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Offers / Re: Cashed Out
« Last post by pstovall on Today at 12:51:27 pm »
You two are killing it!  Way to go!  I thought I was doing good sitting at $19 on the 18th of the month! 
Offers / Re: Great offer
« Last post by pstovall on Today at 12:49:47 pm »
Isn't it fun when you get a survey that you actually enjoy!  I went and looked to see if I had it, too, and didn't see it listed, but glad you were able to take advantage of it.  $1.50 is a pretty nice compensation!
Support / Re: Infected Ad Page
« Last post by bshee58 on Today at 12:40:39 pm »
Haven't got any infected ad pages.
Support / Re: Slideshows
« Last post by bshee58 on Today at 12:39:39 pm »
They are not enough, the videos are too long for only one cent.
Support / Re: Personal?
« Last post by bshee58 on Today at 12:37:49 pm »
If there is one thing that I've learned, is that I don't put my cards info online.
Support / Re: No surveys
« Last post by bshee58 on Today at 12:36:40 pm »
They are not coming on as much as they used too. Wish FC would do better.
Off-Topic / Re: Bagels and Cream Cheese
« Last post by sherryfan on Today at 12:21:54 pm »
I believe there must be a lot of food out there I still have not try or even know the name. I ate bagels and cream cheese since I was a child.
Off-Topic / Re: Time to Decide
« Last post by NRAJOE on Today at 12:07:13 pm »
It amazes me how some people don't make anything on here... :confused1:
Got Paid $59 yesterday and got $53.85 to turn in now... :highfive:
Offers / Re: Real Eyes
« Last post by cathy37 on Today at 12:05:58 pm »
I haven't seen this survey.  I'm having a hard time getting surveys to qualify for.  It gets frustrating sometimes to try the survey and then get disqualified.
Off-Topic / Time to Decide
« Last post by adriarobi on Today at 11:57:48 am »
I have been with this site for a few years now. At first there were several little videos you could do to quickly get the 5 cents daily for the Paid to Click.

However, I almost never qualify for a survey. I am 75, have an old car, I do have a smart phone, live in big apt. bldg.

Nothing that helps me work a few surveys a week. 

I have appreciated the $3 a month bonus, but that does not get you payout.

I am seriously considering just quitting. Too frustrating.   Working on this payout for about a year.

There is just nothin' to put me over to payout any more.

I have enjoyed this Community Forum, though. 

Not sure, but leaning in that direction.

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