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Off-Topic / Re: What is the weather like in your state today?
« Last post by Tresbn00 on Today at 08:29:38 am »
Pretty warm in Colorado, with no humidity, at a tad above ninety degrees. eighty nine point nine is my psychological break point. As soon as the temperature exceeds that mark I tend to wilt or hide in areas with air conditioning. My wife just went down to Miami to party with girl friends and was amazed at how inexpensive the flights were. After living in Ormond Beach, Florida for a year I felt qualified in telling her that no one, in their right mind, would go to Florida between July fifteenth and September first because it is so ungodly hot. Pools offer little reprieve. I was lucky enough to escape to work in air conditioning every time it got hot and disgusting. She loves hot weather-I deal with it. It is supposed to rain all six days that she is down there which will make it even more humid-bleccchhh.
Offers / Re: what offer approved for you today?
« Last post by alarisracing on Today at 08:21:18 am »
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Aug 20th
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Aug 20th
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Aug 20th
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Aug 20th

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Aug 20th
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Aug 20th
Off-Topic / Re: for those who believe in prayer
« Last post by sak4kat on Today at 07:58:27 am »
Praying for you Katie_thehappywife and your husband.  I'm a firm believer in prayer.  We get closer to our Lord when we pray.  It is by far the most powerful thing anyone can do for another.   I am also praying for the abuser... to seek therapy, medication & or treatment to aid them in the mental disability they are faced with in making such poor choices.
Off-Topic / Re: How many
« Last post by Gerianne on Today at 07:25:16 am »
I don't do Christmas shopping.
Everyone is too spread out.
Off-Topic / Jan Karon - Mitford series
« Last post by Gerianne on Today at 07:18:03 am »
A movie based on The Mitford Series will be on the Hallmark channel tonight.
I enjoyed reading the books.
Offers / Re: Great Video Day
« Last post by appy9104 on Today at 07:03:23 am »
Wow, that is really good. Videos have been pretty slim pickins for me I am doing good to make my .05
Off-Topic / Re: Disney Cancelling Partnership with Netflix
« Last post by mgint on Today at 06:50:45 am »
will stick with netflix
Off-Topic / Re: for those who believe in prayer
« Last post by mgint on Today at 06:49:27 am »
will keep you in my prayers hope everything works out
Off-Topic / Re: Cars 3, anyone see it?
« Last post by Skyisbluetoday on Today at 06:36:56 am »
I haven't seen this yet, but plan too!
Off-Topic / Re: Do away with '...Someday...'
« Last post by Skyisbluetoday on Today at 06:34:37 am »
That's nice of you to do that for her!
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