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Off-Topic / Re: inbox dollars new payment system
« Last post by madsenax on Today at 12:03:28 am »
Oh... I don't like Paypal
Off-Topic / Re: Paid To Post
« Last post by oldbuddy on Yesterday at 08:31:46 pm »
I look back on an old saying from my childhood that said, "Never look a gift horse in the mouth", and that is my final word. Fusioncash has blessed my retirement with over $7,000 of free money that I actually had fun earning and I wish them nothing but the best from here on, no matter how much they end up paying us.
Off-Topic / Re: getting ready for fall
« Last post by haimsterette on Yesterday at 08:31:39 pm »
Nothing extravagant, just going for more walks, enjoying the sweater weather. Perhaps going to a haunted house attraction to celebrate Halloween. Ideally, make it out to a pumpkin patch.  :pumpkin:
Off-Topic / Re: TellWut now has Paypal
« Last post by haimsterette on Yesterday at 08:19:32 pm »
I forgot about Tellwut! I used it years ago but primarily for Amazon gift cards, I think. If they have a PayPal option now, I think I'll see if my account is still good, or set up a new one if not.  :party:
Offers / Re: what offer approved for you today?
« Last post by skchan on Yesterday at 08:12:50 pm »
Daily Cash Email - 09/21/2021
Sep 21st   $0.02   Approved
Daily Cash Email - 09/20/2021
Sep 20th   $0.02   Approved
Off-Topic / Re: Do you shop at the second=hand stores?
« Last post by haimsterette on Yesterday at 08:12:36 pm »
Years ago I was a snob about buying second-hand (I have no idea why, and am awfully ashamed of it now), but now it's practically the only way I'll make a purchase for books, movies, clothes, etc. I'm lucky enough that Plato's Closet is right across the street, and 2nd & Charles (not everything new, but plenty of it!) is only about 20 minutes' walk away. I frequent these both quite a lot and feel a lot better about finding things at a bargain, plus making wiser purchasing choices for the planet (and neither stores use plastic bags!  :highfive: )
Off-Topic / Re: getting ready for fall
« Last post by ladycasshmere on Yesterday at 07:58:57 pm »
I don't do as much grilling in the fall as I do in the summer. I will keep it simple like fish and chicken breast.
Off-Topic / Re: do you cook often?
« Last post by ladycasshmere on Yesterday at 07:55:47 pm »
I love to cook. I only eat fast food twice a month. It's not because I can't afford it. I just prefer my own. I usually cook soul food or Italian dishes. I have been cooking since I was a teenager. I was raised in the city and a lot of people I know who use to eat fast food all the time would get sick a lot. I always worried about cleanliness of their hands, the dishes, and overall freshness and preparation of the food. In the summer I make most of my meals on the stove, but in the winter I like to bake.
Off-Topic / What tv series do you like?
« Last post by ladycasshmere on Yesterday at 07:49:49 pm »
Right now I am watching Killing Eve on Hulu. Eve (Sandra Oh) plays a detective who is trying to track down a hit woman. She puts a hit on herself to try and lure the woman to her. It's a dangerous game of cat and mouse where Eve may get herself killed trying to lure in such a bold and fearless woman. Hope u like my summary and please tell me what you all are watching as I'm almost done with this one for now I'm almost to the season finale.
Off-Topic / How do you relax?
« Last post by ladycasshmere on Yesterday at 07:40:09 pm »
You have had a stressful day and you need to unwind. Name one thing you like to do to do relieve stress. There is no wrong response. I will go first. I like to play music and run me a hot bath with good smelling candles after a long stressful day. Sometimes I will come home and write a story on my computer. I have written a few novels. Some of my books are short stories. What do you like to do to relax?
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