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Off-Topic / Re: PSA: Cash out ASAP
« Last post by slev1111n on Today at 04:45:17 am »
I can tell you that it's happening pretty often, that's why you need to work with only reliable platforms. You can't even imagine how hard it was for me to start making money on crypto because this sphere has scammers everywhere, but eventually, I managed to learn about the price of singularitydao and how promising it is. It was actually a good decision for me as a novice investor, and I avoided getting scammed. So maybe you should consider using trustworthy platforms as well? It's easier than you think.
Offers / Re: And Finally a Survey
« Last post by ccandpam on Today at 04:09:07 am »
Congrats! I have not been able to qualify for any surveys in quite a while now. Keep up the GREAT work.
Off-Topic / Re: How do you feel about Fireworks year round?
« Last post by ccandpam on Today at 04:05:27 am »
I only like them around the Holidays. It would get pretty boring to have fireworks all of the time. It would take the excitement out of it.
FusionCash / Appen Tasks not working
« Last post by Ookami22 on Yesterday at 07:30:03 pm »
Hey there,
I'm cool with doing the daily task but why cant I use the Appen Task portion here? I'm familiar with these types of sites so its bugging me that this is the only place that I get an Error message for.
Any ideas or is this an on going issue that I'm not aware of (I'm a green horn)
Off-Topic / Re: How do you feel about Fireworks year round?
« Last post by Ookami22 on Yesterday at 07:25:31 pm »
I wish I ccould have something like that in this town. All the Tourist but nothing cool for us locals lolol :-X :P
Offers / Re: Peanut Labs
« Last post by oldbuddy on Yesterday at 05:57:23 pm »

Plus with the problem I had with PayPal, I can only get gift cards anymore. Sometimes I liked to get cash and that is now taken away from me, too.

I had my PayPal terminated too, so what I do now is get paid Amazon Gift Cards and stash them away. I buy a lot from them anyway, so my balance seldom goes over $200 before I use it for stuff I would buy anyway.
Support / Re: Fusion Cash had a glitch
« Last post by oldbuddy on Yesterday at 05:10:59 pm »
Since I joined in 2007 I have seen a LOT of Glitches, but it still sits at the top of my short list for earning online.  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:
Off-Topic / Re: How do you feel about Fireworks year round?
« Last post by oldbuddy on Yesterday at 05:08:52 pm »
Pa changed their law years ago on Fireworks. I feel like they're not that special anymore considering everyone around here uses them almost year round and almost never have a good reason (I'm excluding holidays cus I'm not a jerk)
No you cant call the cops on them if they respect the parameters of how to set them off. The noise ordinance doesn't seem to matter to these folks. :P
Happy fourth I guess lol :peace:
Interesting turn in my neighborhood. The community of Wilssonville, Oregon is putting on a Laser Light Show as an alternative and I for one will support them tonight. I have a son who almost lost an eye to illegal fireworks and I am excited to see if the Lasers are competitive. They are guaranteed to be safer.
Off-Topic / Re: Chance
« Last post by oldbuddy on Yesterday at 05:04:57 pm »
Hi all. Advise how you can increase your winnings in crypto casino
That's easy, instead of betting on longshots take that money and invest it in the Casino that pays compound interest on your holdings, then add all the free online earnings you can scrape together before BTC makes the inevitable upturn it has historically established as better than any odds individual bets on anything have to offer.
Support / Re: FORUM BONUSES, what is going on?
« Last post by oldbuddy on Yesterday at 05:00:01 pm »
The real point for me is I enjoy participating here anyway, so how much longer does it take to pick out three posts and file a request?
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