 28027
Does anyone of you knows about other GOOD paying sites like FC? I've been receiving scams on my email-add and I really hate it. I'm just wondering if there's any other sites that pays really good for your service. I'd really appreciate your help, thanks a lot!


DealBarbiePaysFast is the only other GPT or make money online site that I've had a good experience with... It's kind of a tradeoff in payment terms and earning potential... Fusion Cash is HIGHER paying but DealBarbiePaysFast pays by Paypal three times a week with lots of 100% free offers, etc. and with a low $5 cashout minimum. Overall Fusion Cash is my definite favorite however, while I've made LESS with Deal Barbie Pays Fast, I'm also paid more often. Fusion Cash's referral program is really incredible as well, others can't compete in this area.

Off-Topic / Re: looking for another site like fusioncash?
« on: June 07, 2008, 01:51:41 pm »Message ID: 28026
I'm a huge fan of Fusion Cash - the best and highest paying paid to signup & paid survey site online! However, I'm also a huge fan of a site called DealBarbiePaysFast. While Fusion Cash is HIGH paying, DBPF is FAST paying and they pay 3x each week (every Monday, Wed, and Friday) by Paypal OR twice a month by check. I've found dealbarbiepaysfast to be a really great source of fast paypal cash when needed and the admin (christina) is also really nice. Overall - no other site can compare to Fusion Cash in earning potential however!

Contests & Promotions / Re: Are you on Facebook? Do you want $1.00?
« on: June 06, 2008, 05:53:48 pm »Message ID: 27994
Credited! I love this offers : )

Thanks fusion cash.

Support / Re: Referral Cashout Bonus
« on: June 06, 2008, 05:50:44 pm »Message ID: 27993
I always get these in my account on the 10th - during the month following a referrals cashout. For example, if a referral cashes out on March 29th - the bonus would be in my account on April 10th in my experience. Take care!

Support / Re: Advertising
« on: June 06, 2008, 05:48:54 pm »Message ID: 27992
I've had good results with Star and have placed banner ads for Fusion Cash there in the past... You can buy 2,000 banner impressions for $1, 250 PTC clicks for $1 or a side panel ad with the side panel sized banner in the promotional materials area. I've definitely gotten signups and it's a great site with some of the cheapest advertising solutions around. It is currently under new ownership by a really friendly admin - christina - and although I've been a member for some time, it's gotten even better since she started running the site in March. Hope this helps some!

Best & Take Care

Support / Re: Do you really get paid $1 for every referral?
« on: June 06, 2008, 05:45:01 pm »Message ID: 27991
I love the referral program and have made $100+ with a ton of referrals... and quickly growing.

However, a few things to note...
1) Referrals must confirm their emails and complete offers - the bonus isn't automatic for all members in your downline
2) You must complete $15 in personal offers in order to cashout your referral earnings each month
3) If referrals are international your earnings might decrease AFTER cashout
4) The $5 is paid on the 10th of the month after your referral cashes out

It's a great and high paying program. Best & Take Care!

Support / Re: PayPal use debit/prepaid card
« on: June 06, 2008, 05:38:00 pm »Message ID: 27990
I personally love the netspend card by all access. There's a key difference between a prepaid and preloaded debit card... For Paypal you need a card that allows direct deposit and this works really well for getting paid by Fusion Cash as well. When you get a netspend card, they give you an account and routing number which allows you to get paid by direct deposit as if it was a checking account. Also, there's a $5 promo bonus if you get a Netspend code. When you call to activate the card simply enter the code and you'll get $5 free when starting your account. It's free to apply but there are some low fees when using the card. Hope this helps.

Support / Re: Referral Help
« on: June 06, 2008, 05:31:20 pm »Message ID: 27989
A lot of referrals can come from forums, in my experience. Great referral exposure for cheap!  I also love a site called "" - The admin is really nice (christina; she owns some other sites as well). You can buy cheap banner ads; 2,000 impressions for $1.00, 250 click PTC ads for $1.00 or a side panel ad for your fusion cash side panel banner. To pay for ads you can earn internal funds by completing free GPT type offers, join other members sites OR pay with Paypal - all ad types are $1.

A few other ideas:
# forums that allow referral links in signature
# forums that allow direct self promotion
# a free blog via Blogger or Wordpress
# advertise on a PTC or paid to click site for cheap
# create a squido page

Best & Take Care!

FusionCash / Re: Fusion Cash down again yesterday?
« on: April 26, 2008, 11:18:37 am »Message ID: 24913
I've been having the same problem! It was out for days and then again for two additional periods. Site was totally down yesterday night for me as well. Best of luck and take care.

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