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Topic: Are we programmed toward incest from Birth? Is it god's fault?  (Read 522 times)


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Are we programmed toward incest from Birth? Is it god's fault?
« on: October 15, 2011, 02:01:57 pm »
 You see it in the media, movies, commercials,magazines. Couples/actors/models posing & they look alike. Instead of bf/gf or husband/wife you see 2 people that could pass for twin brother & sister. Same as in the movies the lead couple usually look alike. Even some mix couples they try to make them look too alike. The same thing happens in other countries. You see an Asian or indian mag or show & it's like the couple/actors look like brother & sister. If you believe in god maybe we should blame him/her/it for this big boo boo! Kicking Lilth out b/c she would not bow down to adam was not too bright. Remember they were both made from the earth & there4 they should be equal. Even stupider, god takes 1 of adam's rib to create a more inferior mate for whinny adam. Enter Eve.... and my question is why would god create a mate for adam from his own body? If eve was created from his own rib, wouldn't he be mating with himself or a female version of himself. As seen in many commercials i see couples that look alike & i think of adam & eve. I thought a/o this  b/c I saw an episode on "House," where this couple comes in complaining of ills that nobody can understand. The couple was a mix, the male was white & the female was black. The one thing that was notice in this couple is that both had the same vivid emerald green eyes. After the DNA testing,House told them they had to break up because they were brother & sister!I also saw/read documantries where twin brother & sister separated from birth hooked up on a dating online site. Later after the blood tests before the wedding they found out they were siblings. So, are we predisopose to incestious acts w/out knowing because we are programmed to like things that are more like us? What does that say about gays & lesbian behavior? They're only liking people that are the same sex as them & yes they usually look very alike. Maybe god should have ignored adams whinning about Lilith & just left things alone. If Lilith had stayed, I bet the women's right wouldn't have taken so long to happen or they wouldn't need 1 b/c from the beginning Men & Women were treated as equals! :thumbsup:

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