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Off-Topic / Who Gets Disqualified?
« Last post by oldbuddy on Yesterday at 08:21:02 pm »
Will Supreme Court kick Trump off the ballot? If they do, GOP is prepared to boot Biden, too.
Experts believe the Supreme Court will favor Trump. Just in case, however, Arizona state Rep. Cory McGarr's bill says if Trump is disqualified then Biden, too, must be disqualified.
Off-Topic / New York Times News
« Last post by oldbuddy on Yesterday at 08:09:04 pm »
President Biden has said there is “no doubt” that Vladimir V. Putin's government was behind the death of the Russian opposition leader.
Off-Topic / Re: Choosing a Jewelry Workshop
« Last post by Kentrock on Yesterday at 01:42:25 pm »
It's a good idea to visit a few shops in person to get a feel for their style and expertise. Don't be afraid to ask questions about their design process, materials, and pricing.
Off-Topic / Re: tiktok
« Last post by ancmetro on Yesterday at 12:23:48 pm »
    TikTok-Is it worth it?
Off-Topic / Re: Quote for the Day
« Last post by ancmetro on Yesterday at 12:22:31 pm »
   Calendria:  Food for thought!
Off-Topic / Re: service
« Last post by ancmetro on Yesterday at 12:06:52 pm »
   I have better things to do with my hard earned money.
Off-Topic / Re: service
« Last post by ancmetro on Yesterday at 12:05:16 pm »
   Hey, I do not gamble because I do not like casinos!
Off-Topic / Re: What are your holiday plans?
« Last post by ancmetro on Yesterday at 12:02:40 pm »
   RRR-Rest...relax...repeat! I stay at avoid the crowds and the hassles they bring.
Off-Topic / Re: BitCoin
« Last post by ErikSands on Yesterday at 03:36:53 am »
To be honest, previously I'd always kept crypto at arm's length. And then, something happened to me. Luckily, it turned out to be a success. Long story short, I was browsing Amazon for a trading book and stumbled upon a really interesting interview in the podcasts section. It was an interview with Thomas Kralow, a manager at Crypto Hedge Fund. The interview was free, around 35 minutes, but it ended up being a turning point for me. There was a link to his website below the interview, where I saw a detailed trading education program. Initially, I wanted to sign up for the non-mentorship program, but then realized I was still a bit weak on the crypto side, and the price difference for the program with mentor was minimal. So, I went for the mentorship program and no regrets so far. Turns out, my understanding of cryptocurrency was totally primitive, haha. Oh, I forgot to mention where I found the interview, it was on Ep. 520 Trading the U.S Bank Crisis Like a Crypto Hedge Fund Manager | CRYPTO 101 Episodio en Amazon Music there. But let's continue my story. So...we went through four modules on Forex, and then moved on to Bitcoin. And the mentor answered my questions all that time. both individually and in group chat. It wasn't just some superficial education; it was very systematic and deep! Eventually, I opened an account on an exchange, got a web-wallet, and also bought a hardware wallet from Amazon for long-term investments. A huge human thanks to Thomas for creating this education, and to the mentors who taught me and made the complex stuff if not simple, but at least understandable for me. Now, I've come here to practice. And by the way, considering the fact that a hardware wallet is also hard to recover if lost, I rented a safety deposit box at the bank for to store backup access keys. Now my assets are securely protected. And I didn't know about this before either. So, if you're still deciding whether to book this course with a mentor or not, I'd say that personally, I'd go for the mentor. But it's up to you to decide in the end. Maybe you're more experienced than me.
Suggestions / Re: Take off posts with referral links
« Last post by ErikSands on Yesterday at 03:06:01 am »
Why do you want to exclude referrals? I really don't care if I follow one of such and somebody earns on me. Unless it is against the forum rules, of course. A bigger problem for me today was to find a survey, and people didn't give a direct link to it. So what I supposed to do, I really didn't know. This way I lost my opportunity, I think.
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